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Fireworks for New Year 2021 in Moscow
Fireworks for New Year 2021 in Moscow

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Preparations for the main holiday of the year will begin soon. Residents of the capital are already interested in upcoming fairs, mass celebrations and concerts. But the main thing that you want to know about is where the fireworks will take place for the New Year 2021 in Moscow.

Where and how will the general New Year's fireworks take place

Residents and guests of the capital are interested in where to see the New Year's fireworks, as well as what time it will start. Every year, the country's main fireworks are held near Red Square. Multi-colored sparks will rise into the sky above the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge.

According to the plan, the fireworks will begin at 12 am from December 31 to January 1, immediately after the President of the country congratulates the people on the New Year.

When to choose a place

You should choose a suitable place to watch fireworks for the New Year 2021 in Moscow in advance. There will be many people wishing to admire the grandiose fireworks. Because of this, by order of the government of the capital, most of the streets in the city center will be closed.

For people living outside the city and wishing to watch the New Year's fireworks in Moscow, it is best to leave a few hours before the start of the fireworks. Red Square and other nearby places will only be allowed up to a certain time. Therefore, you should stock up on food and dress warmly so as not to get hungry and not freeze while waiting.

The Department of Culture said that residents and guests of the capital should not rush to occupy any places to watch the show. A grand fireworks display is planned for 2021. It will be visible from anywhere in the capital.

Where else will the fireworks festivities take place?

Not everyone wants to stand on the square during the chiming clock in order to immediately watch the capital's fireworks. Therefore, many are interested in where else fireworks will be launched in the New Year 2021. Traditionally, mass celebrations will take place at other, equally well-known venues in the capital.

Entertainment at VDNKh

Traditionally, this place hosts mass festivities in honor of each holiday that is customary to celebrate in the Russian Federation. The entrance to the Raketa skating rink will be strictly by tickets. Therefore, in order to watch the fireworks for the New Year 2021 in comfortable conditions, you should purchase an entrance ticket in advance.

Gorky Park

During the New Year holidays in 2021, entertainment events will be constantly held on the territory of the park. At night from December 31 to January 1, a pyrotechnic show and an entertainment program are planned.

Those who wish will be able to:

  1. Visit the skating rink.
  2. Launch a kite.
  3. Take part in an outdoor disco.
  4. Compete in cross-country skiing.
  5. Go dog sledding.

Tsaritsyno site

On the territory of the museum-estate on New Year's Eve, it will be possible to ride down the slides for free, watch a fascinating theatrical performance. There will also be an outdoor concert with dances and competitions. The site will be open until the morning.

Sparrow Hills

Another common place in the capital, where various holidays are also often held. Panoramic views of Moscow, entertainment and fireworks will create a special holiday atmosphere. Therefore, many people strive to visit Vorobyovy Gory on New Year's Eve.

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Moscow parks with fireworks

List of parks in the capital, where you can watch fireworks:

  1. Sokolniki.
  2. Krasnaya Presnya.
  3. Northern Tushino.
  4. Izmailovsky.
  5. Kuzminki.
  6. Petrovsky.
  7. Tagansky.

It is forbidden to organize fireworks on your own in these and other places of the city. The government gave permission to launch fireworks only on the territory of Bolotnaya Square. For violation, a fine of 1.5 thousand rubles will be imposed.


Residents and guests of the capital are interested in what time the main New Year's fireworks will begin in Moscow.Traditionally, the fireworks will be launched at 00:00, when the president will deliver his congratulatory speech. The Ministry of Culture announced that a large-scale event is planned, so the fireworks will be visible from all parts of the city.

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