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Magnetic storms in October 2021 and adverse days
Magnetic storms in October 2021 and adverse days
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The streams of cosmic radiation can cause adverse effects. For a person whose body reacts painfully to magnetic storms, in October 2021, the knowledge of unfavorable days for weather-sensitive people is very important. The table will help you determine the dates when you need to take preventive measures to eliminate possible risks.

Risks and dangers

Medicine notes a wide range of physiological norms of the human body, hence the presence of individual reactions to external influences. An open system can react in different ways to external influences: in some people there are almost no manifestations in response to weather changes or geomagnetic fluctuations, in others they are pronounced.

Data on expected events, compiled by astronomers based on the results of scientific observations, are published monthly. They are carried out from space stations or the earth's surface, thanks to generalizations and statistical analysis of information obtained over many years of observations.

The need for regular publication of such data has been repeatedly confirmed by astrologers, doctors, especially urgent specialties:

  • good practice allows you to know in advance when you can expect negative consequences, poor health and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the most sensitive to such latent cataclysms are patients with cardiovascular pathologies;
  • in the danger zone there are people susceptible to instability of the psychoemotional state, diseases of the nervous and digestive systems;
  • age-related degradation of defense mechanisms and buffer systems puts elderly and old people at risk;
  • even babies and pregnant women react to such phenomena.

For weather-sensitive people, magnetic storms and adverse days in October 2021 are not just a curious list. This is an opportunity to prepare for possible troubles and risks, to take the necessary precautions. The work of those involved in collecting and analyzing data, charting, preliminary and confirmed forecasts is aimed at saving lives and preventing the likely consequences of magnetic storms.

Risk dates

So far, only a preliminary forecast of magnetic storms in October 2021 and unfavorable days for weather-sensitive people has been posted. This is due to the impossibility of predicting in advance the periods of solar activity and the passage of streams of cosmic energy. However, observation of outer space from different points allows you to timely correct the existing data and make the forecast as reliable as possible.

To determine such dates, scientists are constantly measuring the speed of the solar wind and fixing flares on the Sun, so you can confidently refer to preliminary forecasts.

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People whose body is exposed to such factors are advised to carefully study the preliminary forecast for the upcoming period and monitor its updates so as not to endanger themselves.

The table shows data on magnetic storms in October 2021 and unfavorable days for weather-sensitive people.

Date of the month

The nature of the storm

Notes (edit)


Small but periodically renewing.

Care must be taken throughout these two days.


Medium intensity in the morning.

In the morning you need to take all the prescribed pills, measure your pulse and blood pressure.


Medium intensity in the morning and afternoon.

Make sure you get enough fluid, take sedatives or herbal teas.


Seasonal long-term outbreak, peak intensity predicted by October 19.

It is imperative to fulfill all medical appointments, if possible, stay at home on the 19th and 20th.


Small but periodically renewing.

Precautions prescribed by your doctor.


Small but long lasting, with periodic renewal.

Refusal from physical activity and significant effort.

Be sure to keep track of unfavorable days according to the lunar calendar. This is traditionally a new moon and a full moon, when any person, even not suffering from meteorological dependence, can notice unpleasant symptoms. In October 2021, these are the 6th and 20th numbers (coincides with a magnetic storm and requires special care).

Astrologers warn about a few days that are not suitable for any activity. It is Friday and Saturday, October 1-2, 5 - Tuesday before the full moon and Sunday, October 31st. They are not suitable for any endeavors, or for grooming and making business deals.


  1. Meteorological people should carefully monitor the days of magnetic storms, ordinary people may not feel cosmic influences, but react to unfavorable days according to the lunar calendar.
  2. The predicted dates are predicted by astronomers observing space processes.
  3. The lunar calendar is compiled by astrologers, but they also use scientific data.
  4. Several long-term and short-term outbreaks of space activity are expected in October.
  5. On October 19-20, a strong magnetic storm coincides with the full moon and requires special care.

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