Strong wind almost caused embarrassment with Kate Middleton
Strong wind almost caused embarrassment with Kate Middleton

Video: Strong wind almost caused embarrassment with Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cambridge has long been accustomed to her status and always dresses according to protocol. It is extremely rarely criticized, and therefore the incident that happened the other day is widely discussed on the network.

In her youth, Kate Middleton behaved quite cheekily and photographs of that period flooded the network at one time. However, over time, British subjects and Kate herself got used to her new status.

With the advent of children, Middleton began to dress at all, observing all the rules of the dress code. For example, the other day, having gone on a visit to one of the capital's children's hospitals, the Duchess of Cambridge put on a fairly strict tweed suit, represented by a fitted jacket and a flared skirt.

The skirt was short as the hem ended above the knee. Realizing this, Middleton prudently put on thick black tights on her legs. She complemented her look with neat earrings and classic black shoes with wide heels.

It would seem that the image of Prince William's wife is thought out to the smallest detail, but, as it turned out, no.

The cut and light fabric of the skirt, coupled with strong gusts of wind, let the socialite down. The hem of the Duchess's skirt was lifted up. Fortunately for her, at that moment she accepted a bouquet of flowers from a little girl. For this, the lady sat down. If Kate had remained standing, the hips and buttocks of the representative of the royal family would have seen everything.

After the frames were published on the network, many users began to compare them with similar photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

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