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DIY Easter crafts for the competition in 2022
DIY Easter crafts for the competition in 2022

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Easter 2022 is an amazing holiday that brings the whole family together. So why not take a moment and make beautiful Easter crafts with your own hands for a competition, for friends, or just for a good mood?

Easter bunny

For Easter in 2022, you can make a very cute Easter bunny with your own hands. This craft will especially appeal to kids, because they can take it to a competition in a kindergarten or school.


  • foam egg;
  • rope;
  • black thread;
  • toy eyes;
  • pom-poms;
  • felt;
  • fluffy wire.

Master Class:

As a base for the rabbit, you need a regular foam egg, which we completely glue with a white or blue rope

We cut out the legs and large ears from dense white felt, and the inner ones from blue or blue

Now we take a black thread, cut it into small pieces of the same length, put it together - these will be antennae for the rabbit

We glue the paws, ears, antennae and in the middle a small pompom instead of a nose to the base. We also glue toy eyes and large teeth that can be cut out of white cardboard

  • We cut the fluffy wire in half, then take one half, also cut it into two halves and glue it in place of the front legs.
  • Now we glue a willow twig to the legs, a bow to the ears and a white pompom in place of the tail.

Willow twigs can also be made by hand. To do this, you need ordinary cotton swabs, acrylic paints and real tree branches.

DIY Easter egg

The Easter egg is one of the main Easter symbols. You can also do it yourself as a decor, gift or craft for a creative competition.


  • broom;
  • PVA glue;
  • cotton pads;
  • beads;
  • foam egg;
  • artificial greenery and flowers;
  • easter decor.

Master Class:

  • For crafts, you will need a regular broom, from which we cut off the upper part of the handle and disassemble it into separate straws.
  • Cut each straw into smaller pieces, about 4-5 cm in length. Transfer to a bowl, pour in PVA glue and mix well.
  • Now we will prepare a deep bowl, which we completely wrap with cling film and grease with vegetable oil. We take another small bowl, also wrap it with foil and grease with oil, but only from the outside.
  • Put the straws into a large bowl, distribute over its entire surface and press down with a small bowl. We leave for 7-8 hours.
  • After we remove the resulting basket and remove the cling film from it, let it dry completely.
  • Now we will make the Easter egg itself. But first, we take cotton pads and make flowers out of them. Everything is simple here: we collect a cotton pad in a bud, fix it with a thread. Straighten the petals and glue the bead.

We completely glue the foam egg with white flowers

We decorate the basket with artificial greenery and flowers, place an egg in the basket

If there is a saw cut from a tree, then you can use it as a stand, and add twigs and berries to the Easter composition. You can nest the bird with small artificial eggs.

Easter balloon craft

Today there are different ideas that inspire beautiful Easter crafts. We offer you to make one of these crafts for Easter in 2022 for a competition from a balloon and other scrap materials with your own hands.


  • balloon;
  • paper towels;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paints;
  • corrugated paper;
  • saw cut from a tree;
  • decorative flowers and leaves.

Master Class:

We inflate a balloon of the required size, tie it with a thread, glue the tail with tape

  • Now we take paper towels and tear them into small pieces with our hands.
  • We apply the first piece to the ball, apply PVA glue on top, then glue the next piece and so completely glue the entire ball. Apply 3-4 layers and leave the workpiece to dry completely.
  • Then we apply a layer of white acrylic paint and leave it again until completely dry.
  • Now draw small triangles with a simple pencil, carefully make cuts along the lines, leave one triangle.
  • We open the resulting, as if cracked, egg and remove the ball.

We glue artificial leaves on the cut of a tree, put an egg on top and also fix it with glue, decorate with decorative flowers

  • Cut the corrugated paper into thin strips, put it inside the egg, it will be grass.
  • We put a small fluffy chicken on the grass - and the Easter craft is ready.

The chicken can be made from ordinary knitting threads, start making two pom-poms for the torso and head, glue them together. Cut out the beak, crest and eyes from felt or colored cardboard.

Easter chicken

To decorate the Easter table or as a craft for a competition, or maybe as a gift for Easter in 2022, you can make an Easter chicken. A master class with a photo is not at all difficult, you can do everything step by step with your own hands.


  • the cloth;
  • felt;
  • beads for eyes;
  • filler;
  • parchment paper.

Master Class:

For the chicken, choose a fabric of any color, cut out a piece of 40X20 cm from it

Cut out the comb and beard from the red felt, and the beak from the orange felt. On the front side, we place the beak so that it is between the two halves of the beard

  • We fold the scallop partially so that it does not fall under the machine stitching, and place it 5 mm from the right edge. We fold the fabric in half, pin it off with pins and sew the top and right edges on a typewriter, and leave a pocket on the bottom.
  • We cut off the corner, not reaching the seam, and turn the part out onto the front side.

Now we fill the chicken with any filler (you can use holofiber or synthetic fluff), pay special attention here to the corners

  • We fold the edges so that the bottom of the chicken forms a triangle.
  • Tuck the edge 1 cm inward and fix it with a pin.
  • Cut out the legs from felt, put them inside and sew the bottom with a blind seam. By the way, you can make long legs for a chicken out of yarn and wooden beads.
  • For a white felt eyelet, cut out two ovals, to which we sew black beads. Then we sew the eyes or just glue them.
  • We glue the chicken wings, which we also cut out of felt.
  • Now let's make a nest for the chicken. To do this, fold a sheet of parchment paper several times and cut it into thin strips.
  • On any stand from the resulting shavings, we form a nest and plant a chicken in it.

