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Cheerful kindergarten graduation script 2018
Cheerful kindergarten graduation script 2018

Video: Cheerful kindergarten graduation script 2018

Video: Cheerful kindergarten graduation script 2018
Video: Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony | 2018-19 Batch | 2023, May

In a child's life, there are also exciting moments on the way to growing up. The first serious step on the ladder to adulthood is the graduation in kindergarten, which should be remembered for a long time and prepare the child for the next step - school. For a kindergarten graduation party to be unforgettable, it must be fun, interesting and original.

Graduation ball "Wizard of the Emerald City"

During the matinee, children will demonstrate to their parents the skills acquired in kindergarten. The kids will say goodbye to the kindergarten and educators, thank the teachers. The atmosphere of a fairy tale will create a festive mood for all participants of the event. Despite the abundance of characters, all the children are involved in the prom.



  • Leading;
  • Ellie;
  • Scarecrow;
  • Tin Woodman;
  • Cowardly Lion;
  • Geese;
  • Dunno;
  • Button;
  • Deuce;
  • Notes;
  • Fairy Stella;
  • Children;
  • Treble clef.

Event progress

Children come in, holding hands, stand in the middle of the hall. At this time, the musician plays or includes a waltz.

First presenter:

-Gardens bloom, so early, early in the morning, the nightingale whistles so merrily.

Our kindergarten on a fairy glade, on a cheerful day he is a little sad.

Today in our sweet bright hall

guys gathered for the last time

There will be a sea of joy and a drop of sadness - they leave us for the first grade.

Second presenter: - Behind there is a kindergarten, carefree days, soon the first grades will be put in your diaries.

You used to play school, but the game is over, preschool children from the yard envy you today.

Children read poetry.

All the children go out into the middle of the hall and sing the song "Farewell to the Toys" Children sit down in their places.

Children read poetry.

Again all the children go out, stand in front of their parents, sing the song "Now we are first graders"

Children sit in their seats.

Read the 7th and 8th child.

Children dance a farewell waltz. They sit down. The floor is given to the head of the kindergarten. …


First presenter: - Very soon, our dear future first graders, the first school bell will ring for you. From that moment on, you will go to a new fairy tale called the land of knowledge.

Second presenter: -Now we will check how carefully you studied in the kindergarten and what you managed to learn. We will say the beginning of the phrase, and you guys have to finish it correctly.

The teacher alternately reads:

- all letters from A to Z on the pages (primer);

- to write with a pen, we will prepare (a notebook);

- footfall in the corridor, who is calling everyone to class? (lesson);

- very soon you will be greeted by a bright and spacious (class);

First presenter: - What are you all good fellows! You all know! Passed the exam perfectly! They became disciplined and learned to be friends. You already know how to do everything and are ready for school. Now we will present you with diplomas that will become a pass to the first grade.

Pay attention to the large chest. - Here they are, your documents!

They go to open- Oh! Where is the key? He was just lying on the chest. What to do? How to present diplomas? Indeed, without them, our students will not be able to enter the first grade! Guys, can you see the key?

Second presenter:- Maybe someone joked badly?

A strong roar is heard behind the curtains, as if a house is collapsing. Ellie enters and looks around at all the participants in the event.


Ellie: -Hello. And where am I? Who are you?

First presenter: -Kids of our kindergarten. They graduated from kindergarten with honors and are ready to go to first grade. We wanted to give them diplomas, but the key to the chest was lost and we do not know what to do.

Ellie: - And I got lost too. I was about to go to school to get the primer, but a terrible hurricane came. I hid. And when I got out of hiding, I was here. Now I also do not understand where I am, and how to get home. Crying.

Second presenter: - And you were the only one hiding? Weren't you scared?

Ellie: Wipes away tears. '' Exactly! I was with Totoshka! This is my dog, he got scared of the hurricane and we hid in the house together. Where is he? Looking for. Runs away and returns with a dog toy in his hands. The toy dog has a note. - Where did you get this, Totoshka? Give it back! Ellie gives the message to the presenter.

The first presenter reads: - The key is not lost. You won't find it here. It was stolen by the evil sorceress of the Blue Country - Gingema, in order to spoil the holiday for the children. Gingema hid the key so that the fun, interesting graduation would not take place and the children would not be able to go to school. But don't be discouraged. The Wizard of the Emerald City - Great Goodwin will help you. To find it, you need to walk along the brick path, without turning anywhere. On the way, you need to fulfill three cherished desires of the first comers. Desires will become the pass to the Emerald City.

Second presenter: - Well, guys, are you ready to go to Goodwin? Good luck!

The 1st verse of "Songs of Friends" is playing. Children follow each other through the hall. Ellie and Tatoshka are in front of them. At this time, the scenery is changed to sunflowers. When the music ends, the children see the Scarecrow waving his arms.

Scarecrow: - Shoo, shoo, annoying crows! Why are you sticking to me! Get out of here!

Ellie: - Hi, I'm Ellie. And who are you? Why did you climb so high? Are you hiding from the hurricane too?

