Singer MakSim was partially brought out of a coma
Singer MakSim was partially brought out of a coma

Video: Singer MakSim was partially brought out of a coma

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The artist spent more than a month in an artificial coma, her condition is still serious.

Singer MakSim was introduced into an artificial coma on June 18, 2021. The performer was hospitalized with a complex form of pneumonia. Covid 2019 tests showed negative results.

This measure was needed by specialists, since the artist's body could no longer cope with the load. Doctors considered this form of therapy to be appropriate.

Initially, it was announced that the star would spend about a week in medication. However, the singer's condition worsened. Rumors of an imminent death began to appear. Some public figures seriously discussed this topic and were already preparing for the burial ceremony, promising their help to those close to MakSim.

The fans were hoping for the best, and it seems that for good reason. Literally today, the media reported that the artist was taken out of an artificial coma. The information from the sources sounded different. Some wrote that Marina feels well, others argued that she lost her speech, and the star communicates exclusively with gestures.

As a result, the director of the artist shed light on what was happening. The singer's assistant, who communicates directly with specialists, explained that Marina was really taken out of an artificial coma, but they did not do it completely.

Since the body is still weak, it needs some time to adapt. The performer is periodically returned to consciousness, and then again immersed in sleep. How long this period will last is unknown.

Abrosimova is still in serious condition, but the director is counting on the best. According to her, the singer is surrounded by a team of professionals.

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