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How to make your husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife
How to make your husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife

Video: How to make your husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife

Video: How to make your husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife
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After a few years of marriage, the fair sex is worried about the question: how to make the husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife? Let's delve deeper into the topic and find out the opinion of psychologists on this matter.

Effective ways to make men jealous

Moving on to action, it is important not to go too far, otherwise you can completely ruin everything, then it will be more difficult to improve relations. To prevent this from happening, do not lose your composure and do not go to extremes, adhering to the advice of psychologists:

  • Instead of dwelling on the second half, you should take care of yourself, paying attention to your appearance. Remember if you have been to a hairdresser for a long time or dropped by a beauty salon. Changes in appearance will definitely not go unnoticed by them. A man will certainly think about what such a transformation is connected with.
  • Updating the wardrobe - even if the husband never focuses on what his woman is wearing, you can be sure that he notices everything, he just does not show his face. If you rarely wore high-heeled shoes or didn't wear them at all, it's time to fix it. For a man, such a turn of events will raise the question - for whom is all this? The lady's answer, what is beloved for him, for whom else - is unlikely to suit him. Just because he won't believe it. Doubts will creep into his soul. If so, then the woman can be congratulated - she is on the right track!
  • Expanding the circle of friends - married couples over time are less likely to be selected in the company, spending their free time at home. It's boring, it's time to go out and make new acquaintances, so that there is someone to visit a theater, an exhibition or just go shopping, on the way back looking into a cafe, where over a cup of coffee or tea to share what is in your soul with a friend.
  • You should not beg for the attention of a man, it is better to find something for yourself to your liking and interests. When he calls, interrupt the conversation, which is unusual for yourself, by throwing the phrase as carelessly as possible: “Sorry, dear, I have urgent business. I'll call you back a little later. Constant employment will arouse jealous feelings in him.

Control yourself and don't cheat. Your goal is to rekindle the old passion in the relationship, not destroy it completely. There is a very thin line between these concepts, it is not worth crossing over it.

Do you need to cause jealousy and when to apply it

Excessive jealousy is a painful condition that speaks of a person's low self-esteem. And the classic jealousy is inherent in almost everyone, so for good purposes it must be used periodically. It works only when a man has feelings for his wife, but for some reason they are in a dormant mode. If a man stops loving a woman or is carried away by another, these attempts may not work.


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But there are cases when you definitely need to try to make your husband jealous so that he is afraid of losing his spouse:

  • In the family union, there is monotony, there are no shifts for the better.
  • The man has stopped making all sorts of attempts at courtship and no longer makes pleasant surprises for his wife. This can include simply banal compliments.
  • The partner ceased to be interested in the affairs of his wife, he became indifferent to her morale and health.
  • There is boredom in a relationship.

Husband has lost interest

All these points indicate that male interest has been lost. And untimely inciting it can lead to betrayal, divorce, and, as a result, to female depression.

Men who are not interested in any aspect of their wives' lives, in most cases, are sure that they are happy with everything and they will not go anywhere. This belief leads to the fact that each time the partner begins to worry less about his spouse. It is the woman's job to dispel these prejudices. And jealousy can help in this.

How to evoke feelings

The return of male interest is a whole strategy that will take more than one day of your life. There are no specific and clear rules here, since certain actions affect each person in a different way. But you can follow certain tips that will most likely help a husband to look at his wife in a new way.


Always look good

Her beautiful appearance can make a husband jealous. Sometimes the reason for indifference lies in a woman's unwillingness to look attractive. After years of living together, partners get used to each other and do not see anything wrong with not taking care of themselves or not paying due attention to care. Because of this, a man may fall into despair, tk. The beloved girl at the stages of falling in love has always been attractive and chic, and now she does not hesitate to put herself in order for weeks.

The main task of a woman is to always take care of herself, to be better than she is now. Grooming is not about bright, round-the-clock makeup and beautiful outfits. This is clean skin, pleasant hair, good smell, neat manicure and pedicure. The changes should also apply to the style. If a woman prefers baggy and shapeless outfits, it is worth changing them to more elegant clothes. Such changes will cause the spouse to think about why and for whom the wife began to take care of herself diligently. And this is a direct path to jealousy.

Find a hobby

Women who devote all their free time to everyday life stop worrying their partners after a while. The same goes for complete emotional dissolution in a loved one.


For a man, a dependent woman ceases to carry any value. He knows that she will always wait for him and agree to any conditions.

In order for a husband to see an independent person in his wife, it is necessary to do something new, devote his time to a new hobby. It can be language courses, a gym, personal trainings, creativity - something that will make it clear to the partner about the employment and development of the spouse. Only when she becomes an independent person with her own affairs and interests will jealousy appear, he will begin to fear loss.

Get a little further away

A slight chill and indifference can make you afraid to lose. If a woman is regularly in touch with her partner, writes messages every half hour and cannot step back at home, this soon begins to bore him. A man seeks to escape from intrusive attention anywhere. The girl's task is to move away and show some indifference on her part in order to arouse the interest of a loved one.


A complete blackout is not necessary, you need to answer less often, sometimes miss calls and go about your business more often. You can go on weekends to see your girlfriends, friends, or go to an event on your own to stay away from your partner.

A husband who is accustomed to constant care and attention will be surprised at this phenomenon and worried about why they began to treat him indifferently. This will lead to renewed interest, make him jealous. Maybe the response will not appear immediately, but you should not deviate from the rules.

Gain self-control

Regular complaints, tantrums, excessive suspicion scare a man away and lead to the loss of his interest. Psychologists say that the more a wife worries and worries about her husband's possible betrayal, the more he thinks about it. Complete calmness and self-confidence will help to cause jealousy in your husband. The goal of a woman is to make her husband think about adultery and suspicion more often.


