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Haircuts for short hair 2021 after 30 years
Haircuts for short hair 2021 after 30 years
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Hairdressers are constantly looking for new models. Thanks to this, original women's haircuts for short hair appear. We will analyze the most beautiful options for the fair sex after 30 years old and take a look at the photos of the new products of 2021 in this area.

Modern fashion trends

If a woman dreams of radically changing her image, or throwing off a few years, she can try on modern fashionable haircuts for short hair. A bang can become a remarkable component of such a hairstyle.

She is able to change her face beyond recognition. It is also an excellent tool for correcting facial imperfections. The bangs can be straight, short, or long. You can also opt for ripped bangs, which are also used for short haircuts.

The options under consideration are also suitable for women after 30. As for the parameters of the figure, there are no restrictions here. Short haircuts with or without bangs can be worn by both overweight and thin ladies.

Do you need to visually lengthen your face? Try a short, slightly brushed feminine haircut. She will create all the necessary accents, make facial features more beautiful and expressive.

For women over 30 years old with a full figure, multi-layered hairstyles such as a cascade are recommended, which can be seen in the photo below. Let's see what options for haircuts for short hair are popular and in demand in 2021:

  • pixie;
  • bob with bangs - oblique or even;
  • garcon;
  • "Hat";
  • square with bangs;
  • asymmetrical bob;
  • cascade, including in combination with shaggy;
  • a small mohawk with curled strands along the edges.

The traditional square does not lose its relevance in 2021. You can also pay attention to the garcon hairstyle, various variations of asymmetric haircuts with torn curls, a sesson haircut.

If the square seems too classic solution, pay attention to extravagant hairstyles. You can also add zest to your hairstyle by resorting to coloring techniques or original coloring.


Fashion trends today include coloring in rich red, wheat shades, as well as the use of unusual colors such as pink and purple.

A square for owners of short hair

Most of all, a bob haircut is suitable for women with straight hair. She is able to better maintain its shape, so that you do not have to fiddle with styling every time. In 2021, various interpretations of bob haircuts promise to be relevant.

In the next season, stylists are preparing to offer fashionistas an original square, suitable for various types of strands. This hairstyle requires the creation of graduated curls, thinning techniques, and layering.

The curls located at the back of the head are shortened. A characteristic feature of this haircut is an even cut. According to fashion trends, the hairstyle in question even allows you to open the back of the head, leaving a few cropped strands in this area.

This is an original approach, but the classic square also does not lose its relevance. If you want to bring something new to it, hairdressers are ready to offer non-standard methods and approaches. The square looks perfect if the hair has been pre-dyed in a beautiful color.

Pixie haircut after 30

Many women after 30 years old are well known for a pixie haircut. Among the short hairstyles, she remains the main favorite. In 2021, it also promises to be in demand.

You can see a photo of such a beautiful female haircut. She assumes short hair at the temples and at the back of the head. The bangs, on the other hand, are lengthened.

In fact, not only women over thirty can use this hairstyle.On young girls, pixies also look impressive. To give originality to the image, you can paint the curls in a fashionable and unusual color.

You can complement this haircut with hairpins decorated with beautiful stones, or use other accessories. What is the haircut characterized by:

  • areas of the temples and neck remain open;
  • on the back of the head, the curls are made elongated;
  • strands of various lengths.

Pixie bangs can be not only elongated. Modern hairdressers offer oblique and even varieties of it, thanks to which the image is obtained with a twist.

If you don't feel like wasting time styling your hair every day, it's best to go for a very short pixie variation. Some ladies even shave their temples on one side.

Bob-car is an option for feminine ladies

The undoubted trend in 2021 will be the bob car. This is an original version of the haircut, which gives both femininity and shocking. It is performed on curls of short length.

If you want to cut too much hair, but dream of a short haircut, this is the perfect solution. The hairstyle has been known for a long time, but in the next season the bob-square promises to survive the next round of its popularity.

Despite the fact that the haircut is also suitable for girls with long hair, it still looks most impressive on a short length. It is permissible to carry out all sorts of experiments with such a hairstyle.

For example, hairdressers advise complementing the image with elongated strands, making bangs that can be oblique and even. There are several variations of the haircut in question:

  • bob with or without bangs;
  • symmetrical and asymmetrical views;
  • straight bob, complemented by elongated curls.

Bob-caret is an excellent solution for women who do not have enough voluminous hair. Layered and textured models look impressive. They will decorate the image, give femininity and romanticism.

This hairstyle option is complemented with bangs - long or short. The hairstyle can be done on both straight and curly hair.


Compared to all other women's haircuts for short hair, you can see from the photo that shaggy has more textured lines. Compared to the cascade, for example, it is a little more "ragged".

Shaggy is among the trending hairstyles in 2021. Suitable for ladies over 30 years old and can be with straight or asymmetrical bangs, you can also cut the ladder around the face.

This is very convenient for those who do not want to deal with complex hair styling every day. To maintain the shape of this beautiful hairstyle, it is enough to wash your hair, dry it with a hairdryer, and then emphasize a few curls with a styler.


If you like trying on the role of a courageous woman, then this haircut is perfect for you! However, even without experiencing such emotions, it is definitely worth trying on this hairstyle in 2021.

The underkat has already gained popularity among many women. It is easy to create, but at the same time it is an excellent option for emphasizing individuality.

Hairdressers sometimes advise shaving off certain areas of the head (usually on the back of the head and in the area of ​​the temples), and leave long strands behind. It is not difficult to style such a haircut every day.

You can take a styling product, comb back or side your hair, and fix it. If you have to participate in a fun party or visit a disco, you can twist the curls using a curling iron.

Anderkat implies that only one temple can be shaved. But this does not mean that there is not enough room for creativity. You can create different textures for your hair, experiment with its length, make it wavy or straight.

Volumetric solutions

If short hair is not thick enough, it makes sense to adjust its volume.This is done with the help of hairstyles with strands that are formed in the form of a ladder around the face. The haircut has several layers, due to which the volume is achieved.

Alternatively, you can also resort to a hairstyle "hat", pixie or voluminous variants of the square look good. They not only visually increase the density of the curls, but also give them structure.

All other short hairstyles can also be used, but only if you are ready to regularly use styling products to add volume, such as gels and mousse, for example. Styling with a hairdryer or brush ensures extra thickness that lasts all day long.

There are special shampoos that strengthen the hair structure and thicken it. Also, the stores sell balms that give the hair a well-groomed and beautiful look.

Women's haircuts for short hair can be supplemented with various techniques to improve their visual appeal. This is, for example, coloring in bright shades of all strands or individual curls.

In the latter case, they will give the haircut incredibly beautiful, iridescent highlights. Look at the photo for the best novelties among fashionable haircuts of 2021. They are ideal for women over 30.

Using asymmetry in hair

An asymmetrical hairstyle assumes a special styling, non-standard parting, or the presence of oblique bangs. Also among such haircuts is one that assumes the presence of intact strands on one side and a shaved temple on the other.

Asymmetrical hairstyles help almost completely change the image, give the appearance an unusual touch. This is a great way to attract the attention of others, to create a fashionable and relevant image for 2021. Haircuts fit quite easily in the presence of special care products and a comfortable comb (preferably round).


  1. If a woman is confident and wants to create a bold look, she can recommend a pixie haircut.
  2. The graded square also remains among the fashion trends of 2021.
  3. Convinced fashionistas can safely use the shaggy haircut, which also creates the image of a confident woman.

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