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Anastasia Tsvetaeva: "Motherhood inspires creativity!"
Anastasia Tsvetaeva: "Motherhood inspires creativity!"

Video: Anastasia Tsvetaeva: "Motherhood inspires creativity!"

Video: Anastasia Tsvetaeva: "Motherhood inspires creativity!"
Video: Online lecture "Creativity in the age of Change" 2023, May

Fragile and charming Anastasia Tsvetaeva looks like she just graduated from high school. However, the youth cinema star of the 2000s is already 32, and not so long ago she became the mother of her second child.

Nastya began acting in films when she was still in her first year at GITIS. It was a small role in the film "Let's Make Love" by Denis Evstigneev. Then came the youth films “Don't even think”, “Don't even think - 2”, “Dreaming is not harmful” and “Call me Genie”. Nastya reinforced her growing popularity by starring in the clip of the "Beasts" group "Everything That Concerns You", becoming a cult actress for a young audience. In 2005, after the birth of her son, Tsvetaeva decided to change her role, focusing on more dramatic images. Then she got a role in the mini-series "Storm Gate".


Now Anastasia lives between Tel Aviv and Moscow. In Israel, she plays in the theater, creates handmade designer jewelry and raises two children. We talked about future projects and the joys of motherhood in our interview.

Blitz survey "Cleo":

- Are you friends with the Internet?

- Yes.

- What is an unacceptable luxury for you?

- Private plane.

- Where did you spend your last vacation?

- In Italy.

- Did you have a nickname as a child?

- Dandelion in kindergarten because of my light hair. And then, when my hair became more light brown, they began to call me Flower - because of my surname.

- Are you an owl or a lark?

- Definitely an owl.

- How do you relieve stress?

- Shopping, a good movie, a glass of wine, meeting with friends …

- What turns you on?

- Music can get some kind of invigorating or your own ideas in your head!

- Which animal do you associate yourself with?

- With no one. I do not associate myself with an animal.

- Do you have a talisman?

- Probably not.

- What melody is on your mobile phone?

- Some kind of standard iPhone melody.

- What is your psychological age?

- 30 years.

- What is your favorite aphorism?

- “When I was 20 years old, I thought only about love. Now I only like to think. " (Faina Ranevskaya)

Anastasia, what interesting things are you currently preparing for your fans, in what upcoming projects will they be able to see you?

- I recently finished shooting the film "Jerusalem Syndrome", in which I played the main role and acted as a director for the first time. This is a short film, and it has already been accepted for the Cannes Film Festival, for the out-of-competition program "Corner of the Short Film". The premiere screening of the film will take place on May 25 in Moscow as part of the Days of Jerusalem in Moscow. And also now, as a director, I am also filming a music video for one friendly group (I don't want to reveal which one in advance). Together with Esther (Anastasia's daughter - author's note) we play the main and only roles in this video. (Laughs.) This is a very beautiful story on the theme of childhood dreams, dreams … I hope the audience will like it.

You recently became a mother for the second time. How has it changed you?

- I would not say that recently, - Esther is already a year and 7 months old. There is less free time in my life, but more ideas, creativity and inspiration. Now I remind myself of an electric broom (Laughs.), Which is worn and tries to do everything: raise children, devote time to my husband, implement my projects, shoot films and videos, blog, write articles, make jewelry. I try to do everything at once - motherhood is very inspiring for creativity, but at the same time it absorbs the lion's share of time!


Tell us about Esther - what is she like, what surprises and makes you happy?

“We call her Gentle Bully. She is very boyish, on the one hand. She is mobile, loves to climb somewhere, is not afraid of anything and almost sways on the chandeliers. A lively girl, but at the same time she is very affectionate and behaves like a gentle princess, sometimes. If you hit your finger, you need to kiss him; loves to hug, kiss very much. I really like this combination in her. I admire her, and I certainly think that it is - the best girl on earth, very smart and well-developed in every sense. She already speaks Russian and Hebrew well, her motor skills are well developed, she is very quick-witted, and she also has a great sense of humor, she can understand a joke and jokes like a child herself, for example, makes all sorts of funny faces.

"Not to say that he spends with her day and night, but they get along well, do not swear, do not argue, do not be jealous."

How does the elder brother Kuzma get along with his sister, helps you?

- Helps to the extent of its eight-year capabilities. I will not say that he spends day and night with her, but they get along well, do not swear, do not argue, do not get jealous. I don’t know if this is my merit or it’s a matter of the children's characters. But they have a big age difference, besides Kuzma is a boy, and he has a lot of activities in which Esther cannot keep him company - he wants to play football, ride a bike or a skateboard. Therefore, I would not say that they are somehow especially close and do not move away from each other. Hope they get closer as they get older.

What new gadgets or tools help you take care of your child?

- As regards the funds for the care, of course, use a different children's cosmetics made from natural ingredients, still put on diapers at night. Our favorites are Pampers Premium Care, we have been using them since birth, and Esther is very comfortable in them, because they are soft and perfectly absorbent. And about the gadgets - like all modern moms, I feel a slight sense of guilt, giving the child watch cartoons on the computer and playing children's games on your iPad. However, if we watch cartoons, then either good Soviet ones, or special developmental ones. By the way, she even said the first word (except for “mom” and “dad”) while playing on the tablet. There were animals in the game, and the voice repeated their names in Hebrew, and Esther also began to repeat them. I think that if games and cartoons are not given to a child 24 hours a day, then this is even useful.


You are already an experienced mother, but how does your husband cope with the new role of a father for him?

- From the very beginning, when we began to live together, 3-year-old Kuzma fell on his head, so he went through a fast school of paternity on him. And when Esther appeared, Nadav was ready for it. In addition, they have five children in their family, and he was one of the oldest, so small children do not cause him bewilderment. And in general in Israel there is a cult of children, all our friends have children, they are everywhere here. In general, for him, the appearance of a second child did not become some kind of extreme.

They say that having a child is a catalyst for a relationship. What has changed in your family since this important event?

“My husband and I were already close, and after Esther appeared, we rallied even more, and I want to say that I have a competitor in my family.”

- Sometimes it happens the other way around - children destroy a family if it is not strong initially, because a child is a test. But my husband and I were already close, and after Esther appeared, we rallied even more, and I want to say that a competitor appeared in my family. Previously, all the love went to me, but now Esther took half. But I, of course, am not jealous, but am glad when I see how they play, communicate. Now my husband and I are not only closed on each other, but we give the lion's share of emotions to the beautiful Esterka. It is impossible not to give them to her, because she is wonderful, charming, and you want not to let go of her, hug, kiss and praise.

What conclusion have you made for yourself - is it possible to combine a career and raising children?

- You can, but it's not easy. There is a period of time when you need to choose one thing. As the saying goes, time to scatter and time to collect stones. It is impossible to give birth to a child and play Natasha Rostova at the same time, you have to prioritize. For a long time, my family was a priority. Now I want to gradually move the scales towards a career.


photo: Pampers press service / photographers: Alexandra Parshina, Liya Geldman

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