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Spring and Summer Fashion Shoes: A Glamorous Revolution
Spring and Summer Fashion Shoes: A Glamorous Revolution

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Glamorous spring and summer shoes

The street is about to get warmer, the puddles will dry out, and the boots and ankle boots that have served the season will give way to sandals and shoes. To meet summer fully armed, let's see what fashion designers are ready to please their favorite Cinderella with.

Looking over the shoe trends, it becomes clear: the most difficult thing for us will be to find “just shoes”. It was as if the designers had organized a competition in creativity and came up with so many original ideas that their eyes were scattered. Let's try to set landmarks in this endless sea of ​​choice - we will define several of the most important trends of the current season.


Inventing glamorous shoes for next summer, fashion designers thought least of all about practicality. The result: numerous straps, ties and laces, plus a wide variety of variations on the braided shoe theme.

Weaving on the platform
Braided boots
Black braided sandals

Fashion designer Julia Sindrevich:

- "Greek" sandals are not only fashionable, but also very comfortable: they are without a heel, they can be worn on a long journey, and at a social event, depending on the material from which they are made.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the "Greek" or "Roman" flat-soled sandals, the leather weaves of which can entangle the entire leg or stop at the ankle. The color scheme, as a rule, also refers to the "history of the ancient world" and ranges from beige to brown. But especially good are snow-white, gold or silver sandals, reminding not of the heroes of the past, but of futuristic fantasies.

In more feminine models, satin or velvet ribbons tied with flirty bows "weave intrigue".

White lace-up sandals
Strap sandals
Braided sandals

What can you wear them with? For example, with dresses-tunics of a free cut, picked up by wide belts, corresponding to the "antique" style. Or with shorts and mini-skirts, both very narrow and "fly-away". Or you can wear a wide, slightly cropped skirt-trousers or a long dress with a high slit.

Under the heel

The heel is the protagonist of today's fashion storytelling. Its height does not tolerate any compromises: only high and very high! In working on the shapes of the heels, the designers did not show such unanimity, but agreed on one thing: the more bizarre, the better. The assets of the summer collections include multi-colored and surrealistically curved heels, heels, as if assembled from designer parts, heels inlaid with rhinestones and stones, heels decorated with rivets and chains, as well as heels that turn into stiletto heels. Particularly distinguished was Marc Jacobs, who replaced the usual vertical position of the heel with a horizontal one.

Hairpin and strap
Tapered heel
Double heel

Heavy-looking, but very sophisticated shoes with high heels and an elegant platform line are fashionable now.

Among the undisputed favorites are a triangular or conical, tapering heel, or a rectangular, wide and stable heel, often made of wood.

Wave heel
Sophisticated heel
Inverted heel
Cork heel

Despite their massiveness, they are very comfortable to wear (I myself wear similar ones from Dior) and are appropriate in both formal and casual settings, besides, they are suitable for clothes of a wide variety of styles.

Platform shapes

With no less imagination, fashion designers approached platforms and wedges, which, like heels, are designed to lift us to dizzying heights.The current "ecological" style has once again brought back cork and wooden platforms, while the top of the shoe can be of a wide variety of textures and colors.

Empty platform
Platform and thin heel
Massive platform

Fashion designer Ruta:

- Recently, flat-soled shoes, including ballet shoes, have been very relevant. In America, for example, it is considered almost cult: beautiful, stylish and comfortable. There it is not worn only with an evening dress. In general, I notice that wearing heels in everyday life, and not “on the way out,” is the priority of Russian women. In our country, it is in the order of things to wear “stilettos” in combination with jeans, while in America and Europe you will not find women who would dress like that. If you see a girl in a T-shirt, jeans and heels, be sure: this girl is from Russia.

New platforms and wedges have amazing shapes, are often combined with heels or have cutouts in the form of geometric shapes. Particularly good are wedges covered with the same material as the shoes themselves: reptile skin, bright colorful tapestry.

The “invisible” platforms are still relevant, but last year they were transparent, and this year they were just “empty”.

Ballet school

The "ballet flats" that we have loved for several seasons have not given up their positions. But there are also updates here: the designers decided to do without large decorations, compensating for this with the richness of the palette. The most fashionable shoes are lacquered and satin, pure bright colors: orange, pink, green, turquoise. If they are decorated, then very gracefully, for example, tiny bows or rhinestones.

Ballerinas with flowers
Leopard ballerinas
Blue ballerinas
Orange ballerinas

The optimal number of shoes in the wardrobe is

up to 10 pairs

10-20 pairs

20-30 pairs

30-40 pairs

50-60 pairs

From 50 pairs

A special "squeak" - stunningly sexy "ballet flats" with an open nose. A heel may be present, but it is usually barely noticeable.

Chic, shine, beauty

If you take a closer look, the basis of many fashionable shoes are classic pumps. Developing this “eternal” theme, designers achieve maximum expressiveness through exaggeration. We have already mentioned the height of the heels; added to this is another unconditional trend - the outsole, thickened to a small platform. Materials are held under the motto "more shine" - here and patent leather, and silk, and gold plating. "Gold" shoes are held in high esteem: many women of fashion have long ago mastered their ability to be combined with almost any color of the outfit.

Sandals with a flower
Pink shoes
White shoes
Backless boats

Another trendy extreme is insanely bright colors, even "acidic"; in combination with a lacquered surface or textured reptile skin, they look especially impressive.

Sandals with rhinestones
Golden boats
Blue and white shoes

Finally, the decor. The options simply do not lend themselves to listing: bows, beads, rhinestones, flowers, appliques, buckles … The only rule: the more closed shoes, the less jewelry they wear, and vice versa - the richest design went to sandals.

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