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Changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022
Changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022

Video: Changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022

Video: Changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022
Video: January 2022 webinar: Pension improvements for correctional employees - Public Service Pension Plan 2023, May

The amendments made to the basic law of the Russian Federation provide for the regular indexation of pension payments - at least once a year. The controversy on this issue continued for quite a long time, until the President of the Russian Federation agreed that the legislation does not distinguish between vacationers and working pensioners. Changes in pensions for working pensioners were announced from January 1, 2022.

What is known

RIA Novosti, referring to a reliable source in the trilateral commission for the regulation of social and labor relations, reported that the heads of three ministries were instructed to work out the possibility of resuming the indexation of pensions to citizens who could have retired but continue to work.


The news about changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022 received additional confirmation in information that came from other sources.

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In connection with the difficult economic situation in the country in 2016, it was decided to freeze the indexation of payments to pensioners who continued to work after the onset of retirement age. Until now, the state has been increasing the size of their pensions, adding in August the value of the earned IPK in the equivalent of a year of retirement.

The issue of the need for indexation was repeatedly discussed and raised in the media and in government agencies, but only at the end of July 2021, a message was received from the trilateral commission that a shift towards resolution was outlined in solving the sore problem.

The government is looking for funds for this event, working out mechanisms and legislating the need for this process.


Who will be engaged

At the end of 2020, the Russian president instructed the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Duma to consider the possibility of returning to the annual practice of indexing payments for elderly people forced to continue working due to life circumstances. After a while, the government of the Russian Federation sent a conclusion to the State Duma, which spoke of the inexpediency of such spending from the budget, since pensioners receive salaries indexed by their employers for the official percentage of inflation.

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Some sources report that the people's deputies demanded the return of indexation, and the Cabinet refused their initiatives, citing the lack of money in the budget. The Ministry of Finance, in particular, spoke negatively about this possibility, pointing out that pensioners have a salary, and those who do not work have to live only on payments from the state.

From January 1, 2022, three ministries are already involved in changes in pensions for working pensioners - finance, social and economic development and labor. A. Kotyakov announced the imminent resolution of the issue and the consideration by the presidential administration of three options aimed at achieving this goal. All of them are proposed by the Ministry of Labor. The head of the Ministry of Finance A. Siluanov said earlier that the required amount of funds is not available, and the solution of the issue is even more complicated by the fact that they will have to be allocated annually, and in a considerable amount.


The position of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development on this issue has not been made public.

Ways of conducting

It is known that the head of "Fair Russia" S. Mironov appealed to the president, focusing the attention of the head of state on the violation of constitutional norms and the rights of certain categories of elderly citizens. The country's basic law provides for the right to annual indexation, but there is no division of pensioners into working and non-working. The instruction given to the government was conditioned by the consent of the president with the given arguments. In 2021, it became known that the decision had already been made, it remains only to determine who and how the planned changes in pensions for working pensioners will affect from January 1, 2022.

The head of the Ministry of Labor A. Kotyakov is convinced that the issue will be resolved soon, and one of the three options developed by his department will be adopted:

  • Analysts give almost 90% probability to the first option. It provides for an increase in pensions for everyone who was affected by the freeze five years ago, on a general basis, in accordance with the figures laid down in the economic development plan for the next three years. For its implementation, it will not be necessary to adjust the already outlined prospects.
  • The second option provides for the return of indexation to certain categories of working pensioners. In this case, the rest will still expect to receive compensation after dismissal from the workplace. If the government takes this less costly path, all pensioners will again be divided into two camps.
  • The third way, preferred by the population, but costly and unlikely to have a chance. It provides not only annual indexation, but also compensation from the state for the years when it was not carried out. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the third scenario will require at least 1 trillion rubles.

The Ministry of Labor proposed to implement changes in pensions for working pensioners from January 1, 2022, according to the third option with gradual payments over 3 years. Such tactics will allow not to burden the budget, provide the Ministry of Finance with installments and avoid the growth of social tension. Economists and representatives of forecasting agencies, the trilateral commission and the heads of some specialized committees of the State Duma agree with this statement. The finance department considers the first option to be the most realistic, which will require additional allocations of 100 billion rubles.

The estimated time for the resumption of the indexation of pensions for non-working pensioners is the beginning of 2022. So far, all information is based only on the message of the trilateral commission, which is quoted by the news agency. However, the fact that the problem has been discussed for several years inspires certain hopes, and the fact that this issue should be resolved is no longer in doubt.


The media reported that the Russian tripartite commission was discussing the possibility of resuming the indexation of pensions for working pensioners. The decision to freeze this process was made 5 years ago, when the country was in a difficult economic situation. Currently, three ministries have been instructed to find ways to cancel this forced measure.

The Ministry of Labor proposed three options for resuming payments, which were approved by experts, parliamentarians and economists. All of them require significant sums of money. Which one will be chosen is still unknown.

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