MakSim showed how the disease affected her figure
MakSim showed how the disease affected her figure

Video: MakSim showed how the disease affected her figure

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The arms and legs of the star have never been so thin. Marina does not want to show herself completely, and fans hope that the star will recover at a rapid pace.

Just the other day, singer MakSim was discharged from the hospital. The paparazzi managed to take several pictures. The singer was taken out in a wheelchair, and to prevent her face from getting into the frame of the photographers on duty under the hospital, the singer was covered with an umbrella.

After a month in a coma, Marina feels unwell and does not look her best - neither fans nor colleagues doubt this. Disease never paints a person.

For the singer, it is now very important to gather courage and go through the path of rehabilitation lasting several months. Now Maksimova is determined to do this. Flowers and postcards with good wishes from fans and colleagues cheer her up. She shares some of them on her own Instagram.

Mostly Marina publishes photos of flowers and postcards in stories, but in some pictures the star herself gets into the frame. She still does not show her face, but netizens have already seen the legs and arms.

They turned out to be incredibly thin. Followers do not remember that from the moment a star appeared on stage like this. They still wish her a speedy recovery and still hope to see a celebrity on stage.

Recall that MakSim was admitted to the hospital back in June. In the 20th, she was put into a drug-induced coma. In this state, the star spent more than a month. The fans no longer hoped that she would get out, but the performer, with the help of doctors, managed to cope with a serious illness.

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