The chicken can be made in any size, the main thing is that the aspect ratio of the fabric is 2: 1.

Easter tree

An Easter tree decorated with painted Easter eggs is a beautiful craft that you can make with your own hands for the competition for Easter in 2022. The master class is not at all difficult, simple and very interesting.


  • foam eggs;
  • foamiran;
  • building plaster;
  • scotch tape reel;
  • a piece of cardboard;
  • acrylic paints;
  • dry twigs;
  • cord, jute;
  • artificial greenery.

Master Class:

  • To begin with, we take foam eggs, double-sided tape and a cord, from which we cut off a small piece (this will be an egg pendant).
  • In the egg, pierce a hole with scissors and glue a loop into it.
  • We glue the workpiece along the meridians with double-sided tape, remove the protective layer from the tape and wrap the foam egg with a cord. We cut off all unnecessary, glue the end of the cord at the very base.

Then paint the Easter egg with stripes with acrylics

For the tree, we will prepare dry twigs up to 30 cm high, which we also paint in bright spring colors

  • For the base, we take a reel of scotch tape, wrap it with jute, fix the strings with glue or double-sided tape.
  • We apply the reel to the cardboard, circle it inside, and then outside, cut out two circles of different diameters.

Now we glue the circles, one inside the bobbin, and the other outside

  • We decorate the cut using a thin decorative cord, which was used for Easter eggs, and glue it in two turns.
  • We put a regular plastic bag inside the planter, pour in a solution of alabaster or stucco.
  • As soon as the solution grasps a little, we insert the twigs along with artificial greenery, which will hide the plaster base.
  • We cut off the remains of the package and glue a thick jute cord along the upper perimeter of the planter.
  • Using foamiran patterns, we cut out flowers and shape them using a hot iron.
  • Cut out a strip 1 cm wide from foamiran of a different color and make a fringe.
  • Then we twist the fringe with a brush and glue it inside the flowers, these will be the stamens.

Glue the flowers to the twigs and hang colorful Easter eggs on the Easter tree

If desired, the Easter tree can be decorated with birds, butterflies, bunnies and any other spring theme.

Easter gnome

Scandinavian gnomes are a symbol of the Christmas holidays, but today you can also meet Easter gnomes. The spring gnomes have swapped out their bright outfits for softer hues, and some even have their own bunny ears. And you can make such an unusual fairy-tale character with your own hands.


  • plastic cup with a lid;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • the cloth;
  • felt;
  • skewers;
  • cardboard;
  • gypsum;
  • artificial leather;
  • artificial fur;
  • nylon;
  • acrylic paints;
  • yarn;
  • decor.

Master Class:

  1. For the base, we take an ordinary, only large, plastic glass, which we completely glue over with padding polyester.
  2. Glue the fabric on top of the padding polyester. Here you can use any material, the main thing is that you like the colors, but it is better if the fabric is soft and does not leave creases.
  3. For the legs, we use bamboo skewers, glue three pieces together, and then we also glue each part with a strip of fabric.
  4. We will attach the legs with the help of the glass lid. Cut two holes at an equal distance from the center. We paste over with padding polyester and glue the legs.
  5. We paste over only the upper part with a synthetic winterizer and cover it with a cloth.
  6. Now we wrap the lower part of the legs several times with a padding polyester, then on top with any fluffy fabric, fix it with threads.
  7. For the panties from the fabric, cut out two identical rectangles, glue it in half, turn it out on the front side, put it on the legs, turn the bottom of the fabric inward.
  8. For cardboard boots, cut out the sole, glue the foil bushings and make sides from thin cardboard.
  9. We glue the boots with tape, fill them with plaster, insert the legs and leave the solution to completely solidify.
  10. For the face we glue a piece of padding polyester, and on top a piece of nylon.
  11. For a spout made of synthetic winterizer, we roll up a small ball, wrap it with capron, fix it with a thread. We glue the nose along with the beard and mustache made of faux fur.
  12. Cut out the eyes from white felt, paint the iris and the pupil with acrylic paints.
  13. As soon as the plaster hardens, remove the cardboard, trim the shape and wrap the boots with a thick cloth.
  14. We add volume to the boots with a padding polyester, fix it with a capron and glue felt or fleece in a cage on top.
  15. Cut the sole out of cardboard, glue it with artificial leather and glue it to the shoes.
  16. We glue the eyes, and above them the hair (for this we also use artificial fur).
  17. The sleeves, like the pants, are glued together from two rectangular pieces of fabric.
  18. We do the palms in the same way as the nose, only we form a large ball, and then glue a small one to it.
  19. We fill our hands with padding polyester (only up to the middle) and glue.
  20. Cut out a triangle for the fabric cap, glue it, trim off the excess edges.
  21. We glue the cap, decorate the edge with a pigtail of yarn and make a pompom from it. Also, the cap can be decorated with a thin rep ribbon bow, artificial berries and stamens.
  22. We glue the legs to the body, connect the handles a little together, fix them with threads and glue a small rabbit to them.
  23. The final touch - we make the gnome styling the beard and mustache with hair foam.

For novice craftswomen, you can start with a little gnome, that is, do not make it in full growth. As a basis, you can use a plastic cone or make the body simply from fabric and padding polyester.

Such Easter crafts can be done with your children with your own hands. All master classes are simple, but some require a little skill. But in the end, you will get beautiful decorations for the house and for the festive table. Such crafts can be presented as a gift or taken to a competition in a kindergarten or school.

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