How to make you jealous - increase your self-esteem

To do this, you should stop constantly monitoring your partner, stop constantly comparing yourself with other women, and also see each of them as a potential rival. All these signs indicate low self-esteem, which men successfully use, lowering it even more. Only a confident lady will be able to cause jealousy in her partner and the fear of losing her.

Raising self-esteem is not a matter of one day, you may need to spend enough time to restore it. However, a positive result will make up for the losses and make you feel like a full-fledged person, whose morale does not depend on the actions of other people.

Male environment

Light flirting can make your husband jealous. The interest of outsiders young people is a powerful weapon for inciting a partner's jealousy. Any man who shows interest in a lady is considered a rival for her husband, whose courtship must certainly be neutralized. Psychologists believe that the male sex is characterized by a sense of possessiveness. Therefore, even minor intrigues will force them to postpone their affairs and solve the problem that has arisen.


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However, jealousy should not be caused artificially. Simulated stories about a new fan and self-purchased bouquets will quickly be revealed by her husband and will not cause any concern on his part.

3 main rules

In the arsenal of a woman seeking to cause a feeling of jealousy in her husband, there should be three rules that work without fail:

  • you cannot talk on the phone when your husband is nearby. If someone calls, it is advisable to go to another room or step aside. In addition, a woman should not let go of the phone, creating the appearance that she has secrets. However, you do not need to get too carried away, since it is possible that it is not the first time that your husband reads your SMS and looks through the call log. Do not write too much to your friends and choose your words carefully. After reading the next message, try to smile, pretend that you are happy. Let the husband understand that the sparkle in your eyes is not his merit;
  • need to be at home less often. For example, if you deal with all your affairs during the day, then in the evening you can slip away to your friends or to your favorite pastime. The constant desire to escape from the house will certainly arouse suspicion and jealousy on the part of the husband;
  • it is important to take care of yourself. External transformations in a woman will raise a natural question: did the wife have another man? Moreover, the concept of "taking care of yourself" means not only going to fitness in order to lose a few kilograms after childbirth. Changes in a woman should be evident. And this becomes possible only if you regularly carry out various kinds of cosmetic procedures in a beauty salon, do a manicure and update your haircut. Agree that feeling jealous towards a housewife in a washed robe is much more difficult. But if a woman looks, as they say, one hundred percent, then any representative of the stronger sex next to her becomes a potential competitor in the eyes of her husband.

Psychologist's advice

Psychology does not deny the effectiveness of this method of renewing the feelings of partners. Sometimes jealousy allows a husband to look at his spouse with different eyes, and also to revive a long-gone passion in a relationship.

The following tips from psychologists will help you better understand your own feelings and desires:

  • if you notice that your husband is no longer jealous, try to take a critical look at yourself. Look at the reflection in the mirror. It is unlikely that a man will feel jealous if next to him is a woman tortured by everyday life, who was in a beauty salon for the last time before the birth of her first child. And if women more often believe their ears, then a man first of all pays attention to the appearance and feminine attractiveness of the chosen one. In this regard, you can advise to devote more time to yourself and your appearance. Try not only to maintain your figure, but also to be stylish. And for this, at least, you need shopping. The husband should not get used to the monotonous, dull image of his wife. Change often and surprise him. There is nothing worse than a boring life and the same wife all the time;
  • plunge into the atmosphere of the past. Remember that charming candy-bouquet period in your life, when passion seethed, and your heart fluttered from just the look of your beloved man. Start flirting with him, flirt, joke, charm him with your transformation. It is unlikely that the husband will resist such a temptation;
  • try to be different. Even if you go to the grocery store, it is important to look beautiful and well-groomed. Do some light makeup, choose an outfit that suits you, and leave your jeans and a T-shirt for your home or summer cottage. A woman should radiate light and self-confidence wherever she goes. And this will not go unnoticed by her husband;
  • pay attention to other members of the stronger sex. A little flirting with other men will benefit your relationship. However, try not to abuse your husband's trust, do not give a serious reason for jealousy. For example, you can allow yourself to dance with another man or a little flirtation. The main thing is not to overdo it. If there is no real reason for jealousy, this kind of innocent games will only strengthen the relationship with your husband. And one more noteworthy nuance: a man needs constant confirmation of the correctness of his choice. This means that if the wife is not interested in anyone except him, then something is wrong. In this case, you should think about your appearance and behavior;
  • observe the shutter speed. Even if everything inside you is burning with your own jealousy, in no case show it off;
  • create a veil of secrecy around yourself. For example, upon returning from a corporate party, it is not necessary to tell everything down to the smallest detail. You can get off with general phrases and thereby arouse interest in your husband. Even if there was nothing, he will think of the situation in his own way and will become jealous;
  • think about the meaning of your life. Does it really all come down to the family, or is there something else interesting. You can, for example, do something that fascinated you in your youth - sports or music. It doesn't matter what it will be, the main thing is that your husband sees you as a versatile personality, whose successes and achievements you can not only be proud of, but also boast of. A man will be pleased to have such a wife;
  • try to be smarter, do not use the methods of causing jealousy that have long been known to all men, such as calls and messages from an unknown number, setting a password on a computer or smartphone, bouquets of flowers bought by the woman herself on the way home. Men often do not pay any attention to such provocations. Understand one thing. If the relationship has exhausted itself, no amount of tricks will help reanimate old feelings.

In moderate doses, jealousy is of great benefit to couples whose relationships have dulled over time. However, in an effort to revive the fire of passion, it is necessary to take into account the natural temperament of the husband.

Jealousy is a strong feeling that can cause irreparable harm to the union of a man and a woman. One rash step, and the relationship ends in divorce.


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