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10 of the friendliest and most hospitable countries in the world
10 of the friendliest and most hospitable countries in the world

Video: 10 of the friendliest and most hospitable countries in the world

Video: 10 of the friendliest and most hospitable countries in the world
Video: Top 10 Friendliest Countries in the World 2023, May

Going on vacation? It is best to rest in places where people are kind to strangers and are always ready to help. Recently, the World Economic Forum presented a list of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world.



In guidebooks for people who prefer economical travel, they write that this country is just paradise. The locals are very kind and believe that you need to help each other. For example, if an Icelander sees a person voting on the road, he will definitely stop and give him a lift. Ideal for hitchhiking in particular.

Iceland is ideal for hitchhiking.

New Zealand

Locals smile a lot at each other, strangers, and tourists. It is so accepted there. According to foreigners, exceptionally friendly and kind-hearted people live in New Zealand. Those who have been here tell stories about how they, strangers, were often invited to dine, left for the night and even given a free car rental, "to make it easier to see the sights."


People here are open and friendly. Unless they may seem intrusive. The fact is that it is normal for Moroccans to ask a stranger about his personal life, the value of his belongings, work and affairs in general - here it is considered a manifestation of politeness.



This country is not among the most popular among tourists. Perhaps this is what benefits her. Residents seem to be not spoiled by the desire for profit, they are not trying to get more money from a naive foreigner. The people are friendly, the services are very affordable.


The people of Macedonia are not spoiled by the desire for profit.

The locals are polite and ready to help tourists. However, one should not expect bright displays of feelings from them: this is a rather restrained nation.


One of the quietest and safest countries in Africa, there are always a lot of tourists from France. The Senegalese are very friendly, especially in the provinces. And yet this is Africa, guidebooks warn: watch your wallet in the crowd.


This country is compared to a province of Europe. Nice and hospitable people live here, they often also have a great sense of humor.

True, you shouldn't expect the locals to do everything on time, as promised: life here flows slowly, no one is in a hurry.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Balkans have always been able to receive guests. Unfortunately, the Bosnian war left its mark on the souls of local residents: it is better not to talk to them about politics.

Europe does not have as many cheerful people as Burkina Faso.


The Irish are renowned for their emotionality and fun. This is all true. They are open, outgoing and welcoming. Making new friends will be easy.

Burkina Faso

The name of the country is translated from the local dialect as “the homeland of honest people”. This is the most surprising item in the ranking. The fact is that Burkina Faso is a very poor African country. However, they say that, for example, in Europe there are not so many cheerful, smiling people as here.

The ranking was included in the Forum's 2013 Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Report. This report assesses the health of the world's tourism industry.

By the way, the list is closed by the following countries: Mongolia, Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Pakistan, Iran, Latvia, Kuwait, Russian Federation, Venezuela and Bolivia. Yes, that's right: Russia is the third from the end. It seems that foreigners do not feel our friendliness.

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