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Ageless stars of Russian show business: their secrets
Ageless stars of Russian show business: their secrets
Video: Ageless stars of Russian show business: their secrets
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Time is a merciless thing. It does not spare anyone, even the bright stars of the domestic show business. However, it seems that some easily manage to weaken its destructive power and thereby surprise all their fans and not only.

We have compiled a selection of the secrets of youthful celebrities for whom time seems to have stopped.

Sofia Rotaru

People's Artist of the USSR and Russia knowingly performed the role of the Witch in the video for one of her songs, because at 67 years old she looks no worse than any young Hollywood actress. Indeed, the Witch, you might think. What's the secret? The secret elixir of youth? No, the singer just uses one of Maya Plisetskaya's advice - “don't eat”. Always up-to-date and very simple.

Rotaru most often sits on a diet based on the use of boiled rice for three days without salt, then the same amount of vegetables in any form, and finally, for three more days, she eats only fruits. She also divides products into good for the skin - natural, and unhealthy - of course, no fast food!

But it was not without plastic surgery. The artist, according to the Ukrainian plastic surgeon van Maniero, did a lifting - lifted her cheeks. And also there were procedures in the neck area. But these parts of the body in the first place and give out age.

Ekaterina Andreeva

Actress, journalist, host of the news program "Time" and, finally, just a beauty! The face of Channel One does not hide either her age or the secrets of how she manages to preserve her youth. She turned 53 on November 27, 2014.

What secrets are hidden in Catherine's closet and how does she manage to look so young and fresh at 53? Everything is very simple.

20 secrets of eternal youth Ekaterina Andreeva:

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  • you need to sleep in the dark and cold,
  • be sure to drink only clean water,
  • get up in stages (wake up no later than 8 am),
  • choose the right tea,
  • have breakfast only with porridge,
  • a healthy menu (Ekaterina does not eat meat, she only eats vegetables, fish, cereals and fruits in small quantities),
  • environmentally friendly raw foods (it is better to spend a little more on food, but then spend a little less on treatment),
  • cook correctly (when cooking, never bring the oil to a boil, as it begins to release harmful components, it is also worth giving up the big fire),
  • salt - yes, sugar - no (salt is necessary for our body, but it needs to be consumed in minimal quantities, but Catherine completely replaced sugar with healthy and no less tasty dried fruits, honey and fructose),
  • weigh yourself and fast
  • walk a lot and quickly,
  • go in for sports (after all, any diet without sports will not give good results),
  • do not tan (ultraviolet light causes early skin aging),
  • minimum of cosmetics,
  • take care of your skin,
  • do not smoke and drink wine (of course, wine should be drunk in reasonable quantities, without getting drunk until you lose consciousness, Georgian, Portuguese and Spanish are best suited),
  • do not be angry and do not envy,
  • re-educate relatives (it is very difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle if there are no like-minded people, so slowly involve your relatives in this matter),
  • and most importantly, work and do not rush to retire!

But the best medicine not only for aging, but also for any adversity is, of course, love! Ekaterina Andreeva has been happily married for many years.

Edita Piekha

Looking at the People's Artist of the USSR, actress, Soviet and Russian pop singer, the standard of a Russian woman - Edita Piekha, one might think that time has no power over her.Her secret of beauty and youth at 77 years old is very simple: you need to devote at least two hours a day to walking and then you will not need any gym. Although a little exercise in the morning will definitely not be superfluous! The artist is completely satisfied with her figure. She does not forbid herself a lot in food, but still you need to eat right, 4-6 times a day in small portions. However, Edita Stanislavovna has long given up meat, fried and salt.

Vera Sotnikova

At 54, the theater and film actress Vera Sotnikova, obviously, does not look like her passport age. How does an artist manage to preserve youth and beauty?

According to Sotnikova, the main secret of eternal youth is love. Not a single day in Vera's life is complete without love - literally and figuratively. What else, if not falling in love, gives sparkle and shine to the eyes?

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Secret number two: physical activity. In 2013, the actress gained as much as 10 kilograms for the role of Lyudmila Zykina. However, through active rest and morning exercises, she successfully got rid of the excess weight gained.

Secret number three: adequate makeup. You cannot go against nature, and after 50 years you will not be able, whatever one may say, to look at 20. Correct makeup is 50% of success. In addition to makeup, you should pay attention to complex face care: creams, scrubs, and so on.

The fourth secret: sound and healthy sleep.

The fifth secret: follow the fashion! After all, at 20, if you choose the wrong clothes, you can look at 50.


The main secret of the youth of the singer Valeria is to believe in her irresistibility and always feel beautiful! If you yourself are confident in yourself, then you can easily make others believe in your beauty.

Valeria also does not forget about sports, healthy eating and proper facial care. Therefore, at 46 years old, the mother of three children looks just wonderful: well-groomed, slender, without a gram of excess weight.

Angelica Varum

The secret of her youth is that she, it turns out, is a great lover of sleep.

The famous singer Angelica Varum miraculously looks like a maximum of 30 at 45. The secret of her youth is that she, it turns out, is a great lover of sleep. In addition, she resorts to simple physical activity to keep her body in good shape, and also adheres to a separate diet.

Varum also often visits a beautician. Massages, rejuvenating masks, steaming allow her to be a real beauty.

Christina Orbakaite

Surprisingly, it seems that the singer Kristina Orbakaite becomes even more beautiful over the years! At 43, the artist looks fresh and young. Healthy sleep and baths with sea salt help her to maintain her beauty.

But what are we all about the beautiful field? Our men in no way lag behind the beautiful ladies and also try in every possible way to keep themselves in good shape.

Dmitry Malikov

Malikov claims that he is not a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, however, he could not do without sports.

Shiny thick hair, a pleasant smile, a taut torso and a soft look - all this has been preserved over the years by Dmitry Malikov. Composer, producer, pianist and TV presenter, after all, People's Artist of the Russian Federation recently celebrated his 45th birthday. Looking at Dmitry, you can hardly believe in these figures. Malikov claims that he is not a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, however, his life was not without sports: running, push-ups. But Dmitry's main secret is in spiritual harmony. In order to look good, you cannot keep bad thoughts and resentments inside yourself.

Sergey Zverev

The famous stylist Sergei Zverev does not hide his positive attitude towards plastic surgery. It's no secret that before Zverev looked completely different. The secret of Sergei's youth, undoubtedly, lies in the constant adjustments of his face and body. It is known that Zverev performed such operations as rhinoplasty (changing the shape of the nose), changing the shape of the chin, cheiloplasty (correcting the shape and size of the lips) and correcting the cheekbones.But this man is an integral part of the Russian beau monde, so it would be difficult to imagine him with a less bright, to put it simply, ordinary appearance.

Dmitry Nagiyev

What makes him look the same at 48 as he did at 30? It's very simple, Dmitry is a master of sports in sambo.

The main character of the sensational series "Fizruk" Dmitry Nagiyev remains a sex symbol of Russian show business, regardless of his age. What makes him look the same at 48 as he did at 30? It's very simple, Dmitry is a master of sports in sambo. He plays sports regularly. Since Nagiyev is officially a man free from marriage, he is a tidbit for most single ladies. In order to remain an eternally young handsome man, you must constantly keep yourself in good shape and not give slack. Sports, sports, sports and more sports!

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