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When 11th grade graduates in 2022 in Russia
When 11th grade graduates in 2022 in Russia

Video: When 11th grade graduates in 2022 in Russia

Video: When 11th grade graduates in 2022 in Russia
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Many high school graduates are already interested in the question of when there will be 11th grade graduation in 2022 in Russia. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the holding of this event has been difficult for the last two years due to the introduction of restrictive measures.

The tradition of holding graduation points in Russia

School graduation parties have become a strong tradition in Russia. They are celebrated every year in early summer by high school graduates after passing the final exams and the last bell. On this day, certificates are awarded, solemn lines and balls are held, which mark the entry into adulthood of the young generation.

For the first time, graduations in Russia began to be held under Peter I, who introduced assemblies, secular New Year celebrations and graduations for students of the first Russian schools of sailors, artillerymen, engineers and other in-demand specialties. Then only men from the upper classes took part in such festive events.

In the 19th century, graduation balls for gymnasium students became a regular occurrence, but since the training was separate, girls from boarding schools began to be invited to the dance part of such an evening.

In Soviet times, when the authorities made secondary education free and compulsory for all children, graduation classes began to be actively held in all Soviet schools. When the country was preparing for a future war and modernizing its economy, the graduations were not as lush as they are today. During the Great Patriotic War, there was a break in this tradition, but after the Victory in 1945 and the incredibly rapid recovery of the economy, which was called the "Soviet miracle", the schools of the USSR began to celebrate graduations again.


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It was in the Soviet Union that the "Scarlet Sails" ceremony, which is popular among all Russian graduates today, was created, which was first held in Leningrad in 1968. Today it has turned into a spectacular show, which attracts not only graduates from all over Russia, but also foreign guests.

How are graduation balls held?

The solemn celebration is held after passing all the exam in the 11th grade, usually at the end of June. In the Soviet Union, this romantic holiday was usually set aside on June 25, after the 22nd commemorative events took place in memory of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

Today, the date in each region is set by the educational authorities in accordance with the conditions and circumstances of each subject of the federation. Traditionally, the last Saturday of June is chosen for this event, so that not only the graduates themselves and their parents, but also other relatives, everyone who wants to see such a colorful holiday, can come to the holiday.

The event is held according to the traditional scenario:

  • a solemn part, in which the school administration, the teaching staff and guests of honor congratulate the graduates;
  • handing out certificates to school graduates;
  • festive concert;
  • the ceremony of launching balloons or doves into the sky;
  • dance program and banquet;
  • festive fireworks.

The solemn part of the holiday is usually held at school, after which in the afternoon, graduates go to cafes, restaurants or entertainment centers, where they are ordered a banquet and entertainment.


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When will graduation be held in Russia in 2022

In 2020, for the first time in the entire existence of graduation balls, there were changes in their holding. Due to the introduction of restrictive measures, for two years in a row, graduations have been held in a truncated form or even postponed to mid-summer. For this reason, next year's graduates are interested in when the 11th grade graduates in 2022 in Russia.

So far, it is only known about the date of the All-Russian celebrations associated with the graduation ball:

  • graduation party in the Kremlin;
  • "Scarlet Sails" in St. Petersburg.

These events are held not only for school graduates of the two largest Russian cities, but also for future applicants from different Russian regions. Already today, the organizers post on their websites exemplary projects of programs of such all-Russian events.

The date of the graduation ball in other cities in 2022 will be known only at the beginning of this academic year. After the approval of the optimal date for such an event, the graduating students and their parents will be informed about it at the end of 2021.



  1. So far, the regime of sanitary and epidemiological restrictions is in effect in Russia until January 1, 2022.
  2. It is impossible to say for sure whether the restrictions will be lifted at the beginning of next year.
  3. So far, it can be assumed that the sanitary and epidemiological situation in our country next year will become favorable, and graduation balls in Russian cities will be held in full.

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