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How to dye your hair at home for yourself
How to dye your hair at home for yourself

Video: How to dye your hair at home for yourself

Video: How to dye your hair at home for yourself
Video: How to Dye Hair at Home (Coloring Tips & Tricks) 2023, March

You don't have to visit a fashionable beauty salon to radically change your image. Tips from experienced masters will tell you how to properly dye your hair at home in different ways and types of dyes. The main thing is to adhere to all recommendations and strictly follow the instructions.

The main rules for self-staining


Before proceeding with the procedure, it is worthwhile to first study several main rules for staining:

  1. In order not to spoil the hair structure, it is advisable to give preference only to high-quality dye formulations from trusted manufacturers. The selected paint should be accompanied by clear and clear step-by-step instructions.
  2. It is better not to wash your head before dyeing, so that the secreted sebum forms a protective layer on the skin and hair roots, which will prevent the dye from penetrating inside.
  3. A few hours before the procedure, you can test the paint on one thin curl. So it will be possible to calculate how long it will take to stain. Usually, the instructions for the dye composition indicate the average time, but dry and thick hair takes longer to absorb pigment than thin and brittle hair.
  4. Do not apply chemical dyes over basma or henna. It is best to wait a few weeks for the hair to grow back and the natural dyes washed off.
  5. Before dyeing, it is advisable to put on a cape around the neck and gloves - it is very difficult to wash off the paint that has got on the skin.
  6. It is better to start coloring from the occipital region and move to the forehead along the parting. Whiskey is dyed last. All the remaining paint must be evenly distributed over the root of the hair, after which you gently comb through all the curls with your fingers.
  7. The paint applied to the hair should not be kept longer than indicated in the instructions - you can damage your hair.
  8. You should not try to radically change your image through hair color. It is quite difficult to do it yourself without the help of a professional colorist.

Even if you have already dyed your hair several times at home and know how to use professional paint, be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer before starting the procedure.

Hair dyeing methods at home

Depending on your own tastes and preferences, you can change your hair color for a while or for a long time.

Permanent staining

Hair dyeing on an ongoing basis involves the regular use of professional dyes, which include ammonia. After the end of the procedure, a lasting result is obtained, the paint is not washed off the hair for a long time. But there is one drawback - you will have to paint overgrown roots from time to time.


Temporary hair toning

For such staining, you need to purchase a special tonic, tint shampoo or balm in a cosmetic store. The resulting shade after the dyeing procedure disappears after 2-4 hair washes. If you want to try on a new look or regularly change the shade of your hair, temporary toning is ideal.

How to choose the right paint


The key to the correct approach to changing the image is the correct choice of paint. The advice of experienced hairdressers will help you decide on the choice of a suitable coloring composition:

  • In order not to be mistaken in a cosmetic store, it is advisable to seek help from a sales consultant who will tell you which paint is better to choose, and voice the advantages and disadvantages of a particular dye.
  • It is advisable to choose products from trusted manufacturers. It is better if the paint does not contain ammonia, and the composition contains natural ingredients for hair care (plant extracts, essential oils).
  • In the process of choosing products in the store, you also need to take into account the density and length of your hair. For short ones, you only need one pack of paint. If the hair is of medium length, it is advisable to purchase two packs of the product.
  • Look at the contents of the package, its complete set, pay attention to the tightness of each tube with balsam and coloring composition.
  • If for coloring the color was chosen a tone darker or close to the original, buy products that contain 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Coloring formulations with a concentration of 6 or 9% peroxide are more suitable for lightening hair for several tones.
  • Mousse paints and creams are best suited for self-coloring at home.

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Even if the paint fully complies with all standards, an allergy to the product cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the first thing before staining is to do a wrist test, as indicated in the instructions. If there are no undesirable reactions, you can start dyeing your hair.

Types and classification of paints

It is better to dye your hair in a beauty salon from an experienced hairdresser. But if this is not possible, you can perform the procedure at home, but first it is better to figure out what types of paints there are.


The class of paint determines what degree of coloration can be expected, how deeply the coloring pigments penetrate into the hairs and how many days the final result will last.

