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New Year's events in Moscow in 2021
New Year's events in Moscow in 2021

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Many are already trying to plan how they will celebrate the New Year. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of planned New Year's events in Moscow for the meeting of 2021, where you can go with your children for free.

Activities for children

New Year's events are varied, so everyone can choose for their child exactly where he will be interested. Moscow parks have prepared many New Year celebrations for the New Year 2021, both indoors and outdoors:

  1. Anyone wishing to get to the amazing city of Hogwarts should visit Tagansky Park. At the festive event, you can meet magicians, wizards and heroes of the Harry Potter books. They plan to organize contests, quests for children, and the winners will definitely receive gifts. On the territory of the park, it is planned to fill the ice rink, as well as to place the magic chess.
  2. Shows organized on the territory of VDNKh are very popular. When celebrating the New Year 2021, a fireworks show will take place here, which is scheduled from 21:00 to 03:00 on the night of December 31. Guests will be invited to participate in carnival processions and theater shows. In addition, an exhibition for children will be launched on the territory of VDNKh, which will be open throughout the holidays.
  3. Those who want to become a member of the 90s-style disco should definitely visit Sokolniki Park. And for children for the period of all winter holidays, a children's entertainment program is planned here.
  4. In the club "On a husky from Kuzminki to Alaska" children can ride in a sled pulled by dogs, play with them and take a photo as a souvenir.

When choosing an event that is offered to visit on the territory of Moscow, do not forget about the age of the child. After all, where it is interesting for a child, a teenager is unlikely to like it.

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Celebrating the New Year on the street

For those who are not afraid of the winter frost and want to meet 2021 on the street, it makes sense to become a participant in the New Year's events organized on Tverskaya Street in Moscow. The holiday, which the organizers promise at the New Year, will become especially bright and colorful.

From December 11, 2020 to January 10, 2021, the Journey to Christmas site will be open. The street will host performances, sports competitions, round dances and dances. Venues on weekdays are open from 11:00 to 22:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 22:00. At the moment, the program is not fully formed, but, judging by the past years, it will be interesting here, and there will be enough prepared treats for everyone.

Journey to Red Square

The main square of the country will be transformed on the night of January 1, 2021. New Year's events will be organized here, which should definitely be visited by everyone who decided to celebrate the New Year in Moscow. Red Square will host the Journey to Christmas festival.

Everyone who takes part in the festive events will be offered to participate in master classes and sports competitions. In addition, ice skating and downhill skiing is planned. Memorable gifts can be bought in the center of the capital. On New Year's Eve, the festivities in the square will take place until 03:00.

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Last year, pavilions were organized on the main square of the capital, in which fairy elves helped everyone to send a letter to Santa Claus, there was the largest Christmas tree. Its height was 20 meters. During the decoration, 3 km of garlands and 3,500 Christmas tree decorations were used.

We leave for VDNKh

New Year's events organized at VDNKh in Moscow are especially popular. And 2021 is unlikely to be an exception. Here you can admire the bright lights, fairs, skating rinks, and entertainment shows take place.The New Year's program is so diverse that everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

The skating rink will start operating in November 2020. Famous dancers, athletes and singers are always invited here to celebrate. The main participants of the holiday - Santa Claus and Snegurochka - will congratulate all the guests.

On New Year's Eve, a free concert will take place, and an ice show will begin at the main skating rink of the country after 20:00. The participants are fairy tale characters. And after the chimes strike twelve at night, the festive fireworks will begin.

At VDNKh, outdoor enthusiasts will be able to ride tubing, ice skate, and take part in games. Most likely, as in previous years, huge screens will be installed throughout VDNKh, from which congratulations from Father Frost and Snegurochka will sound.

If you don't know what to give your child, then one of the best options is a ticket to the New Year tree at VDNKh. Children will become participants in New Year's shows and will be able to take part in sleigh rides.

Activities for teens

Teenagers cannot sit still, so if you want to organize a New Year 2021 meeting for your child and make it interesting, we offer several options on which to choose. Several options for New Year's events in Moscow, where you can go with a teenage child:

  1. At the GITIS theater, located at 10 Gnezdnikovskiy lane, teenagers are invited to take part in the New Year tree "Two Frosts". This is a modern interpretation of the folk tale about the brothers Frost - Blue and Red Nose. This is a performance with colorful decorations, and before the start of the performance, you can take part in the animation program with competitions, where the main characters will be Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. The ticket price is 800 rubles.
  2. The circus "Aquamarine" invites you to visit the performance "Moscow-Cassiopeia" from December 5, 2020. All spectators, together with clowns, wizards, gymnasts, can go on a journey on an interplanetary ship. The ticket price ranges from 250 to 4,000 rubles, depending on the seat chosen. The circus is located at st. Melnikova, 7. The festive performance will run until January 31, 2021.
  3. At the Megasport Sports Complex, located at 3 Khodynsky Boulevard, from December 24 to January 7, 2021, you can watch Tatyana Navka's ice show. The journey into a winter fairy tale is called "Swan Lake", and the best skaters of the country will take part in it.

If you choose the right place to go to the New Year 2021 in Moscow, based on the tastes and interests of a teenager, then you can give your child an unforgettable experience from what he saw.

Visit to the residence of Santa Claus

New Year's events in 2021 in Moscow are diverse, so everyone can choose exactly what suits best. Those who are going to Moscow for more than one day should definitely visit the residence of Father Frost, which is located in Kuzminki.

On the territory there are three towers and a post office where you can send greeting cards to your friends and family. During the New Year holidays, it is planned to conduct various master classes, theatrical performances. Information about the planned events is posted on the official website of the residence.


Spend the New Year holidays so that they fill you for a long time. When choosing events, use the official billboard of the city of Moscow. Along with paid events, you can pick up free ones, which are no worse. When booking tickets, use only official websites.

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