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Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in April 2022
Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in April 2022

Video: Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in April 2022

Video: Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in April 2022
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In the spring, every woman wants to transform and change her image by changing the color of her curls. To obtain a good result, you should dye your hair according to the lunar calendar in April 2022, choosing favorable days for dyeing. Practice shows that the lunar cycle really should be considered when caring for your hair.

Modern hair coloring: fashion trends

Hair coloring today has become an independent fashion trend, in which new trends appear every year that allow you to emphasize individuality.


In 2021-2022, the natural color of the strands remains in fashion. Stylists use various techniques for such staining:

  • ombre;
  • shatush;
  • sombre;
  • balayazh;
  • beyblastic.

When choosing a suitable fashionable technique for dyeing the strands, their length, structure and general condition should be taken into account. Natural coloring of long hair is suitable for owners of beautiful and healthy hair. You should also take into account the natural color of the curls.

There are many shades in fashion today for dyeing hair in natural colors of light warm tones. In general, you should take into account the characteristics of the face, skin and age, choosing fashionable tones for coloring.


In addition to natural shades, shocking colors are in fashion this season:

  • pink;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • blue, azure.

It is better to create such shades with a professional stylist who will help you choose the right haircut and pattern for extravagant coloring. Bright colors require not only the selection of a fashionable haircut, but also the overall image. Hair painted in such shades is unlikely to be combined with a classic business style.

Extravagant colors are chosen by young and daring fashionistas who want to stand out from the crowd. Women of mature age should focus on natural classic shades for dyeing strands, which will help refresh the face and visually remove several years.

In the spring, many women seek to update their image by doing fashionable hair coloring and haircuts. In order for a trip to the hairdresser to be successful, it is worth organizing it on a day favorable for such a procedure according to the lunar calendar.


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The influence of the moon on hair coloring

Since ancient times, women have monitored the phase of the moon before dyeing or cutting their hair.

Ancient Romans, who had to bleach their dark hair, worshiping the moon goddess Diana, always paid attention to her phase.

Historians find the same data in artifacts related to the ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations, in which astronomical observations of the Sun and the Moon were regularly conducted.

Never women of ancient civilizations had their hair cut or painted on the waning phase of the Earth's celestial satellite. It was believed that on such days you can ruin your curls, and all procedures for cutting and dyeing hair should be carried out only after the full moon comes. Before that, in barbershops only men were shaved and styled for noble ladies.


In the 19th century, every lady in Europe and Russia had a lunar calendar according to which she planned to dye or cut her hair. A hundred years ago, many women believed that manipulating hair on unfavorable days can attract trouble or trouble in their personal life, and a well-chosen day for coloring will provide not only an attractive appearance of the hairstyle, but also attract happiness. It was believed that the wrong day to cut or dye your hair could lead to the husband's bankruptcy or even upset the wedding.

Modern women and girls should also dye their hair according to the lunar calendar, choosing favorable days for this in April 2022. It is worth experimenting at least once to see how important the position of the moon in the sky is for this manipulation.

Many centuries of experience have been accumulated, confirming that when using favorable days of the lunar calendar for cutting and dyeing, you can heal your hair, make it stronger, shiny and silky.


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Taking into account the days in which hair grows faster and in which its growth slows down, it is possible to ensure that regrown roots do not appear on colored hair for a longer time.

How to choose the days of the lunar calendar for hair dyeing?

Ancient people believed that the right time for dyeing hair according to the lunar calendar could change a woman's life for the better. Astrologers advise to follow the lunar days and the sign of the zodiac through which the satellite of the Earth passes.

The moon goes through several phases:

  • new moon;
  • growing;
  • full moon;
  • decreasing.

On the days of the new moon, it is not recommended to do anything with the hair, because at this time they are weakened and all procedures are perceived poorly. On such days, they do not stain evenly, and after the procedure they look dull and lifeless.


It is best to cut and dye your hair on days when the moon is rising. After such a haircut, the hair grows back quickly, becomes thicker and silky. The dyeing also goes well on such days.

If you cut and dye in a decreasing phase, the hair will grow slowly, but at the same time, their condition will improve. On such days, you should not dye your hair - the color will turn out to be dull.

It is best to dye or cut your hair during the growing phase. In this case, the moon gives the curls strength and energy, they become obedient and silky. Due to the fact that they are protected from external negative influences, the dye pigment coloring them penetrates deeply into the hair structure, so the color is bright and saturated. When painted on the growing moon, the paint lasts longer.


Auspicious days for coloring in April 2022

For those who decide to change their image in the spring, the table will help. Hair dyeing according to the lunar calendar in April 2022 on favorable days for dyeing will turn out to be beautiful and durable.

Favorable with excellent energy for coloring

Days with positive energy when you can paint

Unfavorable days when you can't dye your hair

8, 17 and 25

1, 2, 13, 14

18, 19, 27 and 28

5-7, 12 and 14

Using the lunar calendar to plan dyeing and taking into account the suitable days for such a procedure, you can always achieve the perfect hair color and beautiful hairstyle.



Keep in mind the following when dyeing your hair:

  • You need to paint on the growing moon.
  • In the waning phase and in the full moon, you must not dye your hair.
  • Hair coloring taking into account the favorable and unfavorable days of the lunar calendar will help to dye them well.

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