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Stylish shawls and scarves: spring 2020
Stylish shawls and scarves: spring 2020
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Today, almost no stylish bow can do without fashionable shawls and scarves, spring 2020 will be no exception. From the article you will find out what accessories will be in trend in the upcoming season among fashionistas around the world.

Trending models

For the upcoming season, designers have offered girls a variety of stylish options for scarves and shawls.

Below are the top 9 models that, according to designers, will be at the peak of popularity in the spring of 2020:

  • Snood. This is one of the most comfortable and stylish options that are very popular with women. The main advantage of the snood is its shape. It is wide and has no loose ends, which allows it to be beautifully draped around the neck. At the beginning of spring, fashionable knitted patterns are suitable; for warmer weather, you can choose thinner cotton products.
  • Narrow… On fashion catwalks, designers presented many options for stylish models of narrow scarves. The trendy product can be made of silk or loose wool.

A narrow and elongated scarf can be worn tied in a bow. After all, bows have remained at the peak of popularity for several years.

  • Fringed… Stylish and unusual models will complement the image of any fashionista, regardless of her age and style of clothing. Variants of scarves with fringe only at the ends are suitable even for women over 50, they look both restrained and interesting. Young and courageous ladies can choose an accessory with a long fringe, located around the entire perimeter of the product, decorated with knots, beads and beads.
  • Maximum length. In the photo from fashion shows for spring 2020, you can see scarves and scarves, the length of which falls below the hips. Such products are made mainly of knitwear, therefore, lend themselves to any manipulation. Such long accessories can easily complement any bow, both in office and sport-chic style.

Another advantage of a fashionable long scarf is the ability to visually adjust the proportions of the figure, to stretch the silhouette, so it is ideal for overweight women.

  • Oversize. The oversized style is popular in almost every fashion aspect of 2020, and scarves are no exception. In the coming spring, voluminous models will be at the peak of their popularity. They easily fit into any everyday look and, with the right choice of colors, can favorably emphasize the individuality of their owner.
  • Stole. Large scarves made of wool, cashmere or alpaca will help keep warm in early spring, when the weather is not yet sunny. Vibrant printed colors add style to the look and create a trendy look. Such scarves are worn in the form of a cape, wrapped around the neck, and also tucked under the belt at the waist.
  • Triangular and square shawls… The novelty of the spring season will be silk scarves, which experts recommend that girls wear not only around their necks, but also as a headdress.
  • Pleated… The small fold is now as popular in all aspects of women's fashion as oversized clothing. Small pleated scarves tied around the neck will perfectly complement an office-style look.
  • Original and decorated models… Designers today welcome unusualness in everything. Any deviation from the usual framework makes the image as interesting and attractive as possible. Choose scarves with patch pockets, pom poms, fringes, bold colors and unusual shapes.

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Fashionable colors

Today scarves and shawls are used in looks not so much for protection from cold and wind, but for drawing up a stylish bow, both for every day and on the occasion of a celebration.

It will not be difficult to choose a fashionable trendy accessory, because designers offer a wide range of colors and colors. The most fashionable shades will be:



  • gray;
  • burgundy;




Also in the trend will be a nude palette, as well as white and neon colors. The latter will be relevant in the spring exclusively in accessories. Therefore, if you really want to diversify the bow with a bright scarf, then feel free to go to the store for a neon new thing.

Scarves, made in light colors, add tenderness and femininity to the image, refresh and visually rejuvenate.

As for prints, the most popular will be the cage. The classic shawl pattern, ethnic, animal and floral motifs are also relevant.

As in previous seasons, checkered colors will dominate. However, in order not to merge in the checkered crowd of fashionistas, we suggest taking a closer look at other current prints. For example, animalistic. If leopard coats are already history, then scarves of this color are an original idea for creating spring looks.

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Depending on the model and purpose, a scarf or shawl can be made of various materials. The most demanded are:

Alpaca. Such products will perfectly warm you in the first days of spring. They look stylish and at the same time create an unobtrusive fashion bow

Cashmere. Cashmere accessories will be in trend throughout 2020, so it is advisable to get such a scarf now. The material itself is lightweight and practical, the products go well with any outerwear

Cotton. Various types of accessories are sewn from cotton, which are suitable to complement the image in any weather

Silk. Small scarves of original colors are most often made from this material. In the coming season, it will be possible to find voluminous silk products that look like a stole

How to wear

Taking into account modern fashion trends, it is not enough to choose an accessory that is suitable for drawing up a stylish look, it is important to tie it correctly. There are a large number of ways to knit scarves and shawls. Fashionistas can simply throw the accessory over their shoulders or use an original weaving method.

We offer several simple, but at the same time interesting options for how to wear a fashionable accessory fashionably:

Regardless of what material the product is made of, it can be wrapped around the neck several times, creating something like a collar

The long and voluminous accessory can be simply tied in the front with a voluminous knot. Simple, but at the same time the image is stylish and concise

A silk scarf can be freely thrown around the neck, fastening with a knot. To give the image originality and coquetry, an ordinary knot can be replaced with a neat flower or a stylish bow

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If the length permits, fold the product in half, throw it around the neck, thread the edges in front into the loop. For a more original knot, cross the loop with a figure eight before threading the ends

Tie the accessory with several ordinary knots, the number of which is unlimited

Moreover, scarves can be worn not only on the neck, but also on the head. Designers suggest wearing an accessory over loose hair, tying an original bow on the forehead, or disguising the ends under the hair on the back of the head in a peasant manner.

Brave young ladies can take a closer look at huge colored scarves, from which they create both scarves and hats.

Fashion trends for spring 2020 practically do not limit women in choosing stylish scarves and shawls. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose a product to their liking, while not going beyond fashion trends.

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