Scarecrow: - Hello, girl, my name is Scarecrow. I sit here, and I scare off the crows so that the sunflowers do not peck.

Ellie: “You’re not scary at all. On the contrary - cute and funny.

Scarecrow: - This is bad, that not fearful. The crows are not in the least afraid of me. If I could go down, I would be able to drive them all out at once. Tired of being annoying!

Ellie: - If this is your cherished desire, I can help. Pulls a stick out of the Scarecrow's sleeves. - Gingema stole and hid the key to the chest with diplomas and sent a hurricane to our house with Totoshka. Now we need to get to the Emerald City to Goodwin. He will help me return home and the children to find the key. After all, without them, the children will not get to school.

Scarecrow: - And what is this school? Are there also a lot of annoying crows?

First presenter: - School is a place where teachers will give children new knowledge and skills so that they can go to college and find a good job.

Scarecrow: - And for what will they give knowledge? For sunflower seeds, sweets, chocolate?

First presenter: - No, I was afraid, teachers will give knowledge in exchange for efforts and desire to learn.

Scarecrow: - And what will they learn?

First presenter: - In the first grade, children will learn to read, write, draw, sing and count.

Scarecrow: - Whom to count? Crow?

First presenter: - Not only. Children will learn to add multi-digit numbers. We have already taught them simple examples. That's how much 2 + 2 will be, you know?

Scarecrow: - Mm. Shakes her head.

First presenter: - And the guys know. What's 2 2? Appeals to children. Children answer. The presenter thinks of a few more simple examples.

The phonogram turns on or the musician plays ditties. Baba Yaga flies in on a broom, followed by the geese.

Baba Yaga sings ditties.


Is talking: - Come on, geese, fly out, find out who they are!

Two geese: - Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha! Where are you from and where? 2 times, addressing children, caregivers and Ellie.

First presenter: - These are our guys, they graduated with honors from kindergarten and are going to go to the first grade

Baba Yaga and geese sing ditties alternately.

Is talking: - Come on, geese, help and solve the test.

First presenter: - Let's help grandmother with the tasks? Appeals to children. The guys answer.

Geese sing riddles.

Baba Yaga: - Thank you, kind geese. Now cheer up the guys and dance a perky dance with them.

Geese and children dance to the music "Two Merry Geese".

Baba Yaga: - Blimey! Pleased, so pleased! And how are you ready for math! Well done boys!

Leading lead: - This is not all that the children have learned. Turns to the guys: - Can we play a game to consolidate mathematical knowledge? The guys answer.

Game "One, two, three, four, five"

Scarecrow: - How good it is to know a lot. I changed my mind. Now my cherished desire is to replace the straw in my head with brains.

Ellie: - Well then, come with us to the Emerald City. He will help you gain your mind.

Scarecrow: - Of course! We ran faster!

The second verse of "Songs of Friends" is playing. Ellie, Totoshka and the children walk around the hall again and take their seats. While the music is playing, the decorations change to a Christmas tree. The Tin Woodman appears with an ax.

Scarecrow: - Ellie, who is this?

Ellie: - I don't know, let's ask.

Scarecrow: - He does not move and does not talk, what's wrong with him?

Ellie: - Maybe rusted? It's made of iron.

Scarecrow: - And what is it next to him?

Ellie: - So this is a butter dish! Let's lubricate it! Lubricate.

Woodcutter: - Oh, thanks, kind people. I, too, was once a man, until Gingema bewitched me. I have become a piece of iron and now I'm afraid of rain.


Ellie: - Here is a wicked aunt! She took me with the house and took the key to the chest with diplomas from the guys and bewitched you. Do you have a cherished desire?

Woodcutter: - If I have already turned into a piece of iron, I should at least have a human heart. Hot. I also want to love and be friends with everyone. Look how friendly your guys are. And I have no friends yet.

Scarecrow: - Don't worry, now we are all your friends. Look into the hall, how many of us are there. Come with us to Goodwin. He will give you a real heart and you can find yourself even more new friends. To me - the mind. Ellie will send home and help the children to enter first grade.

Woodcutter: - Yes, there are many children at school. I would also find friends there. After all, only friendly guys study at school and help each other in everything. Are your preschoolers like that?

Second presenter: -Of course, you can see for yourself.

The song "Grasshopper" is playing, Dunno and Button enter.

Button: - You are so smart, Dunno. Are you going to the holiday?

Dunno: - Yes. I came to the children in kindergarten for their fun and interesting graduation party. I want them to take me to school with them. I learned a song for the holiday.

Button: - Sing it. And the guys and I will listen and decide whether they will let you go to school or not.

Dunno: - I'm the only one ashamed. Maybe you can help me?

Everything: - Yes.

Song "To school"

Button: - You sang well, maybe you can dance?

Dunno: - No, I can't dance. Maybe the guys know how, and they will teach me?

