Darina Tsyganova and her path to harmony
Darina Tsyganova and her path to harmony

Video: Darina Tsyganova and her path to harmony

Video: Darina Tsyganova and her path to harmony
Video: Vika Tsyganova – Eftir langa veginum (Dorogoy dlinnoyu - a.k.a. Those were the days) 2023, March

The sixth season of the Beauty for a Million project has every opportunity to set a record for the number of participants and the complexity of their operations. Ten people with different fates, ten stories that will take your breath away, ten lives that all readers can live with the participants. Darina Tsyganova from Tver is one of the lucky ones who received the invitation. Why exactly she, and what is interesting about her story - read on.


Hi Hi!

I am Darina, I recently turned 28 years old. I have a wonderful family - a loving and understanding husband, my like-minded person in everything, and a tomboy son. Such a typical young family. Perhaps our story would be trivial, like hundreds of thousands of similar families from different parts of the country. If not for one BUT! Initially, in fact, two people lived in my husband and I, since each of them weighed more than 100 kg.

I cannot say that my fullness happened somehow spontaneously and unexpectedly. No, as long as I can remember, I have always been such a donkey. My friendship with food began in early childhood. Perhaps this was my personal way of dealing with problems - just seizing them. This happened very often, and when something didn’t work out for me at school, and when it didn’t work out with my peers, and when my parents divorced. I remember very well how my grandmother, trying to pamper and cheer me up, indulged me with all sorts of goodies: sweets, pies, hearty sandwiches.


Having already matured, I did not understand that I had become a hostage to food. I have always loved tasty, satisfying and, most importantly, a lot to eat. There was always a pizza delivery phone at hand, at the first opportunity we went with friends to barbecues and arranged a real belly party there!

From the outside it seemed that everything was in order, that I was completely satisfied with myself. And I calmed myself with the thought that my inner world was much more important. But no matter how I tried to calm myself down, I realized that I was fat. No, not like that, I'm fat!

Even when I started dating my future husband Andrey, none of this stopped. On the contrary, he - also a dense man - began to support me, and the two of us already began to "stick out" from our drug - food.

The realization that I needed to change, change my life, came when I saw two bright lines on the test strip - pregnancy! First, a shock, then a conversation with a guy and a mutual decision to keep the child, and after that the thought - what can I give to my future baby, HOW can he take an example from me if I myself cannot manage my own life?

By the time of delivery, my weight had reached a critical mark of 128 kilograms. I understood that this was already abnormal.

There were attempts to lose weight, but they ended in failure. It even got to the point of absurdity - I started trying all sorts of "slimming" life hacks from the Internet on myself. Never do this, many of the tips are just outright deception and a threat to your health and life!

I consciously began to lose weight after the birth of the child, when I decided to spend 10 days with my mother. I took my son and a stroller with me and set off. On the way, I made a promise to myself that my mother would strictly adhere to five meals a day and walk more. So she took her son in an armful, put him in a carriage and drove around the city for hours on end.

The result was shocking - minus ten kilos upon returning home to her husband. At that moment, I realized that losing weight is still possible, and I took up this issue closely. I began to gain experience from the Internet, went to the pages of fitness trainers, nutrition specialists, made up my diet, menu, excluded everything harmful from food. If she suddenly allowed herself weakness, then then she worked them out by walking at least 6 km long. So I achieved the main thing - I developed discipline in myself.


By the way, when my husband saw my first results, he decided to support me here too. As a result, six months later I lost 63 kg, and he lost 50. Now we continue to adhere to the same rhythm, this style has become for us not just a temporary hobby, but a way of life.

External changes are just colossal for both of us!

But in every barrel there is always a place for a fly in the ointment. In our case with Andrey, this is saggy skin. As a woman, it is very difficult for me to look at how the skin on my stomach, thighs, buttocks hangs down. Because of this, I am ashamed of intimacy, I feel uncomfortable on the beach. No matter how hard I try, it is impossible to remove excess skin after losing weight either with massage or with the help of other cosmetic procedures - only plastic surgery! Of course, it costs money, which I simply do not have.

Having learned that there is such a project as "Beauty for a Million", and that the sixth season will start soon, I almost without hesitation filled out a questionnaire and sent my application. The husband did the same. Together we went through the auditions, the interview stage, the subscribers of the project actively voted for us on Instagram, and now, lo and behold, I received this cherished invitation!

"Beauty for a Million", now I am with you, and with pleasure I put myself in the hands of your experts!

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