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Fashionable blouses for summer 2020: trends
Fashionable blouses for summer 2020: trends
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Want to know which fashionable blouses to diversify your wardrobe in the summer of 2020? To your attention - the latest novelties of the season. In addition, in our guide you will find ideas for looks with blouses that will appeal to many ladies.

Current trends

Leading designers have decided to bring the 70s back into fashion this year. And this is volume and layering in outfits. Romance and elegance, mixed with playful audacity, also remain at the top.

  • Puffy sleeves. They can be made of material other than the basic one. For example, organza or chiffon. You can experiment with the style: lanterns, low shoulders, high cuffs with many buttons, a “ham” sleeve or a “lantern”.

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  • Asymmetry. This is an impeccable version of a blouse for obese women, fashionable in 2020. With the help of a well-adjusted bottom or top, you can emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. It can be an open shoulder or an uneven bottom, uneven details or patterns.
  • Corset… Revived "from the ashes" of the Victorian era and the fashion for corsets. Thus, you will emphasize the chest and focus on the waist. Take an example from Bella Hadid: she knows how to wear corset blouses!
  • Bows. They are often used to decorate the gate. But also on the catwalks there were variations with small neat bows on the side, on the back, shoulders and sleeves.
  • Sweater blouse. Another forgotten but resurrected trend is the stand-up collar. Perfect for daytime bows. It will lengthen the neck very favorably and accentuate the growth of tall girls.
  • A scarf instead of a tie… Combine bright colors on a light background. You can secure the scarf with a brooch in a minimalist style, or simply tie it on top with a small knot.

Blouses with curly cutouts on the shoulders have been in demand for several seasons in a row. They are now classified as anti-trends. It is better to replace this thing with a blouse with transparent inserts. She can perfectly fit into a basic summer wardrobe. Also an unconditional trend from fashion houses is a transparent blouse, worn over a dress or a colored top.


The Panton Institute, which specializes in colors, has highlighted several fundamental shades in this year's palette:

  • Blue. It is this color that this season is recognized by experts as versatile and deeply relaxing. "Classic blue" opens a new decade. Wear blue blouses with a red or burgundy bottom. This shade goes well with jeans.
  • Coral. Note the lighter variations of this color. Coral Pink is softer and more delicate, truly fresh. A companion to a blouse of this shade is white or lemon pants.

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  • Brown. Although cinnamon is a more wintry spice, it will be extremely popular during the warmer months. You can create unusual color combinations with brown. A brown blouse with cold shades of bright colors will look rich and luxurious.
  • Purple. Looks beautiful with rich orange or red.
  • Saffron. A sunny novelty that will delight you on a rainy day. Complement the yellow blouse with the same decisive shades: green, chocolate, black.
  • Azure. A color that resembles the waters of tropical beaches. The total bow in the "sea" shade will favorably set off the tan. Also burgundy, emerald, blue, ivory will help to diversify the azure.

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For an evening out, take a look at pearl blouses. Most often they are made of satin.


In the summer season, let your bright character trait unfold. A bold blouse pattern will come to your rescue:

  • Floral. This pattern has not gone out of fashion for several seasons.Fashion designers offer various options: from a naive drawing, as if drawn by a child, to landscapes from a botanical garden.
  • Animal. Daring and bold. Leopard, python - you need to be able to combine it correctly. However, Alberta Ferretti, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana offered a comfortable animalistic zebra print.
  • Drawings depicting objects. Abstract and real, fabulous and "alive" - ​​the choice is vast. For example cars, wine glasses, dresses, jewelry, playing cards, and so on.
  • Peas… Sweet and feminine - this is how this print can be characterized. It will be interesting to look at peas of different sizes in one image or model. Also, designers Carolina Herrera, Altuzarra and Gucci offer color variations.
  • Strip. Once she was brought into fashion by the unsurpassed Coco Chanel. Now there is no lady who does not have things with this print in her closet. Now the actual small asymmetrical strip. These blouses have been featured in the Roksanda, Roland Mouret and Victoria / Tomas collections.

The catwalks are full of hyper-realistic or, conversely, illusion prints. These can be large portraits or optical geometric patterns.


And again in 2020, stylists delight us with a variety of fashion trends for women's blouses. See for yourself what they offer:

  • Atlas. Timeless fabric from which our grandmothers still sewed. Today, designers suggest wearing satin blouses with a velvet bottom. A combined blouse made of several materials will look unusual. For example, from satin with velvet.
  • Cotton. The basic model is a three-quarter sleeve blouse with contrasting buttons or off the shoulder. You can combine it with maxi-length skirts and wide trousers.
  • Linen. To stand out from the crowd, you can purchase a linen blouse with an ornament or embroidery in a folk style. This colorful top can be complemented with stylish jeans with raw legs or Bermuda shorts.
  • Chiffon. A chiffon blouse will help you easily create a spectacular bow. Just complement it with leather pants or a skirt - and the look is ready!
  • Leather. And combine the leather blouses themselves with a simple bottom. After all, the accent is already there.
  • Velvet. An elegant velvet wrap blouse is a great helper to hide your tummy at a celebration. And for every day, take a look at the free-cut model with one pocket on the chest.


It matters how long the blouse you choose. In 2020, the most popular will be a cropped blouse. It can even be worn to work in the summer, if you choose the right bottom: a high-waisted midi skirt or jersey pants.

Long blouses are also popular. For puffy girls, this is a good choice. V-neck or trapezoidal cut will visually stretch the figure.


It is important to decide: what style do you prefer, because it forms the basis of your wardrobe? What will be fashionable in the summer season:

  • Business… Strict classic blouses with a collar are beyond competition. Blouses with puffy sleeves look especially attractive. Also take a look at the sleeveless models that can be worn both in the office and in the restaurant.
  • Sports. A polo and shirt-type blouse, worn over a T-shirt, are helpers in creating a casual outfit.
  • Boho. Suitable for creative people. These blouses are mostly decorated with lace-up with tassels in the front. Also, this style is sometimes called "bohemian", because it involves embroidery and lace.
  • Retro. Ruffles and ruffles are just what you need to create a vintage look. The corsets we mentioned above also diversify the retro outfit. Don't forget about silk blouses with a bow at the neck. Wear them in combination with miniskirts and shorts.

We hope that our photo selection helped you decide which fashionable blouses to please yourself in the summer of 2020. Hurry up to shop during the winter sales with universal models.

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