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How to attract good luck in the new year?

How to attract good luck in the new year? (2022)

Surely you have come across astrological forecasts in the Internet and in magazines in the style of "for those born in the year of the Dog for the year of the Snake." But if the forecast takes into account only your year or month of birth, then it is the same for millions of people on Earth. And for this reason it cannot be exact and individual

Perfume with pheromones: myths and reality

Perfume with pheromones: myths and reality (2022)

“Elena has never enjoyed much success with men before. Everything changed overnight. She was the star of the party, men curled around her and ate her with their eyes, tried to talk to her and showered with compliments. " At the end of the story, it turns out that perfume with pheromones contributed to Elena's happiness. On the website of every online perfume store with a "hormonal supplement" you can find a bunch of such advertising properties of stories

The marriage contract: will put an end to your relationship

The marriage contract: will put an end to your relationship (2022)

Today, the attitude of lovers and happy couples to the marriage contract is ambiguous. Some have heard about such a treaty only remotely and have a rather vague idea of ​​what exactly it is needed for. Others try to conclude an agreement before marriage, prescribing in detail all the details and conditions, describing how, in the event of a divorce, the property acquired in marriage will be divided, taking into account all the nuances and subtleties. There are those who, at the mention of a marriage contract, make an offended person and indignantly begin to blame their second

Psychology of color

Psychology of color (2022)

Color has always surrounded a person and influenced him, the phenomenon of color perception and the peculiarities of the interaction of the human body with color have been of interest to researchers of the soul since ancient times. Hundreds of generations of philosophers and scientists have tried to solve the riddle of the deep influence of color on the human microcosm. Ancient Hindus, for example, considered man to be "luminiferous" ("tejasi"), implying by this the unity of color energy and "juices" of the body. According to the doctrines of Indian yogis

5 reasons why a serious relationship doesn't work out

5 reasons why a serious relationship doesn't work out (2022)

After a string of unsuccessful attempts to strike up a relationship, you seem to have made sure that there are so few good, responsible guys on the planet that it is easier to meet an alien. Perhaps she even gave up on plans to get married, decided to let everything go by itself. In the end, you can always pick up someone for the night if it becomes completely unbearable. Although … You can't fool yourself. Deep in your soul, you still continue to hope for some fabulous happy twist of fate

How to get married: advice from experienced

How to get married: advice from experienced (2022)

While some women go out of their way trying to get married for the first time at thirty, others manage to go to the registry office three times by the same age. How do they manage? Ladies, we asked them, how do you get offers? What's your secret why men offer you a hand and a heart?

How to love yourself?

How to love yourself? (2022)

We are taught from childhood that modesty adorns a person. But is it so bad to love yourself and be confident in your abilities? And if self-esteem is a vice, then why do humble people suffer from excessive modesty, while proud people enjoy life? Why don't you find a single book "How to Become Humble" in the Department of Practical Psychology, but you will come across dozens with advice "How to gain self-confidence", "How to stop worrying and start living", etc.? Always

14 ways to quickly fix a bad mood

14 ways to quickly fix a bad mood (2022)

Babakh - and everything is awful? Try one of the emergency mood elevation methods right now

New life in the new year. Part three: harmony

New life in the new year. Part three: harmony (2022)

Read on to find out how to achieve inner and outer harmony that will help you shine like a pearl

8 books for creative vacations

8 books for creative vacations (2022)

There is not enough time for creativity on weekdays. Ahead is a long winter vacation, a chance to catch up. Made a selection of books from the publishing house MYTH. They will help you start drawing, writing, creating crafts - in general, creating

Do not be late

Do not be late (2022)

As you know, happy hours are not observed. If we consider the inhabitants of the planet on this basis, then almost all women should be absolutely happy creatures! We are always and everywhere late. Moreover, almost all the fair sex unanimously affirm: "It's in my blood!" As if being late is something natural, invented by nature. So, after observing some of my friends - representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, I made for myself

Phone romance

Phone romance (2022)

Her day was divided into two parts: before his call and after. Moreover, both the first and the second part were not at all under the sign of writing a term paper: "When he does not call, I can not do anything, because he did not call. I am waiting. As soon as he called, I can not do anything again - because that he called! I walk around and remember forty times what he told me, with what intonation, I think he meant … "She left the house like this:" Well, I'll wait another fifteen minutes, and then then

What the page on the social network says about him

What the page on the social network says about him (2022)

Once upon a time, ladies, looking closely at a gentleman, assessed how he behaves in society, how good his manners are, and what they say about his condition. Today it is much easier for us women. It is enough to look at his page on the social network, and you get a lot of information about education, work, circle of friends, hobbies, favorite films and music. And if you know a thing or two about male psychology, you can dig deeper

Read books, romance novels

Read books, romance novels (2022)

The turning point does not come at all when the hero takes her to Milan and dresses her from head to toe in the most expensive boutiques. Even at this moment, she is still unapproachable, although she accepts gifts, however, after much persuasion and assurances of sincere friendship. The turning point occurs when her sensuality is not only awakened, but already screaming at the top of her lungs. And here there are two options for the development of events: either the heroine herself falls into the arms of the hero with the words: "Take me!", Or he takes her force

Where to celebrate the New Year?

