Anna Semenovich recalled her sexuality
Anna Semenovich recalled her sexuality
Video: Anna Semenovich recalled her sexuality
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At one time, the singer and actress Anna Semenovich was considered one of the main sex symbols of the country. But, to the chagrin of fans, recently the star has not very often pleased fans with candid photo shoots. But now Anna decided to remind the general public about her reputation as the sexiest.

On the eve, Semenovich, in a peculiar way, congratulated the fans on the onset of summer. The star published a collage of her pictures on her blog on Instagram, and in one of the photos Anna is captured naked. The picture was taken from the back, so the most interesting thing was behind the scenes. But we can assume that the guys are a little worried.

It is worth noting that Semenovich's luxurious forms are almost constantly in the spotlight, and there are many jokes and anecdotes about this. But lately, the actress has been trying to be more modest. Perhaps Anya decided to follow the advice of the fashionable pro Alexander Vasiliev, who recently urged star ladies to abandon deep cleavage.

Now Semenovich is also creating the image of a gourmet - she is busy filming the TV show "The Young Lady and the Culinary". “Today we were filming our culinary program in nature: they prepared delicious shashlik and okroshka, and many more, many delicious things!” - the star regularly reports on social networks.

“The real scourge of the representatives of our show business is too revealing neckline,” explained the fashion historian. - Once again I call on all the star ladies! Even if you have perfect breasts, I would not advise anyone to show them to the solar plexus. This is still a sign of vulgarity. It all resembles boudoir outfits. In them you can please your husband, lover, but you shouldn't go out at all. I don’t understand why beautiful, charming young ladies who have taken place in their profession are ready to look like courtesans every time, and not like a queen, princess or duchess? Why should the bar be lowered all the time?"

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