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To whom will the pension be added from January 1, 2022 and how much
To whom will the pension be added from January 1, 2022 and how much

Video: To whom will the pension be added from January 1, 2022 and how much

Video: To whom will the pension be added from January 1, 2022 and how much
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In all economic crises and social upheavals, pensioners suffer the most. Because of their age, they can no longer find a part-time job, work late, so the state supports them financially. Let's try to find out who will receive a pension from January 1, 2022 and by how much.

Pensioners' law

On May 26, 2021, Federal Law No. 153 was adopted, which comes into force on January 1, 2022. There will be many changes that affect pre-retirees, people receiving disability pensions, but there will be other innovations. There is a section devoted to the indexation of insurance pensions in Russia.


In 2022, the increase in the insurance pension will be felt by non-working pensioners, but not all. One condition must be met - a pension with all social benefits (if any) must not reach the subsistence level in a particular region. It should be remembered that there are additional payments at the regional and federal levels. Regional ones are laid where the cost of living is higher than the federal one, for example, in Moscow.

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Social and state services have established departmental ties with each other, so that the surcharge will be charged without collecting documents. The increase is automatically added to the pension.

Pensioners who have lived in rural areas for 30 years are entitled to an additional payment of 25% to the insurance part of their pension. In 2021 it was 1,511 rubles.

Indexation since 2022

Federal Law No. 153 indicates to whom the pension will be added from January 1, 2022, and by how much. These will be non-working pensioners. The increase will be 5, 9%. The law stipulates indexation for several years:

  • 2022 - 5, 9%;
  • 2023 - 5.6%;
  • 2024 - 5.5%.

The average insurance pension in our country in 2022 is 17,536 rubles. The amount of the increase ultimately depends on the amount of the insurance pension. If it is 8,000 rubles, the increase will be 472 rubles. But upon receipt of an insurance pension of 17,000 rubles, indexation in January 2022 will add another 1,003 rubles.


In 2016, a restriction on the indexation of pensions was introduced in relation to working pensioners. In 2022, they will only be recalculated in August. As a result, the increments for additional seniority received after retirement will be determined.

Recipients of insurance pensions in Russia are 32 million pensioners.

Ways to increase the insurance part of the pension

The annual indexation of pensions is not able to offset the constant rise in prices. One of the ways to get out of this situation is to increase the insurance part of the pension. Alexander Spiridonov, a leading lawyer at the European Legal Service, listed several official, legal ways of such an increase:

  • Refuse some of the benefits (receiving medicines, free travel to the place of rest, and others). Instead, the pensioner receives a monthly increase in his pension of 1,200 rubles.
  • Postpone retirement.
  • Purchase insurance points. You must first order a personal account statement on the State Services website and find out the need to purchase points. There is a chance that there will be enough of them by the time of retirement.
  • A childcare period of up to one and a half years adds retirement points.

The Russian government is concerned that citizens do not care about their future pensions. For this reason, from 2022, the Pension Fund will send notifications about the amount of future pension to persons over 40 years old every 3 years. According to Russian government officials, such a measure will make middle-aged people think about their savings.

Interesting! Indexation of pensions for non-working pensioners in 2022

The constitution guarantees an increase in pensions every year.

Changes for retirees from January 1, 2022

In 2022, the insurance pension of all three types will increase: old age, loss of breadwinner, and disability. From January 1, 2022, the following changes are provided for Russian pensioners:

  • An increase in the size of social and state pensions (from January 1 to non-working pensioners 5, 9%).
  • Indexation of social benefits from April 1 to working and non-working pensioners (planned, but not approved 7, 7%). This includes a monthly cash payment for federal beneficiaries, a set of social benefits in cash or in kind, a burial allowance.
  • Recalculation to working pensioners who receive insurance pensions from February 1, 2022 (from 4, 7, to 5, 2% at the end of 2021).
  • Lump sum payments to veterans.

The government has expanded the pool of veterans in 2022 to receive a lump sum payment by May 9, 2022. Now the Russians who have been awarded the sign "Resident of besieged Leningrad" and "Resident of besieged Sevastopol" have the right to it. The lump sum payment is 10,000 rubles.

According to the law, up to 70% can be deducted from the pension in connection with debts for alimony, loans, fines.

News about changes in the legislation on pensions

The government is constantly passing laws that relate to retirees. The latest news affects not only them, but also citizens of pre-retirement age.

With the development of information technology, many services are provided automatically, there is no need to collect documents and come with them to the Pension Fund office. This also happens with pensions for some groups of future pensioners. If a citizen is registered with the Employment Center as unemployed due to dismissal due to the liquidation of the organization or staff reduction, he can receive an early retirement pension. As early as 2 years before the onset of retirement age, he will automatically receive a pension.


You can apply to the Pension Fund on the website of "Gosuslugi". The pension fund should help citizens in obtaining the necessary documents from archives, enterprises of foreign countries for the appointment of a higher pension. But the main documents are in the FIU, the future pensioner should not collect them.

Knowing who will receive a pension from January 1, 2022 and how much, you can calculate your pension payments. According to the Constitution, indexation of pensions awaits non-working pensioners every year. Now everything takes place in automatic mode, there is no need to collect and draw up documents. You just need to make sure that the markup has been charged.


  • Pension payments for non-working pensioners increase every year.
  • Many pensions and indexations are processed automatically through the State Services portal.
  • There are several ways to increase the insurance portion of your pension.

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