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New summer collection of Escape varnishes from Kinetics
New summer collection of Escape varnishes from Kinetics

Video: New summer collection of Escape varnishes from Kinetics

Video: New summer collection of Escape varnishes from Kinetics
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Fashion has long gone hand in hand with the beauty industry. Therefore, trends that loudly declare themselves in clothing and accessories are immediately reflected in the world of cosmetics.


Knowing that juicy shades are at their peak right now, the designers of the cosmetic brand Kinetics have developed new summer collection of Escape nail polishes considering the fashion stories that unfold on the world's main catwalks.

The collection contains 8 shades: blue, yellow, fuchsia and orange for courageous persons, red and pastel for romantic young ladies, as well as purple and burgundy for restrained and self-confident.

All these shades can be found in the collections of the leading fashion houses such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Valentino, Prada …

Kinetics nail polish is easy to apply thanks to the smart Petal brush, dries quickly and does not chip.

Choose a shade from the Escape collection to suit your mood or set this very mood with a stylish manicure!

You can buy the new Escape collection on the website, only for users there is a promotion in June with a promo code SL-2UUTK-2NO59QW discounts on products.

SolarGel Professional Gel Polish

Innovative development Kinetics -UV the new generation varnish stays on the nails for up to 10 days without chips and detachments.

Benefits of manicure SolarGel

  1. Gel Effect: Professional Gel Effect Nail Polish
  2. Two-component system: Colored coating + TOP fixer. No basecoat required
  3. Longevity up to 10 days! No chips or scratches
  4. Without UV / LED lamp. Apply and dry like a regular varnish
  5. SMART petal brush. For precise and fast varnish application
  6. Over 250 shades of varnish

Use SolarGel and SolarGel Top Coat together to create an instant gel manicure with ultra shine, instant dry and over 10 days longevity without chipping!

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