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How to wash plastic windows from yellowness and dirt
How to wash plastic windows from yellowness and dirt

Video: How to wash plastic windows from yellowness and dirt

Video: How to wash plastic windows from yellowness and dirt
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Most modern apartment owners install white plastic windows in their homes. Although manufacturers of PVC windows claim that their products do not absorb dirt, many housewives have to decide over time how to wash plastic windows from yellowness and dirt so as not to damage the front surface. We offer simple and affordable tools that will help restore the original color of the window surface.

What causes yellowness on PVC windows

Over time, any white plastic loses its original shade under the influence of external aggressive factors. Yellowness on a snow-white surface appears for the following reasons:

  • as a result of improper care of the window surface with professional products, which include abrasive particles;
  • under the influence of smoke, if you constantly smoke in the room;
  • due to the reduced resistance of the material to ultraviolet radiation;
  • from constant temperature changes in the room;
  • due to the ingress of polyurethane foam or plaster mixture on the window surface.

To reduce the number of probable causes leading to the appearance of ugly yellow spots, you need to carefully read the section of the description regarding the characteristics of the plastic surface when choosing windows.


Most often, the owners who decided to save money on buying PVC windows and chose products from inexpensive and low-quality materials have to look for answers to the question of how to wash white plastic windows from yellowness and dirt. They are usually offered by unscrupulous manufacturers who exclude from their production cycle expensive components that ensure the inertness of the plastic surface to the effects of external aggressive factors.

Also, the cause of ingrained dirt can be improper care of window structures, lack of regular cleaning of the surface from dust and other contaminants.

It is necessary to follow all the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of plastic windows and use only those detergents that do not contain abrasive components that violate the integrity of the protective plastic layer.


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Basic rules for cleaning PVC windows from old dirt

When washing plastic windows with old dirt, the following work algorithm should be adhered to:

  1. Remove dirt, dust and grease from the surface with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of laundry soap or special detergents that do not contain solid particles and dissolve fat deposits well.
  2. Use only room temperature water for washing, not hot.
  3. After the window surface has been washed, apply special bleaching agents to the places where yellow spots remain and leave them for several hours.
  4. Remove the bleach with a soft cloth and wash the area with a clean cloth dampened in cold water.

If you wash the windows at least once a month, observing all the rules of care, you will be able to avoid the appearance of yellowness.

Proper maintenance of windows, excluding the use of sponges, abrasive compounds and hot water, also contributes to the preservation of the original color of the surface. All of these products damage the protective surface of the plastic, causing it to tarnish and turn yellow.


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How can you whiten the surface of plastic windows?

Experts recommend using special window care products to remove yellowness, which are available today in a variety of forms:

  • sprays;
  • chlorine-soaked wipes;
  • whitening emulsions;
  • pastes;
  • gels.

Rubber gloves and a mask should be used when handling these cleaning products. They contain chlorine and other chemical components that can cause burns or irritation to the skin and mucous membranes.

Professional means of cleaning the surface of PVC windows will help to return the white color, glossy surface, get rid of minor scratches and roughness. Such formulations are simply applied to the cleaned frame with a soft napkin and gently rubbed into the places where yellowness has appeared.


You can also use special automotive cosmetics designed to care for plastic surfaces. It not only removes yellowness well, but also creates a protective layer on the plastic.

Special computer cleaning wipes impregnated with compounds to remove dirt from plastic are also suitable. If bleaching fails to get rid of yellow spots, you can paint over them with spray paint of a suitable shade. Before painting, you will have to glue clean areas of the frame surface with tape so that paint does not get on them.

In addition, you can use factory-made universal detergents that dissolve dirt well and eliminate the yellow tint:

  • Domestos;
  • "Chief";
  • Silit Bang;
  • Cosmophen.

They are applied to a washed surface, the color of which has turned yellow, and kept for 15-20 minutes, after which they are removed with a soft napkin. With their help, you can gently remove the remains of foam and plaster from the surface of the plastic frame.


Home remedies to combat yellowness

If you do not have professional tools for cleaning PVC windows at hand, you can prepare bleaching compositions at home:

  • Grate with plain laundry soap and pour over hot water so that the pieces dissolve and turn into a thick mass. Apply the prepared cleaning agent to the dirty plastic surface for half an hour, then remove with a soft cloth.
  • A solution of chlorine bleach gives a good effect: for 250 ml of water - 1 tbsp. l. liquid bleach. Moisten a napkin with a ready-made solution, apply on yellow spots and keep for half an hour.
  • You can prepare a special whitening paste by mixing 1 tbsp. l. soda and 20 ml of vinegar essence. Then you need to add a little water to make the composition look like a paste, and apply it to the contaminated area. After 30 minutes, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  • The whitening effect is also given by 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is applied for half an hour to problem areas. If yellow spots remain, repeat the procedure.
  • A paste made of chalk and tooth powder is another good option for cleaning plastic windows from yellowness and dirt. It is necessary to mix equal parts of crushed chalk and tooth powder, add water so that the dry composition turns into a mushy substance, and then apply it to the dirt and leave for a while. When the paste is completely cured, remove it from the surface with a dry and clean cloth. For old stains, this procedure will need to be repeated several times.

By properly caring for plastic windows, you can preserve their snow-white surface for a long time.



If you need to remove yellow spots and stubborn dirt from plastic windows, you should proceed in this order:

  1. Remove surface grease and dirt with soapy water, using only products that do not contain abrasive components.
  2. Apply a suitable professional or self-prepared bleaching compound on a dry window surface and leave for half an hour.
  3. Remove the agent from the plastic surface with a dry or damp cloth.

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