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Dangerous days in March 2022 for weather-dependent people
Dangerous days in March 2022 for weather-dependent people
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The general results of long-term observations of the Sun and planets by astronomers provide the necessary information for March 2022. Studying unfavorable periods is the only way to prevent unwanted consequences of changing the planetary magnetic field. By reviewing the table of dangerous days for weather-dependent people, you can take reasonable precautions.

general description

The difficulty of predicting potential solar activity does not mean that it cannot be predicted. However, the results of the researchers' calculations can be improved as the date of possible geomagnetic disturbances approaches.

This means that those who want to know the exact start of unfavorable days in March 2022 should periodically check the sources of information for updated dates. This knowledge is necessary for people who are sensitive to weather conditions, since magnetic storms can lead to significant health problems.

Research has shown that some people are unresponsive to climate change, while others are highly dependent on changes in temperature and pressure. The streams of charged particles penetrating through the protective layer - the Earth's atmosphere - cause fluctuations in the geomagnetic field. The most powerful of these are the so-called magnetic storms. As a natural phenomenon, they affect the condition of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Research carried out by representatives of the scientific world made it clear who is most at risk in this situation. According to the data obtained, the most susceptible to the effects of storms are:

  • people with respiratory diseases, lesions of the heart and blood vessels;
  • persons with mental problems, pathologies of the central nervous system;
  • those who are constantly under stress;
  • people with diseases at an early stage that have not yet been identified.

It is possible to correlate the dates in the table with unfavorable symptoms, which, it would seem, have no explanation. An example is the 1st stage of the disease (weather dependence), after which, one way or another, over time, meteoneurosis will develop. An alternative scenario could be meteopathy. These medical designations reflect a situation when light, poorly perceived fluctuations in well-being during magnetic storms turn into serious conditions with dangerous consequences, up to a microstroke.

Expected dates

Numbers that are unfavorable for weather-sensitive people can be entered in a notebook or smartphone, printed or bookmarked. In March 2022, high magnetic activity is expected, characteristic of the changing seasons, phases of the moon and the cyclicity of the sun, the regularity of which scientists cannot yet calculate.

Astrologers are convinced that March 2, 10, 18 and 25 will not show themselves in the best way: these dates are the new moon, the beginning of the 1st quarter, the full moon and the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Some astrological sources refer to Monday, May 27 - the 25th lunar day, which is traditionally considered unfavorable every month.

The table shows the days of March 2022 for people sensitive to climate due to geomagnetic fluctuations.


Storm characteristics

The note

March 1-2

Differs in medium intensity, from morning to evening.

March 2 - New Moon

4 march

The sun's activity will be small.

The moon will be in a growing phase and in the signs of Pisces and Aries.

March 18-19

Activity will be negligible.

The moon wanes on these dates.

March 31

In the morning there will be extreme activity and a serious storm.

The moon passes through the signs of Aries and Pisces, decreases.

According to the calendar, on dangerous days in March 2022, it is better for meteorological people to minimize any activity as much as possible.The days of magnetic storms are the most unfavorable, because the energy of currents suppresses emotions or irritates people, makes them aggressive, reduces efficiency and worsens well-being.

Important points

If the symptoms are minor, do not think that the person is exaggerating them or cheating himself. In order for the body to go through the adaptation process, it is important to be examined in a timely manner.

During the days of magnetic storms, healthy people should also give up alcohol and stimulating drinks. It is not recommended to take a contrast shower or swim in the pool, it is better to avoid excessive physical exertion. In chronic diseases, you should not skip taking medications. Herbal teas and sedatives are powerful methods to keep in mind to help manage the symptoms of discomfort.


  1. Not all people feel magnetic storms, but they can sometimes turn the life of a weather-sensitive person into a nightmare.
  2. A magnetic storm calendar helps you better prepare for adverse days.
  3. It is important to get tested and get a recommendation from a doctor who will help minimize any kind of discomfort.

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