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Nonna Grishaeva: "The main thing is that children are healthy"
Nonna Grishaeva: "The main thing is that children are healthy"

Video: Nonna Grishaeva: "The main thing is that children are healthy"

Video: Nonna Grishaeva: "The main thing is that children are healthy"
Video: Елена Максимова и Нонна Гришаева - "Да, моя голубка". Три аккорда. Шестой сезон. Фрагмент 04.07.2021 2023, May

The other day in the Tushino Children's City Hospital, a charity event "World without Tears" was held. The star ambassador of the event was the theater, film and television actress Nonna Grishaeva. Today Nonna is one of the most sought-after artists. She came to the event practically from the plane, performed in St. Petersburg.

We managed to talk with Nonna and find out how she feels about charity, about her creative dreams and plans for the New Year.


Blitz survey "Cleo":

- Are you friends with the Internet?

- No! Generally.

- What is an unacceptable luxury for you?

- Rest as much as I want.

- Where did you spend your last vacation?

- In Italy.

- Did you have a nickname as a child?

- No.

- Are you an owl or a lark?

- Of course, an owl.

- How do you relieve stress?

- I try to sleep more.

Today we have gathered to help the little ones. It is very important that famous people take an active part in this, because they are more readily listened to. What does charity mean to you?

I am a mother, I have two children, my every day - morning and evening - begins and ends with the same prayer: "Lord, please, may my children be healthy." I often have to visit hospitals, just a week ago I was on Kashirka in the children's oncological department. When you see all this, you understand that there is nothing more important in the world - if children are sick, you no longer need anything!

Therefore, today I am here - in order to convey through the media to wealthy people that you still cannot take your wealth with you, that you need to help, especially if you have the means. Because every day a huge number of children are admitted to hospitals and often the life of a child and his recovery are highly dependent on the technical equipment of the hospital.

It's so amazing when people themselves come and ask how to help.


- What turns you on?

- Probably, in creative terms, he always starts a good performance or film, immediately wants something and has something to strive for, and if in general terms, then I really like to travel and I am always inspired by new places I have seen.

- Which animal do you associate yourself with?

- Probably a fox or a panther.

- Do you have a talisman?

- No.

- What melody is on your mobile phone?

- Some kind of standard.

- What is your psychological age?

- Thirty years.

- What is your favorite aphorism?

- "Everything will pass, and this will pass."

Can you help humor too? You are mainly involved in projects of the comedy genre

Humor has been proven to prolong life. I not only act in programs and films, I travel to hospitals and just give gifts to children, talk to them, sing for them. Well, how else ?! Children see me and smile. When a child is in such a position, how not to please him ?!

Who are the comedic actresses for you to be a model to look up to?

I have always adored Faina Grigorievna Ranevskaya.

Is there any role you dream of playing?

I want to play a dramatic role. There is no specific heroine or piece. Just a dramatic role.


Nonna Grishaeva as Roman Viktyuk

You take part in a lot of projects, which one did you like and remember the most in the past year?

I really liked to participate in the project "Repeat", and if we talk about your favorite number from the show, then this is a parody of Roman Grigorievich Viktyuk.

Let's take a break from work. You are from Ukraine and you probably know what the situation is like there today. How do you feel about what is happening on the Maidan?

"Politics for me is a bad theater with bad artists, and I always see when people play badly."

I treat with trepidation and great excitement, because this has already affected me and my family! My tour with the play "Warsaw Melody" in Kiev on February 2 has already been canceled. It's even scary to think about what will happen next. I am simply horrified, me and my whole family, because since we spend most of our life directly in Odessa, this is very important for us.

In general, I have a critical attitude to politics. Politics for me is bad theater with bad artists, and I always see when people play badly. I don't want to take part in bad performances.


And now about the pleasant, upcoming New Year. Do you already have any work plans?

I try not to talk about my plans. You will find out everything.

Are there cherished dreams just for yourself?

To keep the children healthy. And if for yourself personally - to have more rest.

How do you plan to celebrate the holiday?

We haven't decided yet, most likely with my family, then, probably, we'll go somewhere.


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