Wanda Nara - Argentine football femme fatale
Wanda Nara - Argentine football femme fatale

Video: Wanda Nara - Argentine football femme fatale

Video: Wanda Nara - Argentine football femme fatale

A woman in a man's life sometimes means so much that she can destroy her in an instant. Or, on the contrary, to build his career to unprecedented success. Today we will talk about the femme fatale for Argentine footballers Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi Vandu Naru.


Perhaps we should start with the fact that Wanda was born on December 10, 1986 in the suburbs of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. In all likelihood, the childhood and youth of our heroine turned out to be not so stormy, since the story is silent about this segment of her life.

But then everything started spinning. It began with the fact that she began to appear on TV screens with enviable consistency, starring not only in TV shows, but also for men's magazines. Moreover, she was engaged in choreography and also performed in various dance shows.

In parallel with the growing popularity, Wanda Nara's social networks began to be replete with candid photos. So much so that the “supreme deity” of Argentine football Diego Maradona drew attention to her. Evil tongues even attribute a romance to them.

But she preferred Maradona Maxi Lopez. Surely many Russian football fans are familiar with this name. He started his career at River Plate, moved to Barcelona, but having failed to gain a foothold in the Catalans' main squad, he went to Mallorca and then to Moscow. Yes, there was a team in the capital of Russia that broke up.

The figure of Maxi Lopez also needs to be sharpened. He gave Nara expensive cars, branded accessories for big money … In 2008, the couple got married and moved to Italy.

Wanda Nara decided to forget the Argentine past and began to build the Italian present. She got a job as a TV presenter, got her own program, during which she raised sufficient acute topics for Italian football.

But everything turned upside down for the couple in 2012 when Maxi Lopez moved to Sampdoria. The young striker Mauro Icardi played for the Genoese club. Lopez immediately took his compatriot under his wing, invited him to live in his house and took care of him in every possible way.

How did Icardi repay him for his kindness? He took away Lopez's wife and three children - Valentino, Benedict and Constantine. But the matter did not end there either. It took Icardi very little time to paint over the body with images of Wanda Nara and the names of Maxi Lopez's children.

After that, the second marriage was not long in coming. Wanda and Mauro got married in 2014, and Nara not only became Icardi's wife, but also an agent. All this, of course, also had negative consequences. In particular, for Icardi, the doors to the Argentine national team were instantly closed. As part of "albiseleste" a lot is decided by Maxi Lopez's friend Lionel Messi, who branded Icardi a traitor.

It was because of Wanda Nara that Icardi spoiled relations with the management of Inter and with the club's fans. In attempts to knock out a fat contract for her husband, she, according to the leadership of the "Nerazzurri", went too far. And the result was that in an instant, the fan favorite became the most hated player, and the club completely deprived him of the captain's armband.

Problems? As a matter of urgency, Icardi was added to PSG, gradually began to gain shape, but against the background of Neymar and Kilian Mbappe, he is not the main star of the club.

And Wanda Nara? She still pleases fans with candid photos, shares "fresh" details of her biography, has five children and, through social networks, from time to time conflicts with her ex-husband, not allowing him to see the children.

The material was prepared by the editors of the sports and news resource ODDS. RU.

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