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Payment of 10 thousand rubles to pensioners in 2021
Payment of 10 thousand rubles to pensioners in 2021

Video: Payment of 10 thousand rubles to pensioners in 2021

Video: Payment of 10 thousand rubles to pensioners in 2021
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The new payment of 10 thousand rubles to pensioners in 2021 is another measure of social support for vulnerable segments of the population during the difficult period of the global coronavirus pandemic. At the end of August, the Russian president announced the need to make adjustments to plans for an annual increase in pensions. This is due to the difficult economic situation in the country and higher inflation than predicted.

What's happening

The information portal for social protection of the population posted detailed information about the government's decision to make a one-time payment to Russians in retirement in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. The proposal was announced during the celebrations in the capital dedicated to the Russian Flag Day. Some theses from the appeal to the deputies attracted the attention of the media and made the elderly people happy.

Payments to pensioners of 10 thousand rubles in 2021 should be made due to an unprecedented rise in inflation, an increase in prices for food and essential goods, which negatively affected the vulnerable segments of the population - children and the elderly. Earlier, the Government initiated and made similar payments to families with children so that they can fully prepare for the new school year.

Speaking about payments to pensioners in 2021 for 10 thousand rubles, the President stressed that in the current conditions it is not enough to increase pensions, planned for the nearest economic period and made possible thanks to the adoption of the pension reform:

  • the global pandemic has had a destructive impact on the processes of the world economic community;
  • Russia did not escape this, but suffered a little less, thanks to the sanctions that isolated it and forced it to import substitution, the creation of a national security fund;
  • economic recovery has already been noted, but it is proceeding at a smooth pace, and the Central Bank is expected to reduce inflation only at the beginning of next year.

In 2021, payments to pensioners of 10 thousand rubles are an additional measure of support, caused by the fact that the inflation rate eats up not only the increase from the pension reform, but also the indexation. Seniors can afford a limited range of food and goods. For them, inflation turned out to be higher than the previously planned level of annual increase.

Dates and dates

The deputies will be able to make a decision on the timing of payments at a meeting of the State Duma. According to the current legislation, she meets after re-election a month later.

According to preliminary assumptions, this is mid-to-late October, but the probable date when the elderly will be able to receive the necessary support can be considered November-December 2021, just before the New Year holidays.


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Addressing and amounts

V. Ryazansky, chairman of the specialized committee of the Federation Council, commenting on payments to pensioners of 10 thousand rubles in 2021 in an interview with a popular publication of the Republic of Tatarstan, said that to achieve the intended goal, about 500 billion rubles would have to be allocated from the budget. Calculations are made according to the categories listed by the President. The program is addressed to all retirees, including workers and the military. Focusing on the list of who should be, he announced the number of allocations of their state budget:

  • recipients of insurance pensions - about 400 billion, there are about 40 million of them;
  • 3.5 million pensioners receiving social pensions, another 35 billion rubles;
  • military pensioners, of whom there are about 2 million, will be paid not 10, but 15 thousand.

The senator suggested that everyone who is entitled to help from the state will be able to receive it along with the monthly pension payment, and not on any separate day. He said that it is not yet known whether a separate federal law will be adopted on this matter, or the money will be allocated from the federal budget by a special presidential decree.


Additional Information

It is not yet known how to apply for and receive the benefits owed. The head of the committee on social policy of the Federation Council suggested that different categories of pensioners will receive lump sum payments in their days of calculating pensions. There will be no separate deadlines for this. While there is no decree or law, the mechanism has not been determined, but there are many speculations about this.

Some sources claim that for this it will be necessary to write an application to the FIU and even indicate how to do this without making a personal visit to the territorial office of the FIU: through the postal service, the MFC or State Services.

In other publications, on the contrary, it is argued that there will be no difficulties in how to issue and receive assistance from the state - they will be charged and paid automatically. Higher payments to military pensioners are explained by the low percentage of last year's indexation, its timing (the beginning of the fourth quarter) and the freezing of the coefficient, which was prolonged at the end of last year, despite the insistence of the State Duma Defense Committee. The President of the country noted the need to take care of the people who have dedicated their lives to ensuring the peace and security of Russia.


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The President drew attention to the need to protect social payments from creditors - financial organizations. Even if some of them are written off automatically, you need to make sure that they are returned and used for their intended purpose, and not to repay loans.

The rest of the information will be posted as it becomes available. After the adoption of the law or the signing of the decree, the mechanism of registration and receipt will become known.



On the day of a public holiday, the President of Russia made a constructive proposal on the need to support pensioners:

  1. Lump sum payments of 10 thousand rubles will be assigned. to every pensioner, regardless of the status and type of pension.
  2. The military will receive 15 thousand each due to last year's low growth in payments.
  3. It is not yet known how they will be issued and paid.
  4. The money must be transferred before the end of the current year.

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