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Interesting facts from the life of Karl Lagerfeld
Interesting facts from the life of Karl Lagerfeld

Video: Interesting facts from the life of Karl Lagerfeld

Video: Interesting facts from the life of Karl Lagerfeld
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The famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019. Who was this mysterious man hiding behind black glasses in his soul? His biography and personal life were under a veil of secrecy, but many facts about his family were leaked to the Internet.

Biography of Karl Lagerfeld

According to Karl Lagerfeld himself, his date of birth is not determined, it diffuses from 1933 to 1938. The rest of the points of its growth are known. The birthplace of the city of Hamburg in Germany.

Year event
1944 He moved with his parents (father - Swede, mother - German) to Bad Bramstedt.
1947 By this time, he already spoke three languages, knew musical literacy, drew beautifully
1949 He returned to Hamburg, where he continued his studies.
1953 In Paris, he enters a school under the High Fashion Syndicate.

The Fashion Design Competition wins the competition for young fashion designers.

1955 Awarded First Prize for the design of a wool coat.
1956 Becomes Pierre Balmain's assistant
1959 Art director of the fashion house Jean Patou. Every year 2 collections of clothes come out from under his sewing machine.
1963 Creates various collections for the fashion houses Chloé, Krizia and Charles Jourdan.
1963 His collection of sweaters appears.
1965 He is the head of the Italian fashion house Fendi, where he produces fur collections and accessories for them. Simultaneously with him, the designer of the French house "Chloé".
1974 Wins the next competition and receives the Golden Spinning Wheel award

Teaches at the Vienna School of Art.

1980 She has been working in television for several years, covering the history of fashion.
1980 Introduces the fashion for mini skirts and skirts - shorts.
1983 He headed the House of Chanel, where he retained her unique style, bringing a little zest of his talent to the design.
1984 Produces clothes and perfumes under its own brand.
1990 Karl's clothing collection is presented by Claudia Schiffer.
1991 Designs costumes for the movie "High Heels"
1993 Winner of the Lucky Strike Designer Award.
1996 Receives the Award of the German Society of Photographers.

Becomes the author of the book “The 3D Diet (Designer, Doctor, Diet)”, in which he describes his own experience of losing weight.

2002 The film "Callas Forever" is released, the actors are dressed in Lagerfeld clothes.
2004 Creates a collection for the Swedish brand H&M.
2005 Sells his brand, along with designs and photographs.
2005 Shooting a promotional video about Chanel # 5 with Nicole Kidman in the title role.
2007 The film "Secrets of Lagerfeld" was released
2008 He made a teddy bear dressed in the latest Karl Lagerfeld fashion, which was sold for 1.5 thousand euros.
2008 A computer game was created, voiced by the voice of a fashion designer.

He is engaged in the design of an island in Dubai, where the construction of houses, hotels and other infrastructure was carried out.

2009 Listed in the list of the most influential people in the world.
2009 Toy manufacturer Tokidoki produces a doll that fully matches the image of Karl, in a small amount of 1000 pieces. And sells it for $ 130.
2009 Produces a collection of motorcycle helmets and silk scarves.
2010 Receives the Order of the Legion of Honor for his enormous contribution to the arts.
2010 Creates the design of the Coca-Cola Light bottle.
2010 Draws cartoons for a satirical magazine.
2010 For one day he becomes the chief editor of a French newspaper.
2010 With the jewelry house, Swarovski creates various pieces of jewelry.


Designs footwear, apparel and accessories in partnership with Hogan.
2013 Arranges the exhibition "Chanel: The Little Black Jacket", filming world celebrities in clothes, which necessarily consisted of a black jacket.
2013 Editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper Welt, where he publishes photographs, articles and draws illustrations.
2014 The film “Once Upon a Time” with Keira Knightley is released to mark the 100th anniversary of the first Chanel clothing store.
2014 The film "Yves Saint Laurent" is released, in which the French director talks about the friendship of two great fashion designers.
2015 His wedding rings come out
2016 Cruise collection show in Cuba.


Designs swimwear models.
2018 Sportswear under the Puma brand appears.
2019 18.02 Lagerfeld was hospitalized due to poor health. He died the next day.

During his studies, in addition to costumes, he also creates perfumery. Subsequently, Karl produced and selected his own perfume for each collection of clothes.


He also had a hand in creating shoes and hats. In the late 1980s, Karl worked in other directions, designing porcelain, jewelry and sportswear.


Later, his passion becomes a passion for photography. And also the books that he brought from all over the world. The most favorite authors are Honore de Balzac and Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. He later discovered a new direction for himself the design of old mansions and houses.


Paris is home to Karl Lagerfeld's own gallery and bookstore, which sells rare books and magazines, most of which are devoted to art.


A family

Karl Lagerfeld was engaged in his development from early childhood. He learned to draw and play music, knew 4 languages. He inherited many passions from his parents. His father was a businessman and knew 12 foreign languages, and his mother instilled in his son the fine arts.

Karl was a late child, he has half-brothers and sisters from his parents' first marriages.


Personal life

All his time Karl Lagerfeld devoted to the creation of various masterpieces. He was friends with great fashion designers, closely communicated with Yves Saint Laurent. His life partner was Jacques de Basher, who died of HIV infection in 1989.


But more often Karl did not allow anyone close to him. His only favorite friend was the white cat Sheppet. For his favorite, Karl hired a cook, stylist and a servant. His personal life was dedicated to her. But the cat paid him not only with affection, but also made a profit, starring in advertisements for Opel and Shu Uemura. She has a Twitter page and her own cosmetics brand.

The designer did not have his own family and children.


The most famous thoughts of the maestro

Karl gave many interviews and gave speeches. Many of his statements are quoted today.

  1. The fashion designer always spoke of Russian women with admiration, but he called men terrible.
  2. Karl believed that the only correct love was love for his mother.
  3. The scent of the perfume was described as difficult to describe. He believed that this is a good mood, and not a set of substances.
  4. For women, he listed the types of clothing that everyone should have in the closet: jacket, jeans, skirt, white shirt and T-shirt.
  5. He invited all women to study Anna Karenina, saying that an educated young lady for a man is much better than an uneducated one. For ladies who have no talent, he simply offered to get married and have many children.
  6. He was wary of red lipstick, believing that she could both decorate and disfigure a woman.

Karl Lagerfeld was a very versatile and capable person who took on any creative work. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people like him.

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