Jewelry brand Vaganova - the charm of authenticity
Jewelry brand Vaganova - the charm of authenticity
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Jewelry brand Vaganova is a well-known brand of designer jewelry created in 2012 by artist and stylist Sonya Vaganova. During its existence, the brand has become an example of the masterly embodiment of original ideas and modern design.

To create jewelry Vaganova precious metals are used - silver and white gold, stones - rose quartz, rhinestone and agate, Colorit light-curing enamel, as well as the professionalism and talent of the brand's jewelers.

All collections of the brand have one thing in common - natural motives that are somehow guessed in the shapes and images of products.

The choice of jewelry presented on the official website of the brand is unusually diverse. Here you will find original earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Each piece is hand-made by highly skilled professionals who possess fine techniques and are inspired by the brand's philosophy.

It is thanks to the originality of each collection that the Vaganova brand gained its popularity.

Collection White Forrest is the embodiment of ideal fantasies in silver jewelry.

Agree, it is rare to find such organic, natural and at the same time extraordinary forms, and the names of jewelry are a separate story. Where else can you find earrings “Matroskin” - a cat in a white vest? How do you like "Bunnies" or "Owls"? Any piece of jewelry in this collection has an interesting and extraordinary content.

Collection "Isogelia" - the embodiment of pristine beauty. Looking closely at the jewelry work, you understand: such exquisite jewelry could only be created by nature or a truly talented designer. Harmony of lines and colors, interesting ideas embodied in metal will not leave indifferent any girl.

Collection TWIG Are refined, light, thin, weightless lines and simple shapes. Carrying some kind of mysterious, mesmerizing meaning, these jewelry can draw attention to you at any event.

Collection "Geometry" is the use of basic geometric shapes as a source of diversity and versatility. Never before has simplicity carried so much deep natural symbolism.

Collection "Babylon" is a whole study in which the paths of many cultures and states crossed: Egypt, South Africa, Greece. Jewelry from this collection will perfectly complement any look. With jewelry from this collection, you will undoubtedly emphasize your individuality.

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