Do the opposite
Do the opposite

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Do the opposite
Do the opposite

No matter how hard you try, but by the New Year, often instead of a beautiful, stunning vamp woman, we end up with an emaciated, sharp salads, with eyes sunken from fatigue, a ghost that pulls on the first more or less elegant dress that comes across, notes on the run that the dress is shameful reveals all the flaws in her figure, and with a sour smile sits down at the table, picking at the tired Olivier with a fork.

And this despite the fact that every year, on the eve of the holiday, all periodicals up to the Kommersant newspaper burst out with cheerful opuses with detailed descriptions of actions that, if followed, will turn you into the queen of the holiday, but in fact it is better do the opposite.

These articles are usually enough only for you to become infected with their optimism for the next hour or two, fantasize about how and where you stick the rhinestones, and dream that the extra fat would have gathered and would have gone far away on New Year's Eve. Immediately on the evening of December 31, all newspaper and magazine instructions are forgotten, because suddenly it turns out that you are wildly unable to do anything: you do not have time to stuff a goose, you do not have time to bribe more tangerines (because almost all of the children that had been stored in advance were hustled by the children), you do not have time to wash your hair, and when you wash, you don't have time to get your hair done …

Or maybe give up everything and not fuss? And not try to make yourself in one evening what you, in fact, have never been? Maybe the problem is that you set yourself too high standards this evening? And as a result - disappointment, dissatisfaction … If all of the above is familiar to you, then this article is for you.

Try not to set yourself unbearable tasks this evening - do the opposite. And do not expect that you will have time to bungle the whole table in one day. Anything that can be done in advance - do it in advance. Distribute in your diary in stages: what you will do on December 29 and what on December 30. For example, it is quite possible to pick up diamond earrings from a friend not two hours before the chimes, but to worry about it in advance, right? So that on December 31st you have only the goose and yourself. Until six o'clock in the evening, calmly do your waterfowl, after six - you are on your own. Instead of taking tea tampons on your eyelids, heeding the advice of New Year's articles, just get some sleep during the day, if possible. For example, after these fleeces for centuries, on the contrary, some kind of plague look becomes, and everyone around always says: "Go to sleep."

Let's refute another favorite postulate of women's pre-holiday articles: you should not take a bath, even if it is not soothing, but tonic. Any warm bath, unless it is filled with sulfuric acid, is simply relaxing by definition. The skin there, maybe, is toning, but you yourself become like balychok in your plates: pink, soft and sluggish.

But an invigorating contrast shower is what you need! Singing cheerfully, you climb under the hard streams of water, rub yourself with a washcloth, at the same time scrub your skin with a scrub, get out, wipe yourself - now you have enough at least until the President's New Year's address, that's for sure.

If you are enough for at least a little training on this solemn day - well, we sing a song to the madness of the brave! Probably, such willpower can only be envied.

And to back up this whole thing - make yourself real coffee. Real, therefore, not granular, not soluble, but brewed in a Turk from ground coffee beans. It invigorates even the dead. I usually used it the night before the exam, and I didn't feel like sleeping all night. I didn’t want to sleep in the morning and the next day, it was only slightly softened by the next night. But I also drank it then in large master's circles. And on New Year's Eve, the usual, coffee shop will probably be enough for you. So forget about green teas, which have a beneficial effect on the body - you will filter them on January 1, lying on the couch with a wet cloth on your head.

And you don't need to lose weight before the New Year. Otherwise, you will set yourself the task of getting into that "leopard" dress, and what if you can't fit in the evening before? You will be upset, you will seem fat to yourself, although on other days you would consider yourself rather slim. On the contrary, tell yourself that you will lose weight from the New Year (when all the January holidays will pass, of course). Then you will have more time than if you were losing weight before the New Year.

On New Year's day, it is better to eat as usual: a normal breakfast, a standard lunch, and a snack at seven in the evening. Thus, your stomach will be mentally prepared for all kinds of banquet outpourings. Doing everything the other way around if you starve yourself all day, trying to have time to throw off one more extra gram from yourself, then an unpleasant surprise may soon await you at the festive table - bloating (do not forget that there are gases in champagne), and then you will seem to yourself just disgusting thick. In addition, you will not dare to get up from the table and dance. By the way, in this case, have espumisan tablets or activated charcoal on hand, so that you do not spoil your holiday completely.

Well, and finally, about hair and makeup. If you cut your hair, then in advance, otherwise you will lose a lot of time on December 31st. If you just do styling, then wash and dry your hair, let it be just clean and natural (especially if you are with your family, and you certainly don't need to portray the queen of the ball). And make-up, so as not to overdo it, do the same as you usually do. Just a little (a little !!!) brighter.

And now with the coming! I hope you will keep this article before your eyes on December 31 of all subsequent years!

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