Where to celebrate the New Year? (2022)

Have you already figured out who you will celebrate the New Year with? - they ask you almost daily. And you do not know what to answer, because the New Year is a family holiday, and in the public consciousness there are only several ways of celebrating legalized: up to a certain age - with parents, after - with a man. Better with your own. Very good - with the legal one. And if you do not yet know how and with whom you are going to listen to the chimes, then you risk feeling unhappy and lonely. Can this be avoided?

Do you know the whole truth about milk?

Do you know the whole truth about milk? (2022)

Undoubtedly, when we drink milk, we do not even think about interesting facts and myths associated with this unique product. Just as we do not suspect, how many legends and beliefs it gave rise to! Especially for you, we have selected the most interesting milk legends and facts and placed them in this publication

10 best beaches in the world

10 best beaches in the world (2022)

Mercury in thermometers rises higher every day, dresses are getting shorter, and long queues line up at fitness clubs. There can be only one explanation: summer is rapidly approaching, and even now you can feel its hot and passionate breath. And therefore, until the asphalt began to melt and until the air conditioner completely stopped coping with its official duties, it's time to think about a well-deserved vacation and buying tickets to some exotic land. In my head right away

If you're so good, why are you still alone?

If you're so good, why are you still alone? (2022)

In a period of loneliness, you analyze a lot, see your mistakes and put everything on the shelves. Only you can bury yourself so deep and far that it will be almost impossible to get out. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no recipe for getting rid of loneliness

Why are you girls torturing beautiful ones?

Why are you girls torturing beautiful ones? (2022)

The more love and attention some women receive, the stronger the envy of other women towards them - the envy of their youth, beauty, luck or self-confidence

Flirting is prohibited

Flirting is prohibited (2022)

Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting. And every girl wants to know where the hunter sits (stands, lies, runs, passes) in order to get him into her nets, forever discourage pheasants, to fool, seduce and tame. After all, every man is a potential hunter. And this complicates our task. After all, to find him, beautiful and unique, to draw his scattered attention to himself and to convince that it was he who took the first step in order to satisfy the basic hunting instinct - and the EU

What awaits Russia in the near future in 2022

What awaits Russia in the near future in 2022 (2022)

What awaits Russia in the near future in 2022 - expert opinions. Situation in economics, politics. Optimistic forecasts and arguments against

Legal entity property tax in 2019

Legal entity property tax in 2019 (2022)

Corporate property tax in 2019 for legal entities. What changes are expected, reporting on property tax of organizations

Valentine's Day Trivia: 14 Ideas

Valentine's Day Trivia: 14 Ideas (2022)

On Valentine's Day, the main thing is to show that you love your man, and for this it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Let's leave the right to make expensive purchases in jewelry stores to representatives of the stronger sex. And for us, the main thing is to create a romantic atmosphere at home and give something small and cute that will scream with all your appearance: you tried for him

20 ways to spend time in Los Angeles

20 ways to spend time in Los Angeles (2022)

On August 2, 1768, the Spaniards founded the settlement of Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porziuncila in America. Now this is Los Angeles - one of the most famous cities in the United States, which, as a guest in the States, simply cannot be missed. We have collected 20 of the most interesting places and activities that will help you make your stay in the City of Angels an unforgettable experience

Do you help your child develop creatively?

Do you help your child develop creatively? (2022)

Check yourself if you managed to create a favorable atmosphere for your child for the development of his creative personality (only you need to answer very honestly): 1 . I answer all the child's questions as patiently and honestly as possible.

Quit smoking 21st century girl

Quit smoking 21st century girl (2022)

My husband and I were sitting on a bench near the monument to Gogol, smoking and kissing desperately at the same time. We didn't even notice that we were being filmed. And they showed these shots for a reason, but in some reportage dedicated to the "Day without Cigarettes", although the shooting was about six months before the broadcast. The sight was, to put it mildly, sad and made such an impression on me that I wanted to quit not only smoking, but also kissing … Imagine: two loving little engines, whose smoke is not coming from their ears

Three stories featuring

Three stories featuring (2022)

