Creation 2022, December

Holidays in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey (2022)

(continued, beginning) · Hard boiled eggs · Scrambled eggs Cheese · Fresh cucumbers Tiny slices of sausage · Cornflakes Butter buns · Drinks claiming the names "Tea", "Coffee" "Morse" At first glance, a pretty decent menu.

Rainbow country

Rainbow country (2022)

(continued, beginning) And then again there was a hubbub, noise, flower voices were heard from the greenhouse, books from the shelves exchanged all sorts of thoughts and aphorisms with each other, glass jars and bottles bumped against each other and at the same time quarreled terribly.

Call in silence

Call in silence (2022)

The first snow fell in the morning. Huge white fluffy flakes slowly circled in the air, gradually descending lower and lower, as if dancing, obeying their own motive. Some snowflakes immediately merged with the dirt on the asphalt, turning into ordinary dampness, others lingered on the withered grass, gradually weaving into a light cold blanket - a lace gift to the earth from the queen-winter, coming into its own.

Battle for tights

Battle for tights (2022)

I ran for a long time after the tail of the sweeping tram. She shouted something incoherently after her, sobbed several times, stopped and cried softly. I was thinking about tights. New black tights with a wonderful openwork pattern. For many months I dreamed about them.

City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls (2022)

The pure soul of Kolya Tsiklopov, a thief looking around, jumped out of a dirty, drunk body lying on the Odessa cobblestone pavement, and, trembling in the wind with a snow-white shawl, disappeared behind the alley. “Finally!” The unearthly Cyclopsian substance rejoiced, rushing towards the cool night wind.


Albina (2022)

For a long time I did not understand then, in the back seat of your car, where we were going - I understood everything only when I was in a large white room, - I understood in those few minutes during which you filled out some papers at the counter, - I understood, when I heard you say, "I hope you find something for her."

Tatiana Pukhovikova

Tatiana Pukhovikova (2022)

May I come in? - Yes, please, come in, sit down. The doctor’s big eyes are clearly uneasy. I can feel her courage to start a conversation

The light of closed eyes

The light of closed eyes (2022)

(continued, beginning) I must admit that running through an unfamiliar labyrinth of streets is not a pleasant occupation. Well, how could I have known that there would be a dead end around this corner! A real dead end. On both sides, the buildings of houses are closed, and on the third there is a tall stone fence, it seems, of some kind of factory.

Valeria Olyunina

Valeria Olyunina (2022)

* * * ANOTHER LOVE Darling, I do not fight with the girls I love. Let them be far away. You will be happy when you allow yourself to be happy. That night Igor told me how obsessed he was with music, how difficult it was for him to live with his mother when his father left.

Flight to nowhere

Flight to nowhere (2022)

Sometimes I dream that I have wings - real, huge, snow-white wings, which for some reason seem alien and out of habit so heavy on my fragile shoulders. I am standing over a precipice over a chasm leading to nowhere, and trying to figure out how to manage them - after all, I have never done this, although I imagined it countless times.

Irina Kuzina

Irina Kuzina (2022)

* * * HOLIDAYS IN TURKEY On the first day, we did a big foolishness by starting the self-service procedure with cold snacks, of which there were a great many, starting with onions marinated in a special way and ending with eggplants in the most unimaginable sauces.

Anna Yablonskaya

Anna Yablonskaya (2022)

* * * BATTLE FOR TIGHTS I was thinking about tights. New black tights with a wonderful openwork pattern. For many months I dreamed about them. I saved a penny, but every time the required amount was almost collected, something unexpected happened and the openwork pattern melted away, like a pipe dream.


Prediction (2022)

в те рождественские праздники в электричке особенно было многолюдно. девушки с большим трудом отыскали себе свободное место. шутили, смеялись, болтали о разном. - девочки, дни-то какие идут! - воскликнула ольга. - вот бы погадать, судьбу свою узнать.