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With love: what to give your little brother
With love: what to give your little brother

Video: With love: what to give your little brother

Video: With love: what to give your little brother
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First, you were waiting for the birth of a new family member. Then you were delighted and with the words “Finally” met your mother and brother from the hospital. But then there was competition between you and the thought “why do I need this little devil?” did not leave you. Sound familiar?

But the years go by, and now sometime a little boy gives you good advice and support. Boyfriend gift - it's not simple. What to give a high school brother to express your love, respect and gratitude? Today we share some valuable tips.


Baseball cap, gold account, sporting goods: which is more to please a young man

Teenagers spend most of their free time at the computer. There is nothing strange in this - modern teaching methods require presentations, reports, multimedia materials for lessons. And although in the understanding of parents, a monitor is evil, you, as an older brother (or sister), can improve the productivity of a brother. What will help with this:

  • Comfortable work chair that supports your back;
  • Wireless headphones. Yes, it is convenient to play tanks with them or watch a movie. But at least you exclude the possibility that it will suddenly rise and pull the system unit along with it.
  • Backlit keyboard - helps you work in low light.
  • Distance courses. SMM, programming, website development or WEB-design - the computer provides endless possibilities, and not only games and social networks.

But you, as a senior mentor, can adjust the length of the sitting in front of the screen and channel its energy in the right direction. This will help you:

  • Sporting goods are things that will make a man out of a boy. Punching bag or dumbbell - practicing three times a week, he will see the first results in a month.
  • Subscription to the pool. This will help him to attend classes regularly and speed up the work result. If he goes there in the first place, do not spare the money for a personal trainer.
  • Entertainment and new experiences. At a young age, he is interested in going through adventures. Send him to a quest room with friends, to go go-karting or a riding lesson.
  • Board game for the company. If there are a few small details, it will diversify common family evenings. If these are cards like "Mafia" or "Who am I?" - it will be interesting to play with friends in the yard.

The older we become, the more we begin to value the presence of loved ones in the life. Do not forget to pamper them with cute gifts and your attention.

5 gift ideas for an adult brother

An older brother will already seriously appreciate your warm feelings for him and the gift (especially if it is made with your own hands). In addition, you can show nursing (or brotherly) care by donating the following items:

  • Leather briefcase for documents is an accessory that will emphasize status.
  • Jewelry: cross, cufflinks, watches.
  • Tools, especially if you can take them with you to the car and not remove them from there.
  • Collectible weapon, if he is fond of unique specimens.
  • Furniture for home or summer cottage: rocking chair, hammock, sofa in the study.

The original idea will be a surprise draw. The main thing is that they do not upset or offend the hero of the occasion.

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