The choice of paint by resistance:

  • Semi-permanent is a semi-permanent paint that partially penetrates into the cuticle. But such paint may not cope with the staining of gray hair. The finished result lasts for about 30 days.
  • Permanent is a persistent product that penetrates deeply into the hair cuticle and stains gray hair well. The finished result lasts up to 40 days. Using permanent means, it will be quite enough to tint the regrown roots once every 60 days.
  • Hair dye. Contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. With the help of lightening paint, you can radically change your image by transforming from a brunette to a blonde.
  • Direct-acting dye envelops each hair well, its durability is quite enough for 7 days. How long the result will last depends on how often you wash your hair.
  • Means for temporary staining. A gentle product that covers each hair with a thin film and does not harm the hair. The result stays on the hair for 2-4 days.

Classification of paints by the effect on curls:

  • Professional. These products are usually used by experienced craftsmen in beauty salons. The dye changes the color of the hair by 2-3 shades and less aggressively affects its structure. Professional products will help radically change the color of your hair and completely paint over the gray hair that has appeared.
  • Cosmetic. These funds have a light enveloping effect, protect the strands from the negative effects of the external environment. Unfortunately, cosmetic dyes are not as persistent and are quickly washed off the hair.
  • Natural dyes are basma, henna, coffee and other products that contain natural pigments. Of course, natural dyes will not be able to drastically change the color of the hair, but as a result of dyeing, you can get an interesting shade. It is advisable to use such dyes for dyeing healthy and strong hair that has not previously been chemically curled or dyed.

When choosing a suitable paint color, you do not need to rely on the color indicated on the product packaging. You can hardly achieve the same effect by dyeing your hair at home.


In order to understand exactly what shade will turn out after the staining procedure, you can look at a special catalog of the proposed paints from the manufacturer, which are usually offered in cosmetic stores.

How to choose paint color

Before dyeing your hair at home, you need to decide on a color that will suit your hair. Choosing the right dye can be quite challenging, as the wrong shade can visually highlight the flaws in your appearance.

When choosing a paint, fashion trends are taken into account in the last place, and the type of appearance will be the most important factor:

  • For owners of dark hair, it is advisable to stick to muted shades: chestnut, chocolate, mocha, cognac-caramel. Not the most suitable option for staining - bluish-black color and an eggplant shade.
  • According to stylists, it is better for blondes to refrain from ashy and platinum shades, as well as colors with yellowness. Light blond, wheat, linen shades are suitable.
  • Bright and rich tones are ideal for red-haired ladies. For coloring, you can choose a rich red, bronze, copper, mahogany color.

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When choosing the right paint, think carefully about what kind of result you want to achieve: it is beneficial to emphasize the hair color, paint over the gray hair or completely change the image. With this in mind, they buy semi-permanent, permanent or temporary paints.

How much paint is needed

Before starting the procedure, you need to calculate how much dye is needed to dye all the hair, taking into account that the dye composition must be evenly applied to all hair so that after the end of the manipulation there are no unpainted areas. At the same time, the diluted paint cannot be stored open for a long time, otherwise, when re-staining, the color of the strands may not turn out the way you wanted.

For hair that has a light shade, a fine structure and length below the shoulders, one tube of dye and an oxidizer will be enough. It takes about a package and a half to dye thick hair.


For curls of medium length and density, you need to purchase two packs of paint. For long hair, you will need three packs of the product. If the hair is thick enough, white or yellow, four packs of dye will have to be spent on their complete dyeing.

For short hair, brunettes will need a little less dye than blondes - less than one pack of dye (about 50 ml). For a thicker head of hair about 15 cm long, you will need a whole package.

For thick hair of medium length, you need two packs of the product. Happy owners of chic long hair need to prepare three packs of the dye mixture. For dyeing hair that is below the waist, it is worth purchasing five packs of dye in the store in advance.


If you regularly dye your hair, it is best to remember how much dye you usually use in one procedure. If there are doubts about this, it is better to purchase one package of the product in reserve. But you do not need to breed it without the need.

Necessary tools and products for hair coloring at home

In order to dye your hair with Estelle paint or other compounds without any problems, you must not only know how to do it correctly, but also prepare all the necessary tools for work in advance. It may happen that at the most inopportune moment something may not be at hand.


For work you will need:

  • one or two tubes of paint;
  • hairbrush or comb with fine teeth;
  • a plastic container for mixing the coloring composition (metal bowls cannot be used);
  • a wide brush for applying the finished hair dye;
  • a pair of medical or plastic gloves;
  • oily face cream or petroleum jelly - so as not to stain your ears and forehead during the coloring process, apply the product along the hairline;
  • packing cotton pads or napkins;
  • mirror on a stand;
  • several hairdressing clips or regular hairpins;
  • a piece of foil for testing paint;
  • a plastic wrap or an old towel;
  • a plastic bag over the head or a disposable hair cap;
  • shampoo and conditioner to wash off the coloring composition.

