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Tatyana Denisova - biography and personal life
Tatyana Denisova - biography and personal life

Video: Tatyana Denisova - biography and personal life

Video: Tatyana Denisova - biography and personal life
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Biography of Tatyana Denisova, her personal life interested the audience of Russia after she was included in the jury of the TV show "Dancing on TNT". A gifted dancer, a wonderful choreographer, founder of the JB ballet project, she attracts the attention of fans not only with her talent, but also with her strong-willed charismatic character.

Years of childhood and adolescence

The future dance queen was born on February 11, 1981 in the Kaliningrad region, in a family far from the world of creativity. Mother is a kindergarten teacher, father is a seafarer. Two years after the birth of their daughter, the family moved to Sevastopol in connection with the transfer of the father to a new place of work.


From the age of five, the girl began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics, but dreamed of becoming a famous dancer. At the age of 10, her parents took her to St. Petersburg, where Tatyana, having passed a difficult selection, entered the Vaganova Academy - the most prestigious school of Russian ballet. She lived in a boarding school. I wrote letters at home, telling my parents about my impressions.

When the future star was 15 years old, his father was transferred to the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. The girl had to leave the ballet school and follow her parents.


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Denisova received her higher choreographic education in Kiev. As a 21-year-old student, she founded her first dance team. Soon the collective gained fame throughout Ukraine. At the same time, Tatiana taught choreography at the College of Variety and Circus Art. Here the talented dance director was noticed by German impresario and offered her to work in Germany.

The year 2004 in the biography of Tatyana Denisova, her personal life, was marked by a move to Germany and the creation of the dance group "JB ballet". The team consists only of Ukrainians. A beautiful, strong, lively team won the love of Europeans. The queen of the performances began to be invited to other European countries to organize various festive shows.


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JB ballet continues to work successfully now. The talented choreographer comes to Germany annually in August-September to stage a new program for the upcoming season. The rest of the time the group performs independently.

In 2009, the celebrity was invited to the jury at the Ukrainian show "Everybody Dance!" The girl has been a constant participant in the program for several seasons. Honored choreographers Konstantin Tomilchenko and Radu Poklitaru also took part in the project. In 2016, the show closed, at the same time the star of the dance performances was invited as a choreographer to the Russian project "Dancing on TNT". The following year, she became a mentor for the project.


Denisova immediately began to apply her judging methods, which the audience did not like. That is, I chose the participants not so much for their professionalism and talent as for their appearance. The final of the Russian show started in August 2020. Tatiana continued mentoring. In April 2021, the Dancing on TNT project was completed.

Private life

The dance queen has been officially married twice. The first husband was Ilya Strakhov, a circus artist who, in a duet with his twin brother, toured the whole world. In Japan, they won 2 million yen as a prize. In 2009, the couple had a baby, who was given the name Leo. The family broke up two years later. The couple remained on friendly terms. The father often spends time with his son.


In an interview, Tatyana admitted that she does not tolerate the shortcomings of men. Especially appreciates intelligence, sexuality, beauty, humor in partners.

The next union took place with 19-year-old Alexander Krivoshapko. The singer, participant of the final of the entertainment project "X-Factor" is 12 years younger than his wife. Fans and relatives believed that their marriage would not last long. The main reasons are the age of both newlyweds, the difference in social status. Denisova is a professional in her field, a dance and choreography star. Her husband is a provincial, aspiring artist.

The couple broke up several times, then there were reconciliations. The official divorce took place in 2013. Young people parted hard, accusing each other of jealousy and betrayal.


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It is not known whether there was a third official marriage. The celebrity after the second marriage does not disclose the details of his personal life. He calls her son Levu her main man, who accompanies her at social events.

Denisova fans know as a well-read woman who is well versed in many types of musical creativity. She calls her idols:

  • Rudolf Nureyev;
  • Karina Smirnoff;
  • Slavik the Noisy;
  • Sid Charrias.

Beauty secrets

The TV personality maintains a wonderful physical shape by eating healthy food, playing tennis, jogging. She does not eat fried, smoked, salted foods. Likes to relax in solitude at sea. She is not fond of shopping, she chooses her own style of clothing and stage image. Believes that self-development is the best way to preserve youth.


Interesting Facts

There are interesting moments in the biography of Tatyana Denisova, her personal life:

  1. The star is subject to any style of dance, both classical and the latest trends. Favorite styles the talented choreographer specializes in: disco and broadway.
  2. The celebrity loves to experiment with 3D choreography, dancing in the air (Alpha Gravity) and on canvas.
  3. At the age of 27, the choreographer stopped dancing. According to her, she likes to watch how her works are embodied on stage.
  4. Loves the music of Queen, Guns'n'Roses, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Nickelback.
  5. With the growth of the TV personality 165 cm, her weight is 48 kg.
  6. For some time Tatyana was a participant in the ballet Ani Lorak.
  7. Fans are at a loss as to whether their idol did plastic surgery. However, their reflections remain without comments from the beloved dancer.
  8. Now the beauty has one son, but she dreams of more children.


  1. The famous dancer was born in the Kaliningrad region on February 11, 1981.
  2. She began her choreography studies in Sevastopol.
  3. For 5 years she studied at the most prestigious school of Russian ballet - the Vaganova Academy.
  4. She received her higher choreographic education in Kiev.
  5. Being invited to Germany, she organized a ballet group "JB ballet", consisting of Ukrainians.
  6. The brilliant choreographer was a member of the jury for various entertainment shows.
  7. She officially married twice. Has a son.
  8. Currently not married, divorced.

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