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Lindsay Lohan became interested in Islam
Lindsay Lohan became interested in Islam

Actress Lindsay Lohan is seemingly difficult to surprise the audience. The public is already used to the girl's shocking antics. Still, the actress should not be underestimated. The other day, the star spoke about her interest in the Muslim religion.


In a new interview with The Sun, the star let it slip that she is considering converting to Islam. Now the actress is studying the Koran.

“I am a very spiritual person and really open to learning new things,” explained the 29-year-old American celebrity.

LiLo also said that her younger sister, Eli, also became interested in Islam, although she was previously fond of Buddhism. "We all believe in something, it all comes down to trying to establish a connection with God or a spiritual mentor." It is noted that the actress grew up in a Catholic family.

By the way, last year the paparazzi filmed the actress with the Koran in her hands. A representative of the star, in response to questions from journalists, replied: "As far as I know, she is interested in Arab culture, but does not plan to convert to Islam."

We will remind, in the past, Lohan found herself in the center of several high-profile scandals and even spent some time in prison. The star was repeatedly detained by the police for drunk driving.

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