When all the specified accessories are collected, you can start painting.

How to dye your hair yourself: a step-by-step scheme

Before starting the coloring procedure, apply a layer of greasy cream or regular petroleum jelly on the earlobes and on the forehead along the hair growth. Moisten the ends of the strands with a small amount of water - they are overdried most of all, therefore they poorly absorb the coloring composition. If your hair was recently cut, you can skip this step.


Hair dyeing

To maintain a dark shade of hair, regrown roots will have to be tinted regularly, while the rest of the hair does not need to be dyed. The process of staining regrown roots is simple:

  1. Divide your hair into two partings.
  2. To paint overgrown roots in two divided partings. No hair clips needed - the dye applied will naturally divide all of your hair into 4 sections.
  3. Start staining the roots from the parietal zone. Separate the hair with thin curls so that there are no unpainted areas on the head. Twist the separated strands separately into flagella and stab with clamps.
  4. Gently apply the dye to the root part along the separated partings, then paint the roots near the ears. Dissolve each fixed bundle of hair one by one, carefully dividing it into thinner curls. Carefully paint over all overgrown roots.
  5. Leave the applied dye composition on the hair for exactly the same amount of time as indicated in the manufacturer's instructions.
  6. Wash off the applied paint from the roots with plenty of water and shampoo. After that, you can use the balm that is usually in the box along with the paint.

After dyeing the regrown roots, it is advisable to refrain from applying any nourishing masks to the hair for some time. The oils contained in the cosmetic help to quickly wash out the coloring pigment from the hair.

Full length dyeing

When dyeing the main part of the hair, you also need to follow the instructions and do not leave the diluted paint for a long time. You need to start staining immediately after preparing the coloring composition.



  1. Comb all the curls several times, then, using a comb with a thin handle, carefully divide them into four approximately equal parts: to the back of the head, from one ear to the second and to the forehead.
  2. Separate the strands that will be painted first, stab the rest with clamps. If the hair is colored in light shades, it is better to apply the prepared dye composition immediately to the front of the head. At this point, the strands are slightly paler due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. If the hair needs to be dyed dark, it is advisable to start from the back of the head.
  3. When dyeing the main length of the hair, it is necessary to retreat 1-2 cm from the roots. Apply the prepared mixture to the head from top to bottom, after which you need to return and paint the missing places.
  4. After the end of the procedure, comb the hair several times with a comb or comb so that the paint is evenly distributed over all curls.
  5. Put a plastic bag or disposable cap on your head and wait for the time indicated in the instructions.

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After the specified time, wash off the paint with water and shampoo, after which you can use the prepared balm. The washed hair does not need to be dried with a hairdryer, it is advisable to wait until it dries naturally. You can watch the video for more information on how to dye your hair at home.

Henna staining

Some experts say that dyeing your hair with henna or other natural dyes is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you follow their advice, everything will turn out much better and faster.


How to dye your hair with henna yourself at home:

  1. Pour henna into a prepared plastic container, pour hot water, but not boiling water. You should get a mixture that is similar in consistency to sour cream, without lumps, so it needs to be kneaded very well.
  2. Add a couple of drops of any essential oils useful for hair to the diluted henna.
  3. Immediately before the procedure, you need to take care that the skin is not stained with henna - lubricate with a fat cream or petroleum jelly along the hairline.
  4. Divide the hair into thin, separate strands, starting at the back of the head. Cover the separated strands with diluted henna.
  5. Do a small head massage. Put a disposable cap or plastic bag on your head, wrap it with a towel on top. Keep for 15-20 minutes. For a more saturated shade, you can wait a little longer.
  6. After the specified time, wash off the applied dye with plenty of water. It is better not to use shampoo and conditioner for now, otherwise the color may not turn out as clear and saturated as we would like.

