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What to talk about with a girl on VK if there is already nothing to talk about
What to talk about with a girl on VK if there is already nothing to talk about
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Interesting communication in our century is increasingly becoming a luxury. It is especially difficult to build a truly close relationship with a person with whom you can only communicate on social media. We offer a list of interesting and original topics. They will come in handy when you do not know what to talk about with a girl in VK, if there is nothing already.

Using questions as part of the game

If you are looking for original topics for conversation with a girl on VKontakte, give preference to those that do not resemble a conversation in an interview format. The young lady should not get the impression that she has been invited for interrogation.

You can ask questions that act as a part of the game. But you should go to this stage when you have already won the girl's trust, and she shows her sympathy.

It is also not recommended to ask question after question. If you agree from the very beginning that the questions will be part of the game, it will be fun and interesting.

What rules should be followed:

  • you can ask any questions of interest;
  • it is important to answer them honestly;
  • the same question cannot be repeated;
  • 1 question is provided for each move, which can be asked to the opponent;
  • each question should be tailored according to the situation at hand.

It is better to start this game with simple and standard questions with a gradual transition to more personal topics.

At the same time, it is important to feel the mood of the interlocutor. You must understand in a timely manner that she is getting bored, and use this moment to ask a more poignant question. If that doesn't help, it's best to divert her attention to some more neutral topics.

Casual themes with neutral overtones

If you decide what to talk about with a girl in VK by correspondence, then it is better to start with neutral topics. You don't need to think that such questions will be boring for the girl - they will benefit you, as they will allow you to learn more about the interlocutor. This does not mean that you should be interested in every minute of a girl's life.

These questions are best used as a starting point for a more interesting conversation. If the question is successful, you can move on to more serious topics for extended conversations. If it was not possible to start a conversation, and there was a pause, you can ask 1, maximum 2 questions on the same topic. Not worth it anymore, otherwise there is a high risk of getting bored with the girl.

Career and work topics

It is from this category that you should not start a conversation with a girl. As you know, most people do not enjoy the work they do. For them, a career is nothing more than a way to make money. If for some reason the girl evades the answers, you should not insist on further clarification of the circumstances.

You can start with these questions:

  1. "What do you like most about your job?"
  2. "If you had to give up everything and go into business one day, what could it be?"
  3. "How is your career going?"
  4. "Do you and your colleagues go somewhere together on vacation?"

The most important thing in a conversation with a girl about work and financial topics is the emotions that she experiences thanks to you, and not the topic itself directly.

If you manage to get the desired emotions from the girl, even talking about boring work situations can turn out to be exciting and interesting for both.

The place where the girl lives

It is very important here not to cross the line, as inappropriate questions can be perceived as an encroachment on the girl's personal space. Also, in no case should you be too arrogant. Don't ask questions like what street the girl lives on or ask her for the exact address.Thus, these should be questions without specifics.

You can ask in which area the young lady lives, what exactly she likes about this place and if there is a park nearby for walking. You may wonder where she would prefer to live if she could make a choice.

As for the home, then any person always has the strongest feelings associated with him. This is the place where his most powerful and touching memories are kept. For this reason, many people enjoy discussing how they would like to see their home in the future.

To strike up a conversation with a girl on VKontakte, you can ask her what her room looks like, what object she especially likes and why. You can ask about your neighbors, whether relations are good with them. You can also ask what she would definitely like to buy for her home or what, in her opinion, the dream home should look like.

Hobbies and hobbies

Perhaps this is precisely the area that allows you to best know a person as a person. Maybe she is fond of esotericism and conducts various rituals, or perhaps she likes to sit for several hours at computer games. Many girls are very fond of reading. To find out about all these nuances, you can ask the girl what she does after work.

You can subtly ask what the girl would devote her time to if she had a few free hours. You can ask how she likes to relax. It is also permissible to ask directly if the girl has a hobby and what it is connected with.

It would be a big mistake to constantly ask the girl about something and listen to her story, without revealing any information about herself. Get involved in the conversation, write about what you think about what the fair sex told you about.

Additional checked topics

Ask how the girl feels about sports, whether she is involved in any kind of it. Pay attention to her wall on VKontakte. You might see a photo of her jogging or working out in the gym. You can ask a question and at the same time compliment her, wondering how she manages to maintain such an excellent shape. You can also ask what kind of simulators the girl prefers to do, how she manages to run for a long time without getting tired.

Another interesting option is fashion; almost all girls like questions about it. There are people who closely follow her and are always aware of key trends. Ask her to tell you if she has any favorite clothes.

Ask where she usually makes purchases - on the Internet or a regular store, what her wardrobe looks like and what is an indispensable part of her style. It is also acceptable to ask her what she wears at home when she does not need to look first-class in front of anyone.

The third win-win theme is music. As you know, the VK site itself predisposes to regularly listen to music. You can ask the girl to send any of her favorite tracks. Ask her who she thinks is the best singer of the past and present. Tell yourself what song you can listen to on repeat several times and not get tired of it. Then ask if she has the same composition in her collection.

Perhaps the girl's business goes much further than listening to music albums on VKontakte, and she loves to go to concerts. You can find out from her what event she attended last time and why she decided to go to it. Sometimes the music really saves when all the interesting topics of conversation are over.

An excellent way to get to know a girl better without going into her personal space is cinema. Ask if she likes romantic movies or if she prefers horror stories.All of these topics are a great base for starting a long-term conversation, enjoying a joint communication, which, perhaps, will turn into something more serious.


  1. There are many topics that are suitable for those who do not know what else you can talk about with a girl on VKontakte.
  2. Correspondence topics can include issues related to her work, hobbies, and more neutral topics such as cinema, sports and music.
  3. In order for the communication to be mutually pleasant and long-term, you need to carefully monitor the girl's reaction to the questions asked and change topics in a timely manner, if the situation requires it.

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