In general, having drunk the Nth amount of alcohol, the girls entrusted each other with what in life they would not have told soberly … With their friendly drunken company, they decided that all men are goats. Yes, they did not just decide, but in turn called Oleg and told him that he was the main goat in the city, because, knowing that the girls were bosom friends, he put them in his bed in turn. Oleg did not understand his goat nature, because he did not drag anyone into bed forcibly

Virtual etiquette lessons

Virtual etiquette lessons (2022)

Thanks to the Internet, every day, with bated breath, I open my mailbox, read heart-warming "love", endless "miss", persistent "when you arrive" and edifying "be smart." While my walks around the virtual space were from the category of "once upon a time", I never thought about the rules for using the Internet. Now, when I hang around the network around the clock, I know "what is good and what is bad &

Once again about Real Women

Once again about Real Women (2022)

Often in magazines they talk about who can be called a Real Woman, and who can be called a Real Man. I myself sometimes enjoy reading a few sarcastic and ironic definitions, and sometimes I flip through a boring trick like: "A true woman should not forget about makeup, even taking out a bucket of garbage, and suddenly there, by the trash can, she will have a romantic meeting." .. Imagine a picture: summer, heat. You wanted something salty

10 most interesting book novelties of September

10 most interesting book novelties of September (2022)

Several new products will appear on bookshelves in September. We offer 10 of the most interesting books that you should pay attention to

I believe - I do not believe

I believe - I do not believe (2022)

"But the most important thing is that we live without noticing all this, but with the dream that someday we will definitely get lucky. And we will nevertheless meet a hunchbacked lame chimney sweep with a full bucket of garbage on the way to the cemetery. we get up at 11. And only then will we be sure to be happy "M. Zadornov. Signs have long and, it seems, entered our lives forever. They fought with faith in omens, laughed at them. You can argue for a long time on the topic of prejudice

Smooth skin is a woman's privilege

Smooth skin is a woman's privilege (2022)

Different people live on planet Earth - men and women. In some ways they are the same: they have one head, a pair of arms and legs. In essence, this is where what unites them ends. Otherwise, they are different. And they think differently, and act, and they also have different addictions. Men have weapons, pipes, razors. For women - jewelry, clothing, cosmetics. You can list for a long time

What can you do in the summer (if you want)

What can you do in the summer (if you want) (2022)

For three summer months, you need to do a lot: to have a rest for this whole and for the whole next year, how to play naughty on vacation, so that you would not be ashamed of a banal vacation. And also sunbathe, afford bright makeup and an open sundress, fall in love without memory

Excellent student of good behavior

Excellent student of good behavior (2022)

I remember that I told the boss that I wanted to take a day off: I had to go about my business abroad. She insisted on a day off on Thursday, when the whole office was at the seminar, that is, there would still be nothing to do. And I caught myself explaining to her in response for five minutes that it was impossible to take a ticket for that Thursday, because it turned out to be very expensive, and the flight was indirect, and the flight took off at six in the morning … It would seem that such an elementary thing - the day off you are entitled to according to all the laws, especially

I love it when I am loved

I love it when I am loved (2022)

Why can't you find such barbarism among men? Because they are in life in a more advantageous role of "observers" and "evaluators"? And we - 24 hours on the podium in the light of Jupiters! And woe to those representatives of the stronger sex who dared to show us insidious neglect! After all, only women could come up with a toast solemnly pronounced at bachelorette parties, about the fact that "everyone who did not want us to die". There is a very interesting young science - memetics. She is researching


First (2022)

"If you don't want to, we won't! I'll just take off your panties so that it is more convenient for me to please you. Okay? Just don't be afraid: it all depends on your desire," the words are interrupted by kisses, and the underwear flies away. After a while, men's swimming trunks do not let the panties get bored alone. Bodies are woven together. A bed dancing around the room, like a ship in a storm. Moan stuck in throat. One more try and the hymen is torn … How great if the first sex

A treatise on love

A treatise on love (2022)

It is rather difficult for a female person to distinguish between concepts such as, for example, love and sex. For her, they are identical. In a woman's brain, everything is clearly indicated: the center of love and the center of sexual pleasure are intertwined, so the red button of pleasure lights up only after the love center is activated. For a man, these concepts lie on different thickets of scales, so sex for them is sex, and love, respectively, means love. Remember, dear, the first question that came to you

You are the sweetest in the world

You are the sweetest in the world (2022)

It seems to me that you deserve the best. A person with such an appearance, charm and intellectual data as yours deserves much more. It is a pity that not everyone understands this. Or maybe they just envy you. Surely it is. Then let them continue to collect money for a metro pass, and we will talk about compliments

Flying gait

Flying gait (2022)

The sun, smiles, short skirts and the attention of men … What woman doesn't want such a summer? Perhaps only the one who is not sure about the attractiveness of her legs. However, before you "reject" your legs, you need to understand the views and opinions on this matter