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Lunar calendar of haircuts for October 2021, auspicious days
Lunar calendar of haircuts for October 2021, auspicious days

Video: Lunar calendar of haircuts for October 2021, auspicious days

Video: Lunar calendar of haircuts for October 2021, auspicious days
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You can get a thick and healthy head of hair if you plan a haircut according to the lunar calendar. Astrologers have already identified the most favorable days for this in October 2021. Timely visits to the salon and correctly performed procedures will allow you to grow long hair faster or, conversely, keep your haircut longer.

What factors affect the favorableness of the day

Favorable days according to the lunar calendar for haircuts in 2021 are determined based on several factors. In October, the schedule was drawn up taking into account:

  • finding a celestial body in the zodiacal constellation - Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn will be the most suitable for haircuts, Aries and Aquarius are not suitable for trimming hair;
  • the lunar phase - hair growth is accelerated if you do a haircut for the growing moon, the waning one slows down the pace;
  • lunar day status - positive and negative days, respectively, affect the rate of hair growth.

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When compiling a lunar haircut calendar, astrologers take into account all the factors that can affect hair growth or slow it down.

Ready calendar for the second month of autumn

October 2021 will be some of the most favorable days for haircuts on the lunar calendar. The table shows the periods when you should sign up for a haircut at a hairdresser or, conversely, refuse this undertaking:


During favorable days, some astrologers allocate even the most suitable time for a haircut.

Characteristics of the best days for image renewal

October 2021 will be the 7 most favorable days for haircuts according to the lunar calendar. Before signing up for a hairdresser, you should study the characteristics of each:

  • On October 2, the Moon will be in Leo, which will have a positive effect on the density of hair. The waning celestial body allows you to experiment with color, the paint will not last long.
  • On October 3, the Moon will also be waning, but already in Virgo, which allows you to cut your hair to length.
  • October 4 - the characteristics of the day are similar to the previous day, you can get a haircut, dye and experiment with hair color.
  • On October 11, the moon will be growing in Sagittarius, this will have a positive effect both on the health and length of the hair, and on their color, which will last for a long time.
  • October 14 - the growing Moon is in Aquarius, but despite the zodiac sign, hair will grow quickly after a haircut. Girls with poor hair structure should not rely on healthy curls after trimming them.
  • October 25 is the waning phase of the moon, but the position in Gemini will have a beneficial effect on hair growth, they will grow at an accelerated pace, the bulbs will be filled with strength and strengthened.
  • October 29 - the waning Moon in Leo will stop hair loss, their structure will be restored, they will acquire a healthy shine and density.

In October 2021, astrologers advise you to choose the days for a haircut from the presented ones, so that after it your hair will begin to grow and become healthier.

When you can still refresh your haircut

There will be few relatively good days in October. They can also be considered for updating the hairstyle, but you will need to take into account the characteristics of each day in order to perfectly choose the date for the desired purposes:

  • October 10 - on this day, the growing Moon will be in Sagittarius, the changes will have a favorable effect on the length of the hair, but the psychological state can be shaken, since this is the 4th lunar day.
  • October 12 - the growing Moon in Capricorn will activate hair growth and increase their density, but the 6th lunar day can adversely affect immunity and lead to a cold.
  • October 13 - the day is similar in characteristics to the previous ones, but after a haircut, a woman may have misunderstandings with her superiors on work issues.

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  • October 17 - The moon will be growing, which will have a positive effect on hair length, but its presence in Pisces can lead to problems with the scalp, dandruff, seborrhea.
  • October 19 - the 13th day makes the day successful for a change in appearance, the growing Moon will positively affect the acceleration of hair growth, but its position in Aries can negatively affect their structure.
  • October 20 - on this day, the moon will again be in Aries, but the full moon phase and the 14th day will help fix the color and accelerate hair growth.

On good days for haircuts, you can also do various manipulations with your hair. In most cases, the position of the Moon or its presence in a particular sign of the zodiac compensates / reduces the negative impact of any characteristic.

Why are manipulations on a bad day on the calendar dangerous?

In October 2021, astrologers identified 2 unfavorable and 3 unsuccessful days for a haircut. During this period, you should not manipulate the hair for several reasons at once:

  • the structure of the hair after a haircut begins to deteriorate, they will fluff and split;
  • the bulbs weaken, the hair begins to thin due to active hair loss;
  • hair does not grow well;
  • the paint holds worse, the color is washed out faster;
  • hair becomes naughty, ceases to keep styling;
  • a haircut on unfavorable days can lead to problems with both psychological and physical health;
  • the expectation may not coincide with reality, the girl will not receive positive emotions after the changes;
  • in some cases, relationships with loved ones, family members or others at work may deteriorate.

The position of the moon has an impact on a person's life in general, so before changing your image, you should follow the advice of astrologers in order to reverse all changes for the better.



October 2021 will be the 7 most favorable days for haircuts. Also in the calendar, astrologers highlight good, neutral and unlucky days for changing their length and color. Before going to the hairdresser, you should pay attention to studying information about favorable days for cutting hair.

It is not recommended to update your hairstyle on unsuccessful days on the calendar. Any manipulation of hair during such periods can lead to health problems. There is a risk of injury both physically and emotionally.

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