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2022 wedding color and design ideas
2022 wedding color and design ideas

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The most fashionable wedding color of 2022, decoration, unique ideas with photos for inspiration will help you choose details that will forever remain in the memory and charm your guests. Knowledge of these features will allow you to determine the theme of the holiday.

White and gold theme with minimalistic design

This is a bestseller, which in most cases was chosen in the previous wedding season and is already being bought for the 2022 wedding season. Delicate jewelry with subtle lettering looks very elegant and modern.

In such a composition on the wedding table, it is worth using a white base - a tablecloth and napkins, which can be supplemented with gold inserts. Candlesticks and candles of golden color, beautiful napkins with inscriptions will create an amazing composition.

Wedding decorations in green and gold tones

One of the most popular wedding decorations is green accessories. This is a fresh, modern and at the same time very elegant proposal that perfectly matches the latest wedding trends. The green shade looks good not only as a drawing on invitations, but also in bouquets in the wedding hall.

Wedding accessories in green together make up a modern and minimalist one-piece composition.

On the table, it is worth using candles and napkins in shades of bottle green with golden accents.

Glamor silver and gold wedding jewelry

A beautiful decoration of a table for a wedding is possible with the help of a non-woven tablecloth, napkins and cutlery pockets. All the bridal accessories from the collection (wedding invitations, guestbook, wedding ring box) have a single motif: gray-green leaves in a botanical style and geometric accents in matte gold, which perfectly matches the glamor style.

Pink tones

Cherry blossom wedding jewelry in shades of powdery pink and gold is one of the trendiest proposals for the 2022 season. Unique accessories will allow you to build a coherent composition on the wedding table. The collection includes wedding invitations, gifts for wedding guests, room and table decorations.

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A beautiful combination of marsala and gold

Deep shades of marsala, gold, powdery pink create elegant accessories on the festive table. Such a wedding collection will look amazing at any time of the year. Wedding stationery with a floral motif can be used not only in the interior of the wedding hall, but also at outdoor ceremonies.

To get a composition as in the photo, it is worth draping a burgundy satin tread, which gently shimmers in the light. You can put several gold candlesticks and burgundy candles, and place burgundy non-woven napkins on the plates.

Postcards with the names of the bride and groom, delicious French macaroons are placed on the tables.

Decorations for the wedding table in shades of burgundy

Shades of burgundy, floral watercolor motif with the addition of green are also a great solution. A beautiful arrangement for a wedding table fits perfectly with the latest wedding trends. It looks beautiful at weddings (especially in autumn), but nothing prevents you from using it all year round. Unique accents create a seamless composition.

Lavender for a wedding ceremony - a beautiful proposal for an autumn celebration

Lavender is one of the most popular fall weddings. If you dream of such a festive style, be sure to pay attention to the accessories from the lavender bridal collection.All decorations must be in the same direction.

The main role is played by beautiful floral graphics: not only lavender sprigs are used in it, but also other flowers of a delicate shade, which together create a wonderful composition.

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Setting up a table for an autumn wedding using heather

Heather is the second flower of choice after lavender for an autumn wedding. Its branches look very elegant and clearly belong to this wonderful time of the year. In the collection with heather for weddings you will find all the elements that will look beautiful on the table and in the wedding hall, as well as the necessary accessories: wedding invitations, guestbook, letters of gratitude to parents and witnesses.

Arranging an autumn wedding table using heather involves the use of the following accessories:

  • golden candles;
  • white non-woven napkins;
  • plum non-woven napkins;
  • frames with gold print.

Flowers and wedding decorations in shades of copper

Warm colors such as brown, yellow, orange or copper are also very trendy in the 2022 season. They are not exactly fall-related, they are just a beautiful wedding table solution that will enchant the invited guests and create a stunning atmosphere at the ceremony.

All wedding accessories should be adorned with an autumn floral motif and graphic elements that give them a modern look. Beautiful wedding bouquets can be placed on the table, and non-woven napkins in warm colors can be placed on the guests' plates. In this case, you can use brown, burgundy, tangerine or gold napkins.

With gold cutlery and gold-rimmed glasses, the effect is fantastic.

Boho wedding

For a boho wedding, deep shades and floral motifs are usually chosen. The main element in the collection is animal horns framed by beautiful flowers in shades of purple, burgundy and plum. Gold accents on the wedding table complement all of this beautifully. This collection is designed in a unique style that will enchant guests. She's great for the summer.

To beautifully complement the decorations on the wedding table, you should use plum non-woven napkins, burgundy satin, white lace tablecloth and gold brass candlesticks.

What wedding decorations should be included in the composition for a boho-style wedding table:

  • plum non-woven napkins;
  • golden frames;
  • plum candles;
  • dark pink fabric elements.

Moon theme for wedding

Until recently, all Russian weddings were decorated in white. Nowadays, young couples are more and more willing to choose bold accessories that emphasize the character of the newlyweds. If you love the lunar theme, this is the perfect option for decorating your wedding.

Decorated in beautiful shades of navy blue and gold, the moon theme looks really beautiful and creates a unique atmosphere.

Fantastic navy blue, black and gold candles create an amazing ambiance, and floral arrangements give the entire space an original character.

A moon-themed wedding table arrangement can be created using the following decorations:

  • decorative elements of the color of pomegranate and gold;
  • black non-woven napkins;
  • decorative plate with a silver print;
  • confetti in a metallic shade.

Pastel shades

When choosing a wedding theme, you should pay attention to whether it suits the decor of the wedding hall and the preferences of the newlyweds. All couples who love boho style will be delighted with the collection in pastel colors. Fashionable patterns and wedding table decorations in this case will create an amazing composition.Accents in shades of powdery pink, cream and gray create a beautiful combination perfect for spring and summer.

Woody wedding

There are couples who dream of a holiday near the forest, surrounded by nature, they love greenery and the smell of the forest. For such newlyweds, there is an offer in a trendy "woody" style. The leitmotif is a deep fern color, as well as golden elements that give the whole composition an elegant character.

Ideal for outdoor celebrations. Glass plates, wood trimmed cutlery, beautiful wedding stationery will enchant guests.

An original wedding menu and printed cards placed next to the plates complete the composition, while long white candles add a romantic touch.

Shades of powdery pink and lilac

Floral motifs in gentle colors are ideal for a celebration at any time of the year. Romantic flowers, whimsical patterns and delicate compositions of fresh plants will create a wonderful atmosphere. Such a collection will perfectly fit into the interior of any wedding hall.

Perfect nautical theme for wedding and wedding banquet

Watercolor graphics, heaped waves, an anchor symbolizing the bond between two lovers, and the subtle addition of blues, blues and aquamarine colors all suggest a nautical theme. The wedding table is decorated with fresh flowers and succulents, as well as spectacular wooden candlesticks. Draped fabric and white candles give it a romantic touch.

Cotton color as a wedding theme

A great offer for a celebration taking place in autumn or winter - delicate shades of beige and brown. Delicate cotton flowers are a great choice for weddings organized in September, October or November. An elegant proposal will enchant the guests and ensure the delight of those present from the prepared composition.

Rustic wedding - wood, jute, natural colors and materials

A collection in a rustic style - an offer for lovers of an informal celebration. Pastel prints and gold patterns on bridal accessories are sleek and modern.

When decorating the table, it is worth using draped material, for example, white or beige muslin. Guests' plates should have embossed non-woven and paper napkins. Long white candles, set in brass candlesticks, add a romantic touch to the evening.


  1. Contrary to stereotypes, a wedding involves more than just shades of white, beige and muted tones.
  2. In the collections of modern designers, you will find wedding jewelry in various styles of dark blue, mint, burgundy colors.
  3. Don't be afraid to apply original and unique shades. They will certainly charm the wedding guests and create a unique atmosphere.

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