Similarly, you can dye your hair with basma, and how to do it correctly, you can see in the video below. But there is one difference: you need to dilute it with a little more water so that it is not as thick as diluted henna. Basma can be soaked on hair from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

How to darken your hair at home

During the dyeing process, certain color nuances may appear that look ugly on the hair. Then you can darken your hair at home in any way, depending on your needs:

  • Whole hair length. To darken the entire length, calm shades are more suitable: brown tones, smoky chestnut, cappuccino, dark blond color with an ash tint.
  • Hair tips. For those who wish to darken their hair at the ends, you can use the reverse ombre dyeing technique.
  • Separate strands. In this case, thin bronzing without preliminary clarification and block coloring will come to the rescue.
  • Darkening in layers. The so-called latent dyeing of curls gives an interesting flavor to the entire created image. With hidden dyeing, only the inner part of the hair is darkened. As a result, with each turn of the head, you can see the "hidden" color.

You can darken your hair with both professional means and natural dyes: henna, basma, etc.

How to dye gray hair at home

Almost every well-known manufacturer offers its own series of products for painting gray hair. The concentration of the clarifier in such paints is from 6 to 9%. The scheme for dividing the hair and further manipulations are the same as for the phased dyeing of the roots and the entire head of hair. But there are also several important nuances that you must know.


Gray hair coloring rules:

  1. You need to choose for coloring only those tones that are most suitable for your gray hair.
  2. When choosing a color, pay attention to the tester or catalog, and not only to the digital markings indicated on the package.
  3. Avoid deep black hair. Although black can paint over gray hair well, a strong contrast will be visible as the roots grow back. Chestnut shades are more suitable here.
  4. If necessary, you need to carry out preliminary pigmentation.

In order to visually lose several years, it is advisable to dye the hair in light shades. It is believed that a dark color ages a woman even more.

Hair care after dyeing procedure

No matter how gentle the coloring composition is, dyed hair needs special and regular care. There are a few simple rules that you must adhere to:

  • For shampooing, it is better to use special shampoos, conditioners and balms designed specifically for colored hair.
  • Cosmetics that do not contain alcohol are more suitable for styling, since the alcohol base greatly dries the hair structure.
  • Once a week, you need to do restoring and nourishing masks for hair damaged by dye.
  • Before swimming in a pool with chlorinated water, you must wear a protective cap on your head.
  • When using a curling iron, you must first apply a special thermal protection to your hair.

When going outside in windy or frosty weather, do not forget to wear a hat. The cold dries the hair and disrupts the nutrition of the hair follicles.

Hair coloring mistakes

In order not to dry out and ruin your hair, you can study the list of typical mistakes when dyeing at home in order to prevent them in the future:

  • The most common mistake many women make is to hope that the shade of the hair turns out to be exactly the same as indicated on the package. The structure of the hair and the original color are decisive for the final result.
  • For combing hair and mixing the dye composition, do not use non-metallic tools and devices. The metal chemically reacts with the paint, which may result in the desired color not being obtained.
  • Manufacturers indicate in the instructions how long it takes for the entire process of dyeing the strands. Keeping the paint longer than the specified time is strongly discouraged.
  • It is undesirable to change the shade of your hair by more than three tones. As you know, persistent dyes quickly penetrate into each hair, as a result of which the natural pigment is destroyed. It will be very difficult to correct the unwanted result on your own after the staining procedure.
  • A preliminary allergy test should not be neglected. Even the most expensive dyes may contain components that provoke allergic reactions: hair loss, damage to the structure, breathing problems, severe skin burns.
  • Do not apply the dye to pre-moistened hair - you can get a leopard print. When the hairs are wet, their scales begin to open, so the dye applied can be harmful.

A few days before staining, it is not recommended to use styling products or wash your hair. This will apply the paint evenly to each strand.

How to fix the color after staining

The durability of the resulting color after the staining procedure depends, among other things, on the care cosmetics that will be used in the future. You need to purchase shampoos, balms and conditioners in advance, designed exclusively for colored hair.


It is best not to wash your hair for three or four days after the end of the procedure. So the coloring pigment is much better fixed in each hair. It is better to wash your hair with specialized cosmetics.

There is no particular difficulty in dyeing your hair correctly at home. There may be some difficulties only the first time. If you get used to it a little and fill your hand, all subsequent manipulations with the hair will be much easier.



  1. For coloring, it is advisable not to use dyes that include hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. They can damage the hair structure.
  2. It is best to choose a color that suits your type of appearance.
  3. Before starting the staining procedure, you need to test for allergic reactions.
  4. After dyeing, the hair needs special care and the use of special cosmetics.
  5. Only plastic containers can be used to mix paint.

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