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Beauty plan: express & shy; preparation for the New Year
Beauty plan: express & shy; preparation for the New Year

Video: Beauty plan: express & shy; preparation for the New Year

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In the movies, girls have at least 3 hours to get ready for a date. You and I were less fortunate. How to shine at a New Year's party if there is little time to prepare?

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Velvety skin

SOS products and express facial treatments are a salvation for those who need to turn from a tired and tortured hard worker who pored over a difficult report for a week into the queen of the New Year's party. Feel free to take out pre-prepared masks and patches and apply on your face!

If you have oily or combination skin

Choose masks with a warming effect, they open pores, remove all impurities, and after the procedure your skin will become even and smooth. But keep in mind that such masks are prohibited for women with sensitive skin and with a tendency to rosacea.

If you have blackheads and blackheads on your skin

Use pore cleansing strips. This is a popular feature among Korean manufacturers. Separate patches and strips are designed for chin, nose, forehead. The transformation effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure.

If the skin looks gray and dull

Film and alginate masks are suitable. The first ones remove dead cells, and the second ones add youthful colors, as a result the skin becomes beautiful and fresh.

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<h3> If the skin is dry, tired </h3>
<p> The ideal choice is moisturizing and regenerating masks. Young skin will have enough moisture, and mature skin is shown procedures with anti-aging components - vitamins A, C, E, collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid. </p>
<h3> If you see swelling in the eyelids or bruises under the eyes </h3>
<p> Apply caffeinated eye gel or green tea bags to sensitive area - effective and economical! </p>
<h3> No magic masks and transforming patches at hand? </h3>
<p> Forget everything that was said above! Rinse with warm water, rub ice cubes on your face and neck, and wait until moisture is absorbed. Now tone your skin with any lotion or toner and apply a day cream. That's it - you look amazing! </p>
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Beauty tip: If you have a pimple before the party, do not rush to get upset and change your New Year's plans! Soak a cotton swab in a drop of natural tea tree oil and treat the skin defect locally. After half an hour, the pimple will noticeably turn pale!

Silky hair

If you have a minimum of time to create styling, use dry shampoo. This tool will give volume at the roots and a beautiful shine to the curls, refresh the hair.

Are you short or medium long? Wash them and dry them with a hairdryer. Do not forget to apply a balm or hair conditioner, otherwise you will spend at least 15-20 minutes on detangling the strands and combing! And remember: clean hair always looks neat, no matter how "creative mess" they are!

If tall hairstyles suit you, go for a tup. Comb the hair at the back of the head and sides and build a ponytail or bun.

Do you like Hollywood curls or light waves? Spray hair with sea salt texturizing spray, curl lotion or hair foam, and depending on the desired result, blow dry or curl. Fix the styling and add accessories - a beautiful comb, clips with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals, any other hair accessory.

If you have long, thick curls, finally take advantage of your advantage! Let your hair down, let it fall in a cascade of silky strands over your shoulders. You will look fantastic! If you plan to dance a lot and actively - build a beautiful weaving. A free French braid, headbands and hair flowers are fashionable options for New Year's styling.

evening make-up

It takes a little time to make a spectacular make-up, but there is plenty of cosmetics. Make sure you have everything close at hand, or you will have to improvise on the go. You will need: foundation or BB cream, matting wipes, concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip product. Of course, if you want to try out popular techniques - strobing or contouring - you need twice as much cosmetics, however, as well as the time to create beauty.

  1. Wipe clean skin with matting wipes, then hide dark circles under the eyes and mask small pimples with concealer. If the wings of the nose are red, treat them with a remedy too. Thoroughly blend the borders of the applied concealer and clean skin.Finally, cover your face with foundation or BB cream and take a close look in the mirror: if you did everything right, the skin will become smooth, even and fresh. Did everything turn out the way you wanted? Move on to eye makeup!
  2. Draw the upper eyelash contour with a pencil or liner, draw a graphic arrow. Do not limit yourself in colors - use deep shades of blue, purple, green. You can stop there, or you can go further - cover the upper eyelid with light creamy shadows and darken the outer corners of the eyes. After careful shading, you get a smoky make-up, a beautiful and expressive technique. All that remains is to add mascara to the eyelashes.
  3. Get the effect of radiant skin and healthy blush with the help of highlighter and blush. First, cut the upper cheekbones, dot the inner corners of the eyes, and highlight the checkmark of the upper lip. With the second tool, add expressiveness to your cheeks, this will make your makeup complete and bright. It is best to use peach blush, makeup artists assure that they suit everyone.
  4. And the final touch is lip makeup. Cover your lips with gloss, tint or lipstick, decorate them with glitter if you wish. Festive makeup is ready! As always - you are beautiful!

Festive manicure

The New Year's look should be thought out to the tips of the nails. Don't know what manicure to do for the main night of the year? Take advantage of the most popular trends from the World Fashion Weeks! There's plenty to choose from!

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<h3> Scattering of Stars </h3>
<p> The most mysterious night of the year traditionally pleases with an abundance of lights - garlands on Christmas trees, glowing windows, shop windows shimmering in all colors. Support this beautiful trend, have silver stars decorate your nails! Cover the degreased nail plates with a clear coat and wait until it dries completely. Now, with a thin brush for drawing patterns on the nails using silver varnish, draw the outline of the stars on each nail.Now fill in the outline with a silver varnish brush. You will get a stylish New Year's manicure. </p>
<h3> Craquelure manicure </h3>
<p> The effect of cracked nails on a matte finish in a contrasting color looks as beautiful as thoughtful nail art. Cover the nails with a base - varnish of a dark shade, wait until the nail plates dry. Then apply a thin layer of craquelure varnish. Did you get the desired effect? Secure it with topcoat! </p>
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Apply base to nails, then red high-gloss finish. Astrologers claim that the main symbol of 2017 - the Fire Rooster - adores this color, which means that using it in a festive way, you will attract good luck. Please note that the varnish must be shimmer-free, otherwise the manicure will not turn out so beautiful. Now squeeze some rhinestone glue onto the foil and wet an orange stick in a drop. Use it to put dots in those places of the coating where you plan to glue the rhinestones. Now carefully place the rhinestones on top and press them lightly. Rhinestones can be placed pointwise, or they can lay out "paths", "snowflakes" and even geometric shapes, experiment!

Frost patterns

This technique takes a little bit of skill. A drop of white varnish should be applied to the contrasting coating. From the latter, using a thin manicure brush, you can deduce frosty patterns - for example, snowflakes. Finally, cover the resulting pattern on the nails with a top coat.

Happy New Year! Magic images to you!

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