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When is Forgiveness Sunday in 2020
When is Forgiveness Sunday in 2020

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Forgiveness Sunday is one of the most important Christian holidays that believers look forward to in 2020. This is the day of repentance and cleansing of the soul. Its semantic load is difficult to overestimate, because this is one of those days when they get rid of the burden of pain that people themselves have caused to someone and that they have experienced on themselves. What date should you expect?

What date is Forgiveness Sunday in 2020?

Over time, the idea of ​​forgiveness and a special date for this has been strengthened in many countries around the world. Its idea is that it is necessary to forgive any existing grievances and ask for forgiveness from loved ones. In 2020, Russia celebrates this day on April 19. Remember and tell your family and friends what date Forgiveness Sunday will be.

How did the holiday come about?

Not everyone knows for sure when Forgiveness Sunday will be in 2020, and what date it will be celebrated. A little-known fact is that the wonderful tradition of asking for forgiveness came to our country from Egypt. About 2000 years ago, the country witnessed the atrocities of King Herod, as well as the appearance of the Holy Family of Jesus and his mother Mary. Then Christian churches appeared.

The monks at that time went to the desert for forty days in order to pray alone to the people of the Lord, to become spiritually purer, and thus prepare themselves to meet Christ on the day of his resurrection. But it is quite difficult for a person to spend forty days alone in the desert.

Dangers lurk at every turn. They were hungry beasts and snakes and spiders. Heading to the desert area, the monks were well aware that they might not return and never see the people with whom they had previously said goodbye.

Therefore, leaving, they asked everyone for forgiveness for everything, even for those bad thoughts that could arise in their heads.

Gradually, this custom spread and took root. Earlier in Russia, wars ended on this day, and the opponents had to lay down their arms and ask each other for forgiveness. Even the king at the end of that day asked forgiveness from his subjects.

People went at dawn to ask for forgiveness from relatives, neighbors and strangers. And for this it was necessary to forgive with a pure heart, because God forgives all of us our sins. We must also forgive and continue to live in peace and harmony, as Christ commanded us.

Why ask for forgiveness

Having figured out when and what date a holiday is planned in 2020, you need to understand the meaning of this special day. Forgiveness Sunday is a very important spiritual custom, which you will have to approach very responsibly, sincerely repent of what you have done and try to forgive your offenders by purifying your soul.

You need to ask for forgiveness from the person in front of whom you feel guilty for something. The same should be done if you are offended.

We must forgive the person with whom you quarreled and it does not matter who started this quarrel first. According to the rules, he needs to talk about it out loud and in person, but in the absence of such an opportunity, it is enough just to call the person on the phone.

How to ask for forgiveness

So, we found out when Forgiveness Sunday is held in 2020, what date it is celebrated among the Orthodox. Now let's figure out how to properly address a person with a request to forgive you. When asking forgiveness from one person, you need to say: "God will forgive, forgive me." In a situation, if you asked for forgiveness from you, say: "God will forgive, and I forgive."

Traditionally, the first to ask for forgiveness should be the one who is older in age: parents - for children, a leader - for employees, etc.

To forgive an insult, as required by the rules, one must understand that this does not mean forgetting the pain that was caused.But such an act shows that you are not angry and do not want to take revenge on the person.

Forgiveness Sunday Traditions

Traditionally, Forgiveness Sunday is held on the last day of Maslenitsa. In the old days, there were customs on this day:

  • burned a stuffed Marena;
  • performed mystical rites;
  • held fairs;
  • lit a fire and jumped over it.

But all these rituals and traditions should not be the main obstacle to the rule of the holiday - to ask for forgiveness and to forgive those who want to receive it. All good deeds on this day should be filled with grace and humanity. In the past, it was customary to eat meat and dairy dishes on this day, since Monday was the beginning of Lent.

Bans on Forgiveness Sunday

What cannot be done on Forgiveness Sunday? It is worth noting the following:

  • you can not enter into conflicts, be rude and insult;
  • it is forbidden to think about bad things;
  • it is not recommended to drink alcohol;
  • don't go to bed after midnight.

After dinner, you should not leave uneaten food. Better to give it to a cow or poor people. It is forbidden to engage in any economic and agricultural affairs.

folk signs

You should also pay attention to the signs associated with pancakes:

  1. If during frying pancakes it is easy to turn them over, an unmarried girl in the family will get married this year. If the pancakes stick to the pan, there won't be a wedding for another three years.
  2. Pancakes, thin - for an easy life.
  3. The pancakes turned out to be lush, summer days will be successful and fruitful. And if the pancakes do not rise, you will have to wait for trouble.

Girls baked pancakes on a holiday and handed out to passers-by:

  1. When a man meets first, she will have a son, and if a woman - a daughter. If the girls distributed all the pancakes, a happy married life awaited her. And if there was something left, she would not have been married for so many years.
  2. In the afternoon, the girls were surprised: they went out with a pancake on the road, approached the first man they met, gave a pancake and learned his name - the same should have been the name of the betrothed.

There are also signs regarding the weather:

  1. The weather was good on Forgiveness Sunday, which means that there will be a hot summer and a big harvest.
  2. What the weather is on this day, the same will be on Easter.
  3. The rain on this day foreshadowed a "wet" summer season.


Conclusions that can be drawn from the article:

  1. Forgiveness Sunday is one of the main Christian holidays and is celebrated the day before Easter.
  2. It is necessary that on this day all people let go of grievances and anger, cleanse their hearts and souls, and bring more light and warmth into their spiritual life.
  3. The main thing is to ask for forgiveness and to forgive sincerely. Doing so actually means letting go of the past.

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