MakSim was accused of commercialism due to published advertising
MakSim was accused of commercialism due to published advertising

Video: MakSim was accused of commercialism due to published advertising

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Subscribers of such a business acumen of the artist did not appreciate. They are sure that it is impossible to play like this on human compassion.

The singer MakSim spent almost a month in a coma. The artist was introduced into this state with the help of medications so that the body could cope with a serious load. According to experts, the artist's lungs were severely affected. The inflammatory process was active and protracted.

Many fans hoped for the best, but there were those among them who assumed that after such a long period of unconsciousness, the star would no longer be able to recover.

Fortunately, everything worked out. Just the other day, the singer got in touch with the fans. She didn’t believe that a month had passed. She felt that the dream did not last more than two days.

Marina said that she was not feeling well. She breathes with difficulty, but on the whole she is glad that she managed to get out of this state. The singer thanked the fans for their support. They were incredibly happy and left a lot of joyful comments on the celebrity's profile.

Subscribers were very surprised when an advertisement appeared on the singer's account at night. On the banner published in the story, MakSim herself was captured. She advertised a sports betting account. The star accompanied her touching message with a mention of another page with the hashtag "I breathe again." Fans reacted to this move with disapproval.

In their opinion, it is impossible to play on the sympathy of hundreds of thousands of people, caused by understandable human emotions. Indignant comments began pouring into private messages and after a few hours the story was deleted.

Since the singer does not comment on the incident in any way, fans are wondering who decided to make money on what happened: the star herself or her director?

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