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Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in March 2022
Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in March 2022

Video: Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in March 2022

Video: Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar in March 2022
Video: MARCH Lunar Calendar for 2022. 2023, March

In March 2022, it is important to dye your hair according to the lunar calendar on favorable days, otherwise the result may disappoint you. The position of the moon determines whether the color will be persistent, dull or bright, whether it will harm your hair and whether you will like the final image in the end.

Known facts

For a long time, mankind has not questioned the undeniable influence of the earth's satellite on all processes taking place on the earth's surface.

Favorable days for dyeing hair according to the lunar calendar in March 2022 are chosen taking into account the lunar phases, the location of the earth's satellite in a certain zodiacal sector, days of the week and even hair color after dyeing.


Good days for this process can be in both the waning and the growing period of the night star, so you need to know how they are distributed in the first spring month and focus on the desired result.

Moon phases for March 2022:

Full moon

New moon

Waxing Crescent

Waning moon

18th of March

2nd of March

March 2-18

1,! March 9-31


Hair dyeing can be part of a comprehensive beauty care, when a visit to the hairdresser means all the necessary manipulations with the hair - cutting, changing or renewing color, curling, nourishing masks. Sometimes this process is carried out outside the schedule, before some responsible event. Often it is caused by the season, a change in image, a desire to give the appearance a new aesthetic visualization. Focusing on the transformation of the night star, you can achieve additional effects, get unexpected or pleasant changes in life:

  1. Cutting and dyeing on the waxing moon means getting a bright shade, intense regrowth and good hair condition. But it is not suitable for those who just decided to experiment with color and then return to the old one, because it will lead to a permanent, indestructible result.
  2. On the waning moon, you can dye your hair, but the result of the procedure is short-lived and there is no need to expect a special effect from it either. Hair has a dull and lifeless appearance, the paint is poorly accepted, quickly washed off and differs from the selected shade.
  3. Sometimes you can find advice to use the full moon to radically change the image, but astrologers are sure that negative energy reigns on the day of the lunar renewal. On the full moon and new moon, it is not recommended to plant plants or visit a hairdresser.

Another rule is that the 25th lunar day is extremely unfavorable for any endeavors. He has negative energy. This March there is still an unfavorable 27 number. On this date, the Moon is in Aquarius, moreover, this is Sunday, an unsuitable day of the week for working with hair, on which part of the hairdressing salons do not even work. The negative effect of this rule also applies to Monday, March 28, on which these days continue and end.


Days are good and forbidden

Choosing favorable days for dyeing, dyeing hair according to the lunar calendar in March 2022, you can focus on the table, which lists three categories at once. On the dates recommended for the process, you can safely resort to the services of a master or engage in changing the shade at home; on forbidden dates, it is better not even to start changing your appearance. There are conventionally good dates, they are listed in the neutral column.

Beautiful days

Unwanted dates

Neutral for hairdressing processes

3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 24

2, 10, 18, 20, 22, 27-28, 30

4, 6-8, 11, 13, 14, 19, 25-26, 31

Astrologers advise taking into account all the nuances that may even include the natural hair color of the owner of the hairstyle:

  • March 3rd afternoon is a great time for fair-haired women. The waxing moon and Pisces are a good combination for a haircut. You can combine 2 treatments in one.
  • March 5, for all its optimality for dyeing, is not suitable for haircuts and curls.
  • March 9 will help paint over gray hair. This is an environment that works for other manipulations as well.
  • On March 12, you can safely devote to home dyeing or give your hair into the hands of a good master. The result will please in any case, but under the constellation of Cancer, light shades are ideally obtained.
  • The 15th of the month is just the perfect day for a variety of trendy techniques. Leo favors tidying up the hairstyle, and the growing phase means both a bright shade and the ability to quickly change it if the result is not satisfactory.
  • March 16 - the change of Leo to Virgo, but this is an environment in which you can safely engage in appearance without fear of any consequences. Hair will acquire shine and will easily fit into the desired shape.
  • On the 17th it is better to refresh the usual color, but not invent anything new. According to astrologers, renewal will lead to emotional instability and even mild depression.
  • The 24th is the time of successful experiments, the use of new, fashionable techniques, unexpected colors. The only condition is to be engaged in appearance after noon.

Interesting! How to dye your hair at home for yourself

Hair dyeing according to the Lunar calendar in March 2022, choosing favorable days for dyeing, is a proven and effective method that invariably gives good results. But this is not the only criterion. For example, you should not engage in ennobling your appearance on days of hormonal changes, conflicts and stress, which lead to the release of hormones.

A good astrologer will be able to take into account all the nuances - from the day and month of birth to the day of the week and the zodiacal constellation. The correct choice will help to carry out the most daring experiments, save time on visiting the salon, choosing the day on which you can immediately cut, dye and curl, masks so that your hair is well-groomed and shiny.



The lunar calendar for the current month is an available guide that allows you to choose the optimal date:

  1. Make hair grow back faster or slower.
  2. Get a bright and long-lasting shade or wash off quickly.
  3. There are days to experiment with.
  4. By choosing the right date, you can do several necessary manipulations at once.

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