Button: - Of course! Our children have learned a lot in kindergarten. And sing and dance. To children: - Let's teach Dunno? The children answer and everyone goes to the Tom and Jerry dance. They dance. Deuce enters.

Deuce: - Hey. I heard you are here for school. I'm with you.

Dunno: - Why?

Deuce: - How? I am the most important grade at school!

Song "Deuce"

Button: - Don't listen to her. Everyone knows that a deuce is a bad mark. Nobody wants to be lazy.

Dunno deuce: - You'd better go home to learn to read and write.

Deuce: - I'll meet again.

Second presenter: - Well done, Dunno. Let's better learn how to pack a schoolbag. And put the flower for the Button in it. The flower will not be simple, but with the grades that the children will receive at school.

  • Game "Collect a flower"
  • Game "Collect a portfolio"

Woodcutter: - How friendly you are. Take me with you to Goodwin.

The third verse of "Songs of Friends" is playing. Children, Ellie with Totoshka, the Scarecrow and the Woodcutter walk around the hall. At this time, the scenery is changed again. The Lion is visible behind the screen, which does not come out.

Eli: - Who's there? Come out, do not be afraid, we have fun.

A lion: - Hello, how do you know that I'm afraid?

Ellie: - Well, you growl at my Tatoshka, and brave lions do not growl at little dogs.

A lion: “I know they don’t growl. And I know that the lion is the king of beasts and should not be afraid. But I can not. I lack courage and I don't know where to find it.

Ellie: - Is this your cherished desire? We can take you with us to the Emerald City if you stop roaring. We go to Goodwin for help. The guys can't get to school because of Gingema. Goodwin has to help. He will find courage for you too.

A lion: - I also have a school in the forest. I don't go there yet because of my fear, but I really want to. But other animals are learning. You know how they learned to sing there!

Second presenter: - Our children can sing too. To the children: - Let's sing for the lion? The guys answer. They sing the song "Wonderful Holiday".

Notes and a treble clef run out.

Treble clef: - I'm a pretty boy, called the Treble Clef.

For gentlemen and ladies, I play scales.

The sheet music is singing riddles.

Treble clef: - All the riddles have been guessed, the tools have been recognized.

We will try a little, and we will play on spoons for you.

Spoon ensemble


A lion: - What brave and perky guys. I'm going with you.

The fourth verse "Songs of Friends" is playing. Everyone goes around in a circle again, at this time the scenery changes. A screen appears with a painted scary head.

Voice from behind the screen: - I'm Goodwin! Great and terrible! What do you want here ?!

Ellie: - There are a lot of us. I am Ellie, the evil Gingema sent a hurricane to my house and Totoshka and I were carried far from home, now we cannot return. This is the Scarecrow - he wants to be smart. This is the Tin Woodman - he needs a heart. This is Leo - he is cowardly and wanted to ask you for courage. And these are our beloved children. They finished kindergarten and were waiting for their diplomas. But Gingema hid the key to the chest. Children will not be admitted to school without diplomas. We all came to you for help.

Voice from behind the screen: - We need to think about it, let's talk about it tomorrow.

The puppy's barking is turned on. A man runs out from behind the screen, followed by Totoshka.

Goodwin: - Ay, take it away, ay, I'm afraid, help!

Everything: - Who you are?

Goodwin loud: “I am Goodwin, Great and Terrible.

Ellie: - You are not a magician?

Goodwin: - Unfortunately no. I'm just a man. I got here in a hot air balloon.

Ellie cries: - I won't get home.

Scarecrow: - I won't get a heart.

Woodcutter: - And I will remain crazy.

A lion: - I will be a coward.

Goodwin: - Ellie! You are wearing magic shoes. Everyone pays attention to Ellie's silver shoes. Hit your heels three times. Ellie knocks, everyone counts. The Fairy appears to the music "The Sorceress".

Fairy: - I am the lady of the Pink Country. I will help everyone find what they want. Distributes bottles of juice to everyone.

Leo drinks: - Thanks! Now I must hurry to my subjects. I'm the king! Leaves.


The woodcutter drinks: - I can feel my heart start beating. I'm happy now. Thanks! Leaves.

The scarecrow drinks: - I have no words to express my gratitude, I am immensely happy! Leaves.

The fairy gives Ellie and Goodwin a balloon: - And this is for you. In a few minutes it will turn into a huge ball and send you home. Hurry up. Exit Ellie and Goodwin.

The fairy gives the children a key: - Here is the key, but it will open the chest if you promise to study well. Promise? Children promise.

Second presenter: - Accept, kind Fairy, a gift from the guys in gratitude.

Children dance the dance "Good Beetle".

Fairy: - Thank you, my dears, I have to go. Leaves.

Children sing a farewell song "Good luck"

The floor is given to parents.

Presentation of gifts and diplomas.


Thanks to such an original scenario, the graduation ceremony in kindergarten will be fun and interesting. In the atmosphere of a fairy tale, children will once again remember the skills they acquired in the kindergarten. In a playful way, the children will be reminded of the importance of friendship.

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