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Is it possible to keep uraza during menstruation in the month of Ramadan
Is it possible to keep uraza during menstruation in the month of Ramadan

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Uraza is a fast observed by Muslims and is performed on any day, with the exception of holidays. In view of the characteristics of the female body, the fair sex is interested in whether it is possible to keep the uraza during menstruation.

Is it allowed to fast during menstruation

The main feature of fasting is fasting, which is followed from early morning until late at night. That is, it is not the composition of the food that is limited, but the time of its use. The duration of the uraza is a month.

Not everyone can withstand such a test from a physical point of view. A feature of the female body is the need for additional intake of nutrients during menstruation.

Blood loss is accompanied by the excretion of iron and other beneficial compounds in large quantities. Their deficiency can lead to serious health problems.

For this reason, speaking about whether it is possible to keep the uraz during menstruation, you can hear a negative answer. Even a person who is absolutely healthy may experience feelings of weakness and dizziness. Critical days can further exacerbate such manifestations.

Sometimes even good nutrition contributes to unpleasant conditions. This is why fasting during your period is not recommended. Islam presents itself as a religion of relief, and therefore seeks to save a woman from all these difficulties.

Scientists are unanimous that women should stop fasting during their period and in the first days after childbirth and continue observing it later, when Ramadan ends.

In Islam, fasting during menstruation is regarded as a deliberate harm to health with serious consequences. Only a person causes them to himself, and not to someone else. It is imperative that you fast without damaging your health.

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What to do for a girl, a woman during this period

If menstruation occurs during fasting, abstinence from food and drink is undesirable. But this does not mean that one should forget about spiritual matters.

During this period, you can read Islamic literature, remember Allah, turn to him with prayers for forgiveness. You can give alms and do any other deeds that cleanse the heart and soul of a believing woman.

You can also listen to recordings of the Koran, watch programs, any videos on religious topics. Ramadan teaches patience and abstinence. In addition, this is the period when it is necessary to take care of your neighbor, to be generous with others.

The rules of Islam are such that the uraza must be interrupted during menstruation, regardless of the woman's age and marital status. Prayers are also strictly prohibited, because the fairer sex is considered ritually impure during this period.

If the prayers are not required to be filled, then the missed days of Ramadan at the end will certainly need to be replenished. This can be done in a row or by dividing it into certain periods, at the discretion of the Muslim woman herself.

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Additional questions

Situations can be different, and Muslim women are not only worried about whether it is possible to keep the uraz during menstruation, but other questions arise. For example, if a believer begins her period a few minutes before the evening adhan, will this day of fasting be counted for her?

Experts in Islam note that if a Muslim woman has a period after sunset, then the last day will be counted. The same can be said about the situation when menstruation began immediately after breaking the fast, but before the beginning of the night prayer.

Another question is whether it is possible to keep the uraza during the onset of menstruation, if the discharge ended immediately after the morning prayer.Can this day of Ramadan be counted? A Muslim woman can fast on this day, but it will not be counted.

Should a woman make up for an extra day if her period ends before morning prayer? A Muslim woman can return to fasting and that day will be counted.

Today there are special pills that delay the appearance of menstruation. Can they be taken so as not to interrupt fasting in Ramadan? The adherents of Islam consider it possible, but do not encourage it.

The problem is that such pills can have side effects that can lead to the inability to perform prayer in a timely manner. There are prescriptions according to which fasting must be observed in cases where nothing actually interferes with it.


  1. At the onset of menstruation, fasting in the month of Ramadan should be stopped.
  2. Hormonal pills that delay the onset of menstruation are hypothetically acceptable to use, but undesirable due to side effects.
  3. If a Muslim woman has been fasting all day, but after sunset she has her period, this day will be counted.

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