Singer MakSim could not get out of a coma
Singer MakSim could not get out of a coma

Video: Singer MakSim could not get out of a coma

Video: Russian Singer Maxim is in Coma | newshour4u 2022, December

Fans of the singer MakSim are sincerely worried about her health. For the second week, the artist has been in an artificial coma on a ventilator and is fighting for her life. She was taken to the hospital with pneumonia and lung damage by 40%, and a few days later this figure reached a critical 80%.

The doctors assured that they would transfer the singer to mechanical ventilation for only a few days, but the condition did not stabilize. The doctors had to switch to ECMO (extracorporeal life support). Now the doctors tried to disconnect Marina from the apparatus and bring her out of the coma, but failed.

Marina did not start breathing on her own after turning off ECMO, so she had to again support her life with the help of the apparatus. In addition, the artist's right lung is affected and equipment is connected to it that sucks fluid. Doctors are worried that because of this, the patient will have a complication in the heart, and this may end in disaster.

Now the state of Maximova is characterized as stupor, a deeply oppressed state. The singer will not be able to wake up without external stimuli.

Many hope for good news, pray for the artist, and believe in her recovery. Doctors do not give forecasts yet. They say that now a woman is unstable, and therefore one can expect both improvement and a sharp deterioration in well-being.

Recall that after the singer's hospitalization, her PR manager, Yana Bogushevskaya, also fell ill with coronavirus. She was also placed under observation in a hospital, and for a long time her condition was serious. The assistant was able to cope with covid and recently Yana was discharged. Now everyone hopes for the same successful outcome in the case of MakSim.

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