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When to ferment cabbage in October 2021 - auspicious days
When to ferment cabbage in October 2021 - auspicious days

Video: When to ferment cabbage in October 2021 - auspicious days

Video: When to ferment cabbage in October 2021 - auspicious days
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Mid-autumn is the best time to harvest cabbage for the winter: late varieties ripen. Shredded tight heads, caught by the first weak frosts, are considered the most delicious. Traditionally, snacks are prepared in several ways - by pickling, salting or combined. Success depends not only on ingredients and spices. It is better to choose favorable days when to ferment cabbage in October 2021. This will make it tasty, crispy and long-lasting.

Correct timing

The centuries-old tradition of harvesting pickled and salted vegetables for the winter is an opportunity to stock up on vitamins and microelements for the harsh winter time. The most useful is sauerkraut, in which the main active force is the vital activity of natural bacteria. Like everything else on the earth's surface, their energy depends on the phase of the moon and its location in the zodiacal circle.


The tradition of fermenting without salt is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Almost every recipe indicates the need to add it. But even in the combined method, the activity of bacteria is of great importance, which makes it possible to obtain a tasty product in the expected form. Sauerkraut should be crispy, have a pleasant color, unique, piquant taste.

You can determine auspicious days when to ferment cabbage in October 2021 and achieve a good result at the same time, according to the lunar calendar and the zodiacal constellations. The growing moon is considered the best period, when the vegetable is literally filled with nature with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. New Moon and Full Moon are days when it is best not to indulge in pickles and sourdough, canning or pickling.

In the table below you can see how the lunar phases were distributed by numbers in the second autumn month:

Full moon New moon Growing phase Waning moon
The 20th of October 6 october October 7-19 October 1-5, 21-31

It is undesirable to engage in winter preparations not only on the full moon and new moon, but also on the days of solar and lunar eclipses. In October 2021, there is neither one nor the other, but for the future it is necessary to remember this as well. Cabbage in small quantities, as a favorite snack, people ferment and pickle in any month of the year. Compliance with the rules of preparation helps to make it especially tasty.

Adequate bacterial activity means not only excellent taste. It is fast fermentation that allows you to preserve all the useful components and get them in the winter. This is the key to healthy immunity, good intestinal activity, optimal human well-being, prevention of vitamin deficiency - an inevitable companion of the cold season.


Other components of the choice

You need to know exactly when to ferment cabbage in October 2021, and choose favorable days for the vegetable to be preserved for a long time throughout the winter. In October, it is customary to prepare the stock for a long time, so the correct date for pickling and pickling is especially important. You need to focus on other components as well.

On Monday, it is better not to start important matters, although there are no visible obstacles to pickling and pickling. It is better to postpone an important event to the next day. If you choose by day of the week, you should not do the preservation of vegetables on Sunday. The result will not be expected, even if the day is indicated as auspicious in the lunar calendar.

You can choose a "masculine" day of the week when the waxing moon is in the sector of Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra or Gemini. But if the night luminary came under the auspices of Cancer, Pisces or Virgo, it is better to postpone the planned event to a more favorable time. So, for example, October 17, indicated by astrologers as an auspicious day, is not suitable for salting for two reasons: it is Sunday, and the earthly satellite is in Pisces.


The table shows favorable and unfavorable days for cooking cabbage, but each housewife should take a responsible attitude to the choice of the date and check the recommendations of astrologers for compliance with the intended process:

  • "Male" day of the week (but not Monday or Sunday);
  • Moon in Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius, Libra or Gemini;
  • the day indicated in the lunar calendar as auspicious;
  • The moon is in the growing phase.

It is imperative to pay attention to your health and mood. In a depressed state or on days when hormonal levels change, it is better not to prepare for the winter so as not to spoil the food.

Auspicious days in October Unwanted dates
4, 8, 11-12, 17, 21, 29 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, 23, 28

The constellation of Capricorn is considered the best sign for harvesting any vegetables, so October 11 and 12 will be the most favorable this year. These are "male" days (Monday and Tuesday), the waxing phase of the moon. You can schedule work on neutral dates, but only during the period of lunar growth. Usually this is done only for a lack of free time, because the efficiency ranges from 50-70%.



October is a great time for winter harvesting, but it is better to choose a suitable date taking into account various factors:

  1. Lunar phase. Growing is the optimal period.
  2. Day of the week - with a masculine ending (Monday does not work, Sunday too).
  3. The zodiac sign in which the earthly satellite is located.
  4. Good mood and well-being of the cook.

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