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All the signs for Easter 2020 to get pregnant
All the signs for Easter 2020 to get pregnant

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Folk signs for Easter are diverse, but similar in true faith. It is on pure faith in a great miracle that all Easter rituals are based in order to get rich, recover from an illness or get pregnant - only under this condition does the advice work.


The most effective remedy on the eve of Bright Sunday and directly on Easter is sincere prayer addressed to the Lord and heaven, open to requests and wishes. True believers come to the church on the eve of the holiday and remain in the church until the very last moment of the Easter service.

The request for pregnancy is pronounced in an ardent whisper at the moment when the first "Christ is Risen" sounds. You need to pray all night, but the cherished desire is expressed only once. The rest of the time you need to pray to Jesus Christ for help, health, blessing and protection.

There are different circumstances in life, and sometimes there is no way to go to church. It is believed that on any day a sincere prayer uttered in front of the icon will help solve the most pressing problems of life.

But on Easter night, such prayers, spoken sincerely, have special power. It is enough to stand in front of the icon with the face of the Lord or the Mother of God, read the "Our Father" and make a wish, but only the only one, the most cherished, and it will come true.

Staying in the church and blessing the festive cake and eggs is necessary, according to folk signs, for carrying out rituals in order to get pregnant.

Of course, in 2020 there are more progressive methods of treating infertility, but scientific studies have shown that to cure such an ailment, not only medications are needed, but also psychological changes, and they are possible if a woman believes in the support of light forces and her own determination to achieve what she wants.

Rites and conspiracies

A woman who cannot get pregnant is advised on Easter to put a separate plate on the festive table and put a piece of the consecrated cake there. A distinctive feature of this sign is the need to say "this is for the little children who will be sitting here."

But this is not enough for the cherished desire to come true. After the end of the meal, this piece of cake must certainly be crumbled by the birds.

In 2020, nothing prevents a woman who really wants a child from resorting to proven folk remedies:

  • to eat during the festive day an apple consecrated in the temple, for which a cherished wish is made;
  • go to visit four different houses in which there are small children, and in each of them eat a piece of a festive cake (by all means brought from the temple);
  • dedicate a children's cap in church (someone else should buy it) or ask a loved one to do this if the item of children's clothing was bought by the woman herself (instead of the donor, you should treat them to Easter cake and eggs).

Another sure sign for Easter is a real ritual reminiscent of a self-hypnosis session. From a plate with Easter cake and eggs, one dye is selected, blue or blue, if the woman wants a boy, and red or pink, in order to give birth to a girl.

Looking at the egg, you need to imagine the unborn child in all the details - details of appearance, color of eyes and hair, outfit, smile. They carry this egg with them all day long, put it to bed with them, and eat it only during breakfast the next day.

To make the wish come true, the shells are crushed into powder and little by little added to different dishes throughout the entire Easter week. It is popularly believed that this is the most reliable way to conceive a baby in the near future and give birth to him after the allotted time.

Fortune telling

Previously, on Easter, a special cake was baked, which was served only to young women or girls before their imminent marriage.Two beads were baked in it - blue and pink. Those who came across the bead could even recognize the sex of the unborn child by the color of the bead.

An Easter egg with two yolks was considered a sure sign of a future pregnancy. One could also at random pluck a twig from a bunch of willow and count the number of buds on it. Even was a sure sign that a woman was soon destined to carry a child.

The most faithful rite of passage for the onset of pregnancy was considered the following: immediately after Easter, go to bed on new bedclothes, in a new shirt and a new underwear, whisper a conspiracy: “Come to me, baby, quickly, and settle in my womb. I endure you with love and trepidation, may I become an exemplary mother for you. May your life be as sweet as a piece of cake. May you live well in our family. " Put a piece of Easter cake and an egg under the pillow, and in the morning, by all means, give them to the beggars.


Signs for Easter come true if you sincerely believe that everything will certainly change for the better:

  1. Pray in church or at home so that the heavens open on this holiday will hear you.
  2. Conduct rituals with attributes consecrated in the church.
  3. Distribute food to the hungry and to the birds.
  4. Believe in what is happening sincerely and earnestly.

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