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Unknown Las Vegas: what the city became famous for besides casinos
Unknown Las Vegas: what the city became famous for besides casinos

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The former capital of gambling (now Macau has this title), which grew up literally in the middle of the sands in the state of Nevada, continues to attract a stream of tourists, despite the economic crisis.

However, not everyone comes here to end up in a gambling establishment and replenish the treasury of one of the casinos. After all, the city has a lot of places and entertainment that do not imply the risk of money, but they also do not go unnoticed. Also, many players prefer to play slot machines for free online.

Canyons and reservations

There are several nature reserves, National Parks near Las Vegas. It would be stupid if the organizers of the excursions missed the opportunity not to bring tourists here. You can visit the Hoover Canyon and Dam on the river, you can go canoeing, go cycling, or even rock climbing (keeping safety in mind, of course).

Oddity museums

Several museums work in Las Vegas at once, including unique and not represented anywhere else in the world. For example, the museum of neon advertising, which became the symbol of the "brightest" city in the middle of the last century. It's all about the running power plant, which gave Las Vegas practically free energy.

It is in Las Vegas that there is a museum of nuclear tests, which were blown up nearby, and the city was, in a sense, a guinea pig. Among the "classic" museums, one can note an exhibition of legendary Hollywood cars or wax figures from a well-known lady.

And other wonders in the form of a Berlin wall in the toilet, a giant nugget of gold or a million dollars on display - there are also enough here. A lot, by the way, is used as bait for you to enter the arcade and leave part of the tourist budget. Only 15% of tourists manage not to fall for the tricks of the organizers of the games and, as a result, avoid bets.

The quick marriage industry

Getting married in Las Vegas is easy. A small fee of 20-40 dollars, the choice of a place for registration in the form of hundreds of similar chapels, the design of the theme at will - and now you are husband and wife. Want to be married by an Elvis doppelganger? Not a problem either.

Interestingly, because of quick marriages, which have become a kind of visiting card of the city, many couples get married here on impulse. But a divorce in Las Vegas is much more expensive than marriage - this, as you know, was done specifically to replenish the treasury at the expense of short-sighted newlyweds.

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