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First and last: 10 ways to ruin a date
First and last: 10 ways to ruin a date

Video: First and last: 10 ways to ruin a date

Video: First and last: 10 ways to ruin a date
Video: 10 ways to ruin a blind date | According to Korean Dramas [ENG SUB] 2023, March

As a rule, on the first date we try to appear before a man in the best possible light: we dress up for a long time, do a beautiful hairstyle, smile sweetly when we meet, and laugh out loud at his jokes. I want to please, make a good impression and be sure to get an invitation to a second date. But sometimes the rendezvous turns out to be a real disaster, and one cannot count on the continuation of the relationship.

Think only men can ruin a first date? Of course, sometimes they behave stupidly: all you think is how to escape as soon as possible. But we ourselves often behave in such a way that then we want to fall through the earth. And if we are quite frank, then women, it happens, make mistakes more abruptly than men. Below are the most common ones. If you want to scare off a fan once and for all - act in accordance with the instructions.


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1. Play teacher

It is one thing when a Russian language teacher makes a remark to a student who says "rings" instead of "calls", and quite another when you now and then correct the interlocutor on the first date. Of course, sometimes mistakes are very painful to hear, but it is still better to pull yourself together and not interrupt a man after an incorrectly spoken word. Most likely, he is worried, and therefore thinks about literacy last.

2. Tell him the story of your life

Start with your first baby tooth and end with what you ate for lunch today. At the same time, try to make sure that there are no pauses in the course of the story - he should know everything about you. Do not forget to tell also about the problems of Masha's friend, whom Kolya's boyfriend left two days ago. It doesn't matter that he doesn't know either Masha or Kolya. This behavior will undoubtedly make your interlocutor shudder and get ready for an urgent meeting with a business partner.

3. Turn it into a "vest"

Yes, you need a strong man's shoulder and you see this man as a potential candidate for the role of "stone wall", but you should not dump the burden of your problems on him on the first date.

Tell your friend about the fact that the management does not appreciate you, the apartment needs renovation, and all the best from childhood has always been given to the younger sister. Men do not need such information during the first meeting.

4. Arrange a date for three

It is not even necessary to bring a girlfriend with you (more on that later) - it is enough to spend the whole evening with the phone in hand, scribble text messages to friends, take pictures of dishes and post them on Instagram, enjoy every new like and selflessly respond to comments. The man will make sure that you are not bored, and will disappear, not wanting to be the third superfluous.


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5. Bring your girlfriend

And now about a date for three in the literal sense of the word. Sometimes, when it is very scary, I want to invite a girlfriend with me - she will support him if the candidate for husbands turns out to be so-so, and she herself will evaluate this candidate. In general, without a girlfriend anywhere. However, only we think so. Men usually don't like the presence of another girl. They do not need such Tamars who go exclusively in pairs. And a normal date involves only the presence of the main characters - without a support group.

6. To be late for half an hour

A real woman never comes on a date on time. At least most of the fair sex for some reason are sure of this. Why is a mystery. They paint and dress for a long time and carefully, slowly get to the meeting place, and then wonder why the man did not wait for them. Or he waited, but looks extremely annoyed.

And everything is simple: for punctual men, such a gesture is akin to an insult. He came on time, so why couldn't you?

7. Drink too much

A drunk woman is a nightmare. Not everyone knows how to drink culturally, some are "carried" in such a way that then, even though they fell through the earth, it is terribly ashamed of their behavior. Therefore, it is better to abandon the idea of "a glass for courage, a glass for raising the mood." Try to find inspiration in something other than the bottle.


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8. Call Vanya Vasya

The names are similar, we do not argue, but you are unlikely to explain this to a new acquaintance. Any man will find such a woman's mistake extremely offensive. You came to a meeting with him, and not with some kind of Vasya, Misha or Vova. So be so kind as to remember the name of your interlocutor, otherwise you will have to forget about the second meeting with him.

9. Climb into the shower without soap

Of course, you want to demonstrate in every possible way that you understand him and he can entrust you with the most intimate secrets, but you should not rush things. On the first date, ask questions such as: "Why did your parents divorce?", "Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?" and “do you drink vitamins? You are some kind of pale ", not very polite.

10. Try on his last name

Or out loud to dream of a joint trip to the south, or to speculate about how you could live together. In no case do not make joint plans for the future if you see this man for the first, second or third time. This agility is very scary for the stronger sex. They don’t think so far and are very scared if they see that someone is so openly